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Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

24 May 2024

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As we move further into the year the spring and summer design exhibitions are upon us. Every year our team attends the Clerkenwell Design Week, an exciting and informative design festival consisting of a vast collection of exhibition venues, showrooms, installations, topical talks, hundreds of programmed events and fringe activities.

Nestled in the area of Clerkenwell, which is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, CDW is an exceptional way for the world's leading brands and designers to provide us with a deep dive into their work.

2024's exhibitions were no exception, with our team making the journey down to London we were not at all disappointed with everything Clerkenwell Design Week had to offer!

Light Exhibition in the House of Detention

The first stop of our CDW visit was the House of Detention, a former Victorian prison that showcased an array of leading international lighting brands and spectacular installations. Amongst the collections were Nordlux, Design for the People, Fabbian and Aromas Del Campo.

Design For The People exhibited a range of newer releases such as the Ellen-To-Go Portable Lamp, the Faye Portable Lamp and the Taido Table Lamp. All are minimalistic yet striking designs that can be used in a variety of settings.

Fabbian displayed not only some classic designs but also showcased the Amulette Art Pendants, which have been a recent addition to our website. It was wonderful to experience up close the high-quality materials that this Italian brand utilises, and glimpse all of the finer details that make up their products.

Aromas Del Campo took the time to introduce us to a wide collection of newer releases that we had never seen before in person, including the Mapi collection which is a unique and slightly abstract design that can provide either a directed or general emission of light.


Muuto has had a wide range of new releases over the past year, such as the Strand Table Lamp, Calm Wall Light and more recently the Set Table Lamp, Post Table Lamp and the Stacked Storage System in a lovely new green finish. These Spring launches are already a hit and are even more stunning in person with true Scandinavian design which invites the user to interact with the product in fun and creative ways.

The Muuto Set Table Lamp can not only be dimmed via the in-line dimmer on the cable, but it also welcomes the customer to spin the head of the lamp, adjusting the height and further personalising the lighting output.

The Muuto Calm Wall Light features an in-line dimmer on the cable that allows you to adjust the brightness and warmth of the luminaire - the result is a cosy and inviting atmosphere perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

The Muuto showroom has also had a rearrangement, making the two floors more spacious, bright and open which results in a more enjoyable shopping experience and an environment that immediately makes you feel at ease, utilising a peaceful palette of colours and an array of plants.

Bert Frank

This week was our first time experiencing Bert Frank's stunning London-based showroom. It was spacious, and inviting and featured a large range of their lighting solutions, from floor and table lamps to statement wall lights and large suspensions - they also have an array of IP-rated lamps. Amongst the display were the bestselling collections Colt and Revolve as well as Bide, Beran and Rift which are all perfect for bathroom settings. The Bert Frank showroom is a clear display of elite British craftsmanship and expertly combines Art Deco with contemporary design. It was great to get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming Bert Frank releases that will be launching later this year, as well as a range of new powder-coated finishes and cable colours, allowing customers to personalise their lighting further.

Tom Dixon

For this years Clerkenwell Design Week, Tom Dixon teamed up with Kvadrat Studios to create an immersive and skillfully designed space, pairing Tom Dixon's lighting and furniture pieces with matching fabrics and patterns.

We were lucky enough to experience the new Bell Portable Lamp finishes in person, especially the vibrant orange which paired perfectly with red touches and bold leopard print fabrics.

The new Melt Opal range was also on display, utilising an enhanced luminosity and a more sleek colour palette, a beautiful addition to contemporary interiors.

The brand are branching out to more stripped-back designs, adding wooden detailing to some of their new furniture pieces and expanding their whole collection to cover more than just their classic metallic finishes.


Brokis exhibit a wide range of their lighting solutions in the Brunner showroom in London, resulting in a space that doesn't feel like a shopping experience but more like stepping into someone's home. The showroom features three levels, the ground floor resembles a hospitality space donning a bar, sofas and dining areas, whilst the first and second floors showcase professional workspaces.

Brokis focus on utilising wasted glass shards in order to create a new material which is ecologically and effectively upcycled, reducing waste and harbouring a positive impact on the environment. This material is not only environmentally friendly but is also stunning, especially in real life.

We were also able to appreciate the brand's newest release Starcloud, which had only been installed a week previously. Starcloud features three distinct diffusers, Atria, Lyra, and Vega, available in three subtle finishes and each providing a different optical effect.

The David Village Lighting team thoroughly enjoyed another trip to Clerkenwell Design Week! Thank you to all of the brands that took the time to show us around and provide us with a comprehensive insight into the logistics and technical aspects that go into such iconic designs. It was wonderful to see popular arrangements by various brands, and many of our team experiencing assorted lighting solutions in person for the first time.

We already cannot wait to attend Clerkenwell Design Week 2025, as well as all of the other exciting exhibitions we have on our 2024 calendar - the perfect way to gather new-found inspiration to pass on to our customers.

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