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A Guide to: Dining Room Lighting

13 October 2023

Your dining room is an integral part of your home, a space that the whole family can enjoy for varying uses, including hosting guests, enjoying a home-cooked family meal, or even providing extra space for a new hobby. No matter what you choose to do with these areas, they can’t be used without the proper lighting. Deciding how to light your dining space can seem like an overwhelming task - which is why it is often overlooked. So let us help!

New Works Margin Pendant Light

The Importance of Dining Room Lighting

Lighting your dining room in the right way results in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, creating an ambience that is perfect for spending time with loved ones. Your dining room should have the ability to instantly calm you and ease you into a state of relaxation. Through layering varying lighting applications and combining both ambient and accent lighting, this can become a reality.

That is why we are here to help guide you through planning the lighting for your dining space, including choosing the right lighting solution, talking you through the different applications and showcasing some of our top picks, all guaranteed to match a wide range of personal styles.

How to Choose Your Dining Lighting

If you are taking the time to optimise the lighting in your dining space, then it may take some time to decide on what is right for you. When you begin planning it is important to take into account the shape and size of your room, and choose a lighting solution that is proportionate to the area you have available; you want your lights to elevate the space but not overwhelm it.

Another thing to consider is the amount of natural lighting that is provided throughout your dining room, this will determine how powerful you require your new lighting solutions to be, as well as any darker corners that require further accent lighting.

Finally, think about which dimming feature suits your needs best; your dining room is a space in your home that is used for various tasks and therefore requires full personalisation when it comes to the lighting output. You want to be able to adjust the brightness of your lighting solutions depending on how you are currently using the space.

Different Types of Dining Lighting

There are various lighting solutions that can be used to illuminate your dining area and in turn, generate a warm and inviting atmosphere. Each depends on the size available in your space as well as your installation method. Some of these solutions are even renter-friendly!

The key lighting applications that will be used in dining rooms are:

  • pendants or chandeliers
  • floor lamps
  • portable lamps

&Tradition Flowerpot VP7 Pendant

Pendants & Chandeliers

Pendant lights are the most common lighting solution for dining rooms, providing ambient overhead lighting and allowing you to choose from a large array of styles. Not only do they form soft pools of light over dining areas, but they also add interest to the overall decoration of your room. Pendants are ideal for zoning larger spaces, creating cosy ‘rooms within rooms’ that invite you to relax.

Central pendants or clusters can be suspended above circular or square dining tables, whereas linear pendant lights are a perfect solution for longer rectangular dining tables.

Dining room pendants are often fitted as a low-hanging lighting solution, by suspending them closer to the table you create a focal point in the room whilst also creating a cosy and inviting ambience.

Santa & Cole TMC Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a fun way to create cosy corners in your dining room, they provide a softer illumination at a lower level, creating intimate lighting. Floor lamps can be used as well as or instead of pendant lighting, they can either provide further illumination on top of your overhead lights to avoid shadows and darker corners, or they can substitute overhead lighting, creating a softer and cosier environment.

If you love the benefits of floor lamps but are looking for a more direct light source, why not try an arched floor lamp such as the Flos Arco or the Foscarini Twiggy. These options take up little space but provide you with an overhead glow above your dining table.

The fact that floor lamps require no hardwiring is an added bonus, allowing you to easily move them around the room if you want to rearrange, redecorate or restyle the room.

Tom Dixon Melt Portable Lamp

Portable Lamps

Portable Lamps are a fun way to light up your dining room, whilst providing you with the most flexibility. Portable lamps feature absolutely no wires, allowing you to easily move them around your dining table or other areas of the room.

Commonly placed along the dining table for cosy ambient lighting, portable lamps can also be placed on shelves along the room, on side tables or on cabinets in order to grant you functional accent lighting.

Our Dining Lighting Collection:

Whether your dining room boasts a classic style or a sleek contemporary format, we provide a scope of lighting solutions that can adapt beautifully to any space and provide the perfect ambient atmosphere for dining and hosting loved ones.

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