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Light + Building Frankfurt Event 2022

11 October 2022

In the cold month of October, Frankfurt becomes a hub for future-oriented technologies and current design trends in the lighting world. This year, we went along to the Light + Building event to discover the new and exciting designs, as well as impressive lighting solutions for your home or commercial space, from the best lighting brands from around the globe.

This unique design fair is the only event to combine both the field of architecture and lighting technologies, creating an immersive experience as you walked through the beautifully crafted displays from designer brands such as Pablo Designs, Astep, and Artemide. We found it a great opportunity to interact with and discover some of the newest brands that we have added to our website, as well as long term collaborators that we have worked with for decades!

Pablo Designs

Pablo Designs, a design company founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Pablo Pardo, a Venezuelan-born industrial designer, is one of our newer brands included on our site. The display demonstrated the clean and sophisticated nature of their products: from the stylish yet functional Belmont collection, to their wide array of modern table and portable lamps such as the Bola Lanterns and UMA Mini portable lamp. Pablo Designs demonstrated the beauty of simplicity and materiality through their eye-catching display of lighting.


Another of our new brands to be added online, Astep - founded by Alessandro Sarfatti - is a brand that updates classic designs for the 21st century, whilst also creating new innovative designs that brought excitement to the event. The Model 2065 pendant in black and white was a showstopping design and very much dominated the Astep display with its sleek lines and modern aesthetic. Whereas the bold Model 237 & 238 wall lights showcased the design finesse that Astep brings to its products. This brand kept it simple but clearly made an impact within the event and we are excited that we now feature Astep on our website!


One of the most impressive stands was by Artemide, a brand that is a global leader in architectural design focused lighting, that we have worked with for over 35 years. The display was adorned by stunning designs for indoor and outdoor environments. The beautifully crafted Stellar Nebula LED pendant hung delicately above people's heads as it showcased the astrological inspiration behind the design, meanwhile, the colourful Takku portable lamps demonstrated the functionality and simplicity of Artemide's style. This could also be seen in the highly technical LED designs that became a spectacle of the event.


With one of the biggest displays at the event, BEGA showcased the huge array of indoor and outdoor functional lighting that beautifully pairs lighting design and architecture. The display brought together their classic wall and ceiling lights, along with the modern bollards and pendants, creating a collection of fantastic German design and functionality. The BEGA stand included some of their most popular designs such as the 66658 Wall/Ceiling Light and showcased some of BEGA's newest products including the 84176 LED Garden / Pathway Bollard Floor Light.

What we thought


The David Village Lighting team thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Light + Building Event in Frankfurt! Through this event we were able to see some of the new and exciting products and designs being created by some of the top brands in the industry. We were also able to talk to designers and manufacturers about their products which has given us a wider insight into the behind-the-scenes logistics that go into these sophisticated designs.

Not only is this event great for networking and discovering new brands and products, but it also gives out awards to some of the best in the industry. One of these awards was to a brand we have worked alongside for years, Zero Lighting, which won the Design Plus Award for its ingenious Slizes pendant design.

Overall, this event provided a huge amount of inspiration and was an invaluable experience that will allow us to keep up to date on all the new, wonderful designs and ideas that are being produced by some of the top brands worldwide. This experience not only gave us a greater insight but also means we can bring you the latest and best in the world of designer lighting!

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