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Marset FollowMe Black Limited Edition

24 November 2021

The Marset FollowMe LED Portable table lamp has been described as a 'daring pioneer of portable lighting' and has caused a buzz in the world of designer portable lamps. The FollowMe has quickly become a design icon within a few short years and is a classic example of sleek design, modern versatility, and efficient technology.

Due to the popularity of the FollowMe collection, Marset has launched a brand new limited edition black version of the portable table lamp with only 200 units available worldwide! The classic black finish gives the FollowMe a new sophisticated look that highlights the smooth classic lines and iconic silhouette. A true statement piece to brighten up your home, garden, or restaurant.

FollowMe Black Limited Edition

Launched just in time for Christmas 2021, this classic portable design with its new look could add a limited edition designer touch to your home. Perfect for those cosy winter reading nooks or out on a terrace to brighten up the darker evenings. The FollowMe Black Limited Edition could be the ideal gift for a loved one or a beautiful addition to your own home.

This elegant design is a perfect lighting solution that can be placed in every area of the home. The FollowMe design also holds pride of place in our Sheffield showroom!

The FollowMe Black Limited Edition embraces the lamp's integral playfulness and versatility whilst also giving it a classic and modern look with the new black finish. Here at David Village Lighting, we value classic modern designs that provide stunning and functional lighting solutions. This is clear in the design of the FollowMe Black Limited Edition which is why David Village Lighting is exclusively the only distributor of this product in the UK!


FollowMe Black Limited Edition

Marset is a designer lighting brand based in Barcelona and has multiple showrooms across the globe in cities such as New York, Milan, and Cologne. The brand was created in the 1940s and supported young emerging designers who are now successful icons in the world of lighting. An example would be Joan Gaspar who has many iconic designs that we stock on our website, such as the Ginger LED Suspension and the Aura LED Wall light.

We have worked closely with Marset for many years and the designers that form the brand's well-known reputation. The FollowMe Black Limited Edition is an example of Marset's ability to embrace up-and-coming designers and encourage new talent.

Inma Bermúdez

Inma Bermúdez

The designer behind the FollowMe Black Limited Edition is a female designer called Inma Bermúdez who studied Industrial Design at the University Cardenal Herrera CEU in Valencia. With the FollowMe design, Inma Bermúdez has said that she is adding a feminine touch to the Marset catalog which, until this past season, only featured lamps designed by men.

Five years ago Bermúdez was approached by Javier Marset and Joan Gaspar, who are icons in the world of designer lighting, and was asked to design a light for Marset. Once in the studio, Bermúdez began to notice the lack of female designers and says herself that 'in my studio, we found his catalog quite male-dominated'. This spurred Inma Bermúdez on to create the FollowMe design after two years of 'wrestling' to produce a lamp that is both simple to understand and easy to fall in love with.

It took Inma Bermúdez two years to develop the FollowMe design due to the fact she did not want to just design a good portable lamp, she instead wanted to 'spark some kind of feeling' through her design. From the ambient calming light output to the sleek curved structure, the FollowMe is a likable and warm design that has not only revolutionized the world of portable lighting but has also brought female designers to the forefront.

The Design

The FollowMe LED Portable Black Limited Edition uses its sophisticated new black finish to enhance the intricately stunning details within the design.

The Rocking Opal Shade

One of these details is the clear contrast between the black finish and the bright white opal shade. By highlighting this shade against the black finish, it also highlights the unique rocking ability that allows you to tilt the shade to diffuse and direct the light as you please. This feature was added to the design after Inma Bermúdez had a look through Marset's old catalogs. She came across an old Marset product called the Flass and said 'I was captivated by how the swinging dome of the lampshade was held in place. Inspired by that detail, I started to make my first sketches'.

The Chrome-Plated Detailing

The new sophisticated black finish also features new chrome-plated detailing that showcases the craftsmanship and thought process behind the design. The chrome accents that fix the opal shade to the handle and the handle to the base demonstrate the simplicity of the design. This is a feature that is only on the new FollowMe Black Limited Edition and adds a touch of elegance to the original design.

Dimmer Switch

Another chrome-plated detail is the 3 stage integrated dimmer switch that is located on the base of the lamp. This switch allows you to turn on the lamp with ease whilst also allowing you to increase the lumen output from 25% to 50% to 100%. This simple method of adjusting the light source is a feature that the designer, Inma Bermúdez, felt passionate about. She wanted to make this light as accessible as possible and therefore created a simplistic design that is easily understood.

Integrated LED Light Source

To add to the ease and simplicity of the FollowMe design, the light source is an energy-efficient integrated LED that is concealed underneath the opal shade. Perfect for replacing candles and adding an atmospheric touch to a room, the 2700K light can bring a touch of warmth to any space. This self-contained character creates its own atmosphere around it as the light diffuses through the rounded shade. The black finish of the FollowMe Black Limited Edition enhances this glow, especially when in a darker environment.

Oak Veneer Handle

Although primarily a table lamp, the FollowMe Black Limited Edition features a black oak veneer curved handle that envelopes the entire light. This handle invites you to hold or carry the light around with you which feeds into the modern lantern aesthetic. Inma Bermúdez chose to place this sleek wooden handle around the lamp to encourage users to take the lamp where ever they may go. She even describes the FollowMe as a 'personal accessory' that allows you to always have a perfect lighting solution at your fingertips.


The portability of this LED table lamp is only achievable due to the rechargeable nature of the design. Once fully charged, the FollowMe has 5 hours of charge when on 100% lumen output, 10 hours at 50% lumen output, and an incredible 20 hours charge at 25% lumen output. With the USB and wall plug included, this allows you to charge up the FollowMe and use it in environments with no electrical outlets. This allows you to bring this LED table light with you wherever you go!

Why we love it!

FollowMe Black Limited Edition

The FollowMe Black Limited Edition is an exciting addition to our website as it embodies all the key values we have here at David Village Lighting. The user-friendly design allows us and you to easily enjoy the FollowMe lamp. The key accessibility of this lamp is clear in the simple switch and dimming method, the tactile handle, and the USB charging port and cable. This light is for everyone and any environment and is a modern way to solve everyday lighting problems.

This simple, refined portable table lamp is not only a useful addition to a home or garden but can also be used in a more public setting such as a restaurant. We are passionate about creating the perfect atmosphere for your indoor and outdoor spaces and this light can do both! Not only can the FollowMe Black Limited Edition be picked up and placed wherever you like, inside or out, it can also be placed in any commercial or domestic setting.

Click here to bring the FollowMe Black Limited Edition home with you or browse the FollowMe range to explore what the collection has to offer.

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