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27 November 2018 Permalink

Celebrating 60 years of the PH collection

Here at David Village Lighting, we are celebrating 6 decades of the iconic Louis Poulsen collection by taking a look at some of their most memorable pieces. Imagined by the legendary Poul Henningsen, this classic collection was a groundbreaking step in technological innovation. With that, let’s take a walk down memory lane and commemorate the history of the PH collection.

The infamous PH5 is a highly popular collection, available in a variety of shades and sizes, making it easy to integrate into any setting.


One of most notable and popular piece from Louis Poulsen, the world of premium lighting was changed when the PH5 was imagined. Whether turned on or off, this pendant light interacts seamlessly with a variety of interiors, creating a visually stunning, engaging, unified focal point. Due to its popularity, Louis Poulsen has designed the infamous mini and various colours hues. This allows the PH5 to be entirely transferrable into any interior.


Snowball is a popular eye-catching piece with an artistic flare, ideal for any contemporary modern space.

One of their very original designs was the PH Snowball, which is an eye-catching artistic piece that maintains its modernist, minimalistic chic that made it so iconic. This collection is so memorable that it still continues to be a popular piece, even decades after its inception. This is mainly due to its unique shape, with 8 shades being mounted on 3 legs; a glossy top (creating sparkling light) and a matte underside (avoiding reflection).  The shape ensures all sides are illuminated, creating optimum, lighting performance but shielding inhabitants from any glare.


A favoured piece by many from Louis Poulsen, the PH Artichoke is an elegant piece, admired by many for decades.

Drawing attention with it’s organic form, the PH Artichoke was first designed for the Langelinie Pavilloen restaurant in Copenhagen, but was so popular it has quicklybecome a must have for any contemporary space. Oozing elegance and ambience, the PH Artichoke consists of 72 lovingly crafted “leaves” that protect the light source, redirecting the light to create a distinct, unique effect. The leaves, when both lit and unlit, create an elegant “ice look” that brings lightness to any space. Reflecting its extreme popularity, the range has been expanded to include a variety of sizes and colours.


Invest in your very own piece of Louis Poulsen history at David Village Lighting.


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The very latest from Artemide

12 October 2015 Permalink

New collections are now available from Artemide on our website, some of which were presented at events such as Euroluce and Clerkenwell Design Week. Table lamp ‘Le Petite’ is an architectural lamp with the shade balancing at a curious angle on a tilted stem, a re-imagined design of the traditional table lamp.

Artemide La Petite table lamp

Artemide La Petite gift box

This design is available in three colours: white, black and red/white, it is currently on special offer for Christmas. Each lamp also comes with its own presentation box for this limited time only!

Artemide Meteorite collection

New additions to the Meteorite family, joining the current sizes: 15 and 35. There is now a larger 48 size available as a table lamp, suspension or ceiling/wall light.

Artemide Vigo collection

Artemide Vigo Wall and Suspension is now available, taking inspiration from the classical conical shape but creating aesthetic contrast by using two cones of glass. The outer cone makes an invisible shade effect, the second directs and diffuses the light.

Artemide Fiamma collection

A new collection called Fiamma is a lighting element designed to industry standard, but the aesthetics were intended for an everyday environment such as home or offices. The collection is available in aluminium or black, consisting of a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp and suspension light.

Artemide Unterlinden Suspension

Unterlinden is a low cost energy efficient LED light source, with a polished aluminium interior to reflect the light successfully from the concentrated lens. The shade has a textured antique appearance available in aluminium or brass, creating a glamorous old fashioned style. 

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David Village Lighting

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