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Flos: 2023 Releases

8 December 2023

Throughout the year we add numerous new releases to our catalogue at David Village Lighting, all in various forms and scoping a wide range of styles. But we are always especially intrigued to see what Flos are launching! Flos work with some of the world's most iconic designers, ensuring high-quality and extremely popular lighting solutions. From brand new designs to the evolution of some classic collections, 2023 was a big year for the Italian brand, celebrating multiple anniversaries and in turn releasing a varied selection of new lighting releases.

Flos Bilboquet Table Lamp

Designed by Philippe Malouin

The Flos Bilbouquet Table Lamp is a fun and adjustable lighting solution that can adapt to a range of interiors, it is available in three unique colours with a matching coloured cable and adds a burst of joy to your space whilst steering away from the brand's usual monochromatic colour scheme. This lamp is a perfect addition to workspaces due to the adjustable head, and thanks to the magnetised core the light source can be removed from the base completely and reattached at your desired angle. The light source emits a direct illumination, designed to work as a task light, whilst avoiding any harshness with a warm white output.

Malouin designed Bilbouquet with functionality at the forefront of his mind, wanting the user to have full control over the light source, he even tested the table lamp in his own studio and with his friends across East London.

Flos 20975/75 Chandelier

Designed by Gino Sarfatti

The 2097 Chandelier is one of Flos' most iconic designs, so it makes sense that this year they decided to evolve the range. Now available in a larger size with 75 light sources, the Flos 2097/75 is perfect for larger open spaces such as entryways, lobbies and stairwells - ensuring it makes a statement no matter what room you decide to display it in. Just as with the other modern chandeliers in the collection, the 2097/75 offers you the choice between clear or frosted lamps to personalise your atmosphere. Both lamp options provide warm diffused illumination, creating a calm and inviting ambience.

2097 has become a timeless feature in homes all around the globe and can be instantly recognised due to it's bold silhouette and bold monochrome finishes. But this year, not only did the 2097 launch in a larger size but also in a new colour! This chandelier is now also available in a matte white finish in all sizes.

Flos Belt LED Suspension

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

An incredibly unique lighting design, that remains bold whilst not becoming overbearing in your space, the Belt LED Suspension grants you either direct or indirect lighting. The unique arrangement is a demonstration of balance and flexibility, consisting of an aluminium structure which is suspended within two vertical straps. The softer aspects of the Flos Belt Suspension containing the electrical connection and the suspension light can be controlled as a whole or you also have the power to control each lighting element individually via remote control.

The Flos Belt is available in leather (black, natural leather and green finishes) and fabric (grey olive and copper brown finishes) and is an exceptional addition to dining spaces, shared offices and kitchen islands; its ability to produce both task lighting and ambient lighting makes it significantly unique.

Flos Taccia Table Lamp in White

Designed by Achille Castiglioni

The Flos Taccia Table Lamp was originally designed in 1962 and has become a staple for the brand, Its distinctive shape and style immediately earned it a place in design history and, over the years, Taccia has become a true ambassador of the Flos cultural identity and values. Flos have now developed the iconic lamp and, as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Fondazione Castiglioni, have released it in a brand new finish: matte white. The new finish highlights the pure form of the lamp whilst the body and the white base are complimented with nickel-plated aluminium details. The LED light source of Taccia emits an indirect and reflected light, resulting in a peaceful ambience that is perfect for almost any room in your home. Thanks to the adjustable diffuser you can manoeuvre the illumination to your desired direction and highlight specific aspects of the room or decoration.

Flos Ceramique Table Lamp

Designed by Ronan Bouroullec

The Flos Ceramique Table lamp is the brand's debut in ceramics, making it an incredibly exciting 2023 release! This trio of sculptural lights merge Bouroullec's sensible approach to volumes and silhouettes with the company’s push towards innovation. The Ceramique lamp collection is a pure expression of materials, featuring an iconic ceramic body with a lead-free lacquered crystalline, completing its handcrafted surface. The Flos Ceramique Table Lamp blends craftsmanship and elegance with adaptable lighting. With a stable design and attention to detail, this collection enriches the beauty of ceramics and promotes energy efficiency. Ceramique is available in three finishes (Moss Green, Navy Blue and Rust Red) and offers the choice between three lighting angles (Up, Side and Down).

Flos Sawaru LED Floor Lamp

Designed by Oki Sato

The Flos Sawaru LED Floor Lamp consists of two cylinder tubes - one which acts as the base of the lamp and one housing the LED light source. The base can be manoeuvred up and down the body of Sawara and secured in place with a pin, this grants you the ability to personalise the angle of the lighting output and choose between a 25, 40 or 60-degree projection. To generate an even more unique lighting solution, you can remove the base altogether and either place the Sawaru vertically for a direct uplight or flat horizontally on the ground to illuminate your flooring. This lamp also boasts a warm-to-dim feature, which grants you full control over the LED light source and the ability to personalise your environment as you wish.

With the Flos Sawara Floor Lamp, Oki Sato explored the theme of balance and utilised a minimalistic style, thanks to this the Flos Sawaru can easily adapt to a range of contemporary interiors.

2023 has been a fun year for designs, featuring bolder colours and more unique silhouettes. Flos has been no exception, experimenting with new shapes and even new materials, but remaining true to the brand's ethos - satisfying clients whilst also offering great lighting within an affordable price range. We can not wait to see what is on the cards for Flos and their designers in 2024!

If you are looking for more information regarding the latest releases or want a personalised quote for some new Flos lighting, do not hesitate to contact us.

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