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By Room: Kitchen Inspiration

22 February 2022

The kitchen is considered the hub of a home and is a room used for all kinds of purposes, from social gatherings to cooking and dining to those lazy Sunday mornings. Therefore, to light this multi-purpose space you will need some all-purpose lighting solutions. From light and bright task lamps over a worktop, all the way to low hanging diffused ambient lighting for a dining area, the kitchen caters to all our needs and so should its lighting.

Here at David Village Lighting, we have a wide range of options for kitchen lighting solutions. Our range can not only add the perfect ambient glow or bright light to your kitchen but we can also provide a stylish designer touch to your home. From the natural style kitchen to the sleek modern kitchen, we have a design and style that will fit beautifully into any space and provide the ideal light to create the perfect atmosphere.

Take a tour through our perfect lighting solutions for every part of the kitchen...

Kitchen Islands and Worktops

Countertops and worktops require efficient and focused light for tasks such as food preparation and reading recipes. However, spaces such as kitchen islands are also a main feature of the kitchen as it sits central to the business of everyday life. This means the space requires a lighting solution that is functional and practical but also a statement centrepiece.

Here are some suggestions for perfectly lighting your kitchen islands and worktops...

Anglepoise Type 80 Pendant

Anglepoise Type 80 Pendant

This iconic design by the classic Anglepoise brand is a stylish display of modern sleek lines and crisp downward lighting. Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, the Type 80 pendant beautifully manipulates light using its conical shade and sharp silhouette.

There are two kinds of light being emitted from this Anglepoise pendant. The main light is the soft ambient downward light that is ideal for use directly over workspaces and food preparation areas. The second light escapes the pendant light in the middle of the design. This illuminates the stylish and refined shape of the pendant, adding a touch of designer flare to your space.

Muuto Ambit Rail Lamp

Muuto Ambit Rail Lamp

The Ambit Rail by Muuto is ideal for homes with high ceilings and spacious kitchen islands. The design of this Muuto lamp aims to make the rail appear to be floating, with the use of remarkably thin supporting wires and hidden joints and cables, appearing weightless. For large spaces, this Muuto Ambit Rail can easily create a more focused, functional, and intimate space.

Available in a range of colour finishes that would suit any interior, these minimalistic shades create a large beam of bright focused downward light which is ideal for lighting large worktops. These Ambit Rails give off an industrial style that fits in perfectly with functional simplistic kitchens.

Foscarini Aplomb Mini Pendant Light

Foscarini Aplomb Mini Pendant

The Aplomb pendant light is ideal for creating the perfect lighting solution for work surfaces and kitchen islands. The Aplomb collection has a concrete finish that brings an industrial feel to any kitchen and the raw material used adds a natural touch whilst also maintaining sleek modern lines. This makes the Foscarini Aplomb fit beautifully in any kitchen interior.

Available in three finishes: white, grey, and brown, these simplistic pendants create a statement in any space. The light that is emitted is bright and functional, ideal for above a worktop or food preparation area. Use as an individual statement piece or as a cluster, the Aplomb Mini pendant is the perfect addition to the more rustic and natural kitchen style.

Flos Aim LED Pendant

Flos Aim LED Pendant Light

This pendant light by Flos is highly functional and completely customisable as each shade comes with a 9-meter long cable that can be hung and attached to a ceiling or wall. This allows you to place the shades at angles and heights that fit in perfectly with the layout of your kitchen. This stylish yet functional pendant light is ideal when in a cluster or paired, as the shades can be set at different positions to illuminate multiple areas of the kitchen.

The integrated LED light source in each shade is diffused to provide a practical glare-free light that is ideal for above a kitchen island or worktop. Available in an array of colours, this Flos Aim LED pendant would perfectly illuminate any kitchen space. From the straightforward to the complex, this Flos Aim pendant can be customised to light a space with ease.

Breakfast Nooks and Cosy Corners

This is the area of the kitchen that is best used at dusk and dawn, for breakfast in the early dark mornings of winter or late at night with a bottle of wine and a good book. This space needs to be lit with care as its function lies in mindfulness. The lighting should be low level, diffused, and indirect as it creates a calming and ambient atmosphere that encourages relaxation and reflection.

Here are some suggestions for lighting the cosy corner of your kitchen...

Le Klint The Bouquet 130M5 Chandelier Light

Le Klint 'The Bouquet' 130M5 Chandelier Light

This relaxed chandelier light was designed by Sinja Svarrer Damkjær after being inspired by bundles of spring flowers at an Italian market. The nature of the flowers can be seen within the relaxed design of the Le Klint chandelier. Hanging beautifully, the Bouquet 130M5 uses five delicately pleated paper shades twisted and tangled together using a braided linen cable. The oak detailing allows you to easily adjust the height of each shade enabling you to create your own personal atmosphere.

The lack of straight lines and sharp edges creates a relaxed design that emits a calming light. Fully dimmable, the light is carefully diffused through each pleated paper shade spreading an intimate calming ambiance perfect for early mornings and cosy afternoons. This Le Klint chandelier is also available in versions with 1-7 shades.

Fritz Hansen Maluma Pendant

Fritz Hansen Maluma Pendant

Inspired by the Japanese word Malu, meaning round and complete, this effortless pendant light casts an ambient glow and warming atmosphere through its delicately frosted exterior. This lamp can be hung low over coffee tables or breakfast nooks to create a warming presence of light.

