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Designer Spotlight: Miguel Mila

16 February 2024

Collaborations are a key characteristic in the world of design, the right designer can completely transform a brand. Santa & Cole are well known in the world of Spanish design, so it is no surprise that they have repeatedly worked alongside Miguel Mila to refine and publish his work. The collections Miguel Mila and Santa & Cole have skilfully produced together are bestsellers at David Village Lighting, including the Cesta collection, so we decided it was time to introduce you to the man behind the designs.

Miguel Mila Portrait

Miguel Mila

Barcelona, 1931

Miguel Milá is a successful Spanish designer who began his career working as an interior designer in the family studio alongside his brothers. In his youth he became curious about materiality and experimenting with craftsmanship, leading him away from architectural design and into the world of industrial design. These noble materials can be seen in the Cestita collection that combines high-quality cherry wood and opal glass. Both of these materials work perfectly with Miguel's designs, the lightweight and sturdy qualities are highlighted within the designs.

One of Milás characteristics within his work is the understanding that a light must look pleasing when it is off as much as when it is switched on. At the beginning of the 21st century, Miguel Milá established his own studio to hone his craft and perfect his skills, it is here that he has created some of his most iconic pieces of work for Santa & Cole.


Began working in his family studio shared with his brothers.



Founded Trabajos Molestos with Francisco Ribas Barangé and Eduardo Pérez Ulibarri.



Designed the first version of the TMC Lamp.



Designed the first version of the TMM Lamp.



Became president of ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association



Founded his own studio.

"I'm actually a pre-industrial designer. I feel more comfortable with those technical procedures that allow me to correct mistakes, experiment during the process and control it as much as possible.

Hence my preference for noble materials, which know how to age well."

- Miguel Mila

Santa & Cole Logo

About Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole is a Barcelona-based lighting manufacturer, that was founded in 1985 by Nino Maso, Javier Nieto Santa and Gabriel Ordeig Cole. The brand collaborates with various iconic designers and their mission is to build, safeguard and disseminate knowledge through design objects. Objects whose quality is recognisable at the touch of a hand, and that enrich people’s lives, whether at home or in shared environments.

Santa & Cole focus on eclectic and modern lighting solutions, and are interested in balanced designs. A key aspect of Santa & Cole's identity is their location, a converted 1960's boarding school in Belloch, just outside of Barcelona. The spectacular building and surrounding nature are a fitting backdrop to their work, telling stories and histories via the medium of design.

The Cesta Collection

The Santa & Cole Cesta is a classic design by Miguel Mila, a warm and comforting lighting solution that perfectly encapsulates the goal of both designer and brand. Cesta was born when Mila found an abandoned opal globe outside a glass factory in the 1960s and upon taking home discovered it was the perfect inspiration for a lamps glass diffuser.

Cesta, in Spanish means basket, and the silhouette of these lamps showcases this, whilst also resembling the traditional lanterns that light up homes along the coast. Each lamp in this collection emits an ambient glow and creates an inviting atmosphere in your space. The collection has evolved since it's first release and now includes a range of finishes and materials, as well as an exterior version.

The Cestita Collection

The Santa & Cole Cestita collection is a smaller variation of the original Cesta lamps, providing the same comforting ambient lighting whilst taking up less space. Cestita was designed in 1962 and has since become a bestseller for the brand.

The collection features a regular wooden table lamp, a metallic table lamp and a battery-operated variation - providing a selection of finish options and allowing the lamp to adapt to a range of interiors. Cestita is a perfect balance between contemporary and natural design, each variation catches your eye with its charming structure and can either be displayed individually or pairs beautifully with the larger Cesta light.

The TM Collection

The TM Collection is a Santa & Cole staple, providing a unique silhouette and an inviting ambience. The three main components of the lamp are expertly stripped back, the electrical aspect, the shade and the structure, resulting in elegant and minimalist lighting solutions. The most eye-catching feature of the TMM lights by Miguel Mila is the adjustable shade on the floor and table variations, which can be raised or lowered, depending on the type of light output you require. They are making it as easy as possible to personalise your environment. These lights offer an option between a natural wood structure or a more contemporary metal structure, making it easy to blend into a wide range of interior décor styles.

"A lamp spends more time off than it does on, so you have to take great care to ensure that its shape contributes to the space in the most exciting way possible"

- Miguel Mila

Designed by Miguel Mila:

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