This handblown glass lampshade avoids harsh sharp edges and instead displays a soft, easy-going silhouette. The light emitted from this elegant shade is both direct and indirect, with the warm diffused light illuminating the shade and the downward light escaping from the opening at the bottom of the shade. Available in three muted colours: rose, moss, and plum, this Fritz Hansen pendant can provide an easy-going atmosphere.

&Tradition Flowerpot VP1 Pendant

&tradition Flowerpot VP1 Pendant

Designed by iconic Danish designer, Verner Panton, the Flowerpot VP1 evokes the spirit of the sixties. Produced in the height of the flower power era, this retro design creates an uplifting, calming, and delicately diffused light ideal for those small cosy corners of your kitchen.

This design is simple but highly effective with two glossy vibrant hemispheres working together to hide the blub from view at every angle. By doing this, the light emitted from the Flowerpot is a delicate, indirect, glare-free light that is created through being gently diffused and reflected. This results in a relaxing atmospheric light that highlights the beauty of the design and the vivid array of colours available.

The Gubi Multi-Lite Pendant

Gubi Multi-Lite Pendant

This Gubi pendant was designed by Louis Weisdorf in 1972 and is ideal for those multi-purpose spaces such as kitchens. The shade of this lamp can be adjusted with ease to make a bright downward functional pendant into a more diffused and indirect lighting solution. The ability to alter the light output of the Multi-Lite and its diffuser is ideal for smaller kitchens in which a functional busy area that needs direct lighting can then be transformed into a cosy calming space once the light is adjusted.

Therefore, the Gubi Multi-Lite pendant is a multitasking and multifunctional light able to change the atmosphere of a space with ease. This pendant light actively transforms busy bright kitchen spaces into a delicately lit ambient space for relaxation after a long day.

Social Spaces and Dining Areas

As well as being a personal and family space, the kitchen is also the social hotspot of the house. Dinner guests, friends for drinks or the big family get-together, they all happen in the kitchen and specifically at the dining table. This area, therefore, needs statement intimate lighting that brings everyone together and creates a space that everyone gravitates towards.

Here are some suggestions for social statement lighting...

New Works Tense LED Pendant

New Works Tense LED Pendant Light

For placement over a dining table, the Tense LED pendant light appears to float like a cloud connecting all who are in its diffused light. The largest size is over 1 metre in diameter and acts as a canopy bathing the table in beautiful indirect light.

The ambient light has a warm soft atmosphere that brings people together. This New Works pendant is available in three sizes: Ø70cm, Ø90cm, and Ø120cm, allowing you to pick the perfect size for your space. This oversized pendant creates a small intimate space beneath it that encourages social gatherings and get togethers.

Secto Octo 4240 Pendant Light

Secto 4240 Pendant Light

Light and airy, the Secto pendants are a great statement pendant that looks just as stunning in small kitchens as it does in larger spaces. Each individual Secto light is handcrafted out of Finnish birchwood that perfectly forms these structural lights.

Ideal for round tables and rooms with high ceilings, these Secto pendants create an intimate space that encourages socialising. The natural birch is available in four finishes that all keep the natural tone but also add a modern touch. The Secto pendants would be ideal for the more airy and bright kitchens with lots of natural light and raw materials, however, the Finnish birchwood would add a luxury handcrafted feel to any style of kitchen.

HAY Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant

HAY Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant

This pendant light was designed by an American designer called George Nelson in 1947. The design was based on a popular Swedish trend of the time which prioritised large orb-like silk pendants. Nelson created his own version of these Swedish pendant lights that would be more available and affordable, resulting in the Nelson Saucer Bubble that has become an iconic design of the modernist movement.

Although modern and Scandinavian-inspired, this pendant also adds elegance to the space as it delicately hangs from a steel ceiling plate. Once hung above a dining table, the webbing polymer shade produces a soft, warm, diffused light that illuminates the space. Available in three sizes, this Bubble pendant can perfectly fit above any size dining table. Although this light is a statement, it does not overpower a space, making the HAY Saucer Bubble pendant ideal for the simplest of kitchens.

Nuura Anoli Chandelier Light

Nuura Anoli Chandelier Light

This stunning chandelier light was designed by Sofie Refer, who is one of the founders of the Nuura brand. Each lampshade has been described as 'the perfect drop of light', this is due to the expertly mouth-blown hanging glass shades that encapsulate the bulb. The design of this Nuura Chandelier has a delicate touch as each glass shade hangs effortlessly from a metallic ceiling canopy.

Available in a white opal glass finish and a gold transparent finish, this chandelier would fit beautifully in any space, from the most decadent to the simplistic. Providing the ideal downlight for a dining table with the open-ended shade, whilst also illuminating the space through its stunning hand-crafted glass, the Nuura Anoli Chandelier will make your dining space the heart of the home.

We value both style and functionality

Kitchen lighting is all about functionality, making sure your workspaces and eating areas are well lit and practical. However, here at David Village Lighting, we like to value style and design just as much as functionality. Providing task lights for countertops that add a stylish statement or beautifully illuminating cosy corners to bring function to all areas of your home. You do not have to sacrifice style and design for functionality, as with us, you can have both!

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