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Menu Rebrand: Welcome Audo Copenhagen

5 June 2023

An exciting new rebrand has landed this week in the design world and we can't get enough of it!

The brand formerly known as Menu has been combined with two other trademarks to form Audo Copenhagen, a show-stopping design hub that prioritises community and functionality. As of June 1st professionals and customers will now discover many of their favourite furniture, lighting designs and home accessories within this new design house. Audo Copenhagen is the newest member of Design Holding Group's portfolio of luxury brands, joining Flos and Louis Poulsen, among others.

Audo Copenhagen Hashira Portable Lamp

About Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen was developed by uniting Menu, By Lassen and The Audo. Their focus lies in Danish design, utilising purposeful details, functionality and high-quality materials. Audo Copenhagen focuses on lighting and furniture, their style is described as soft minimalism, and their work combines heritage with contemporary design.

The work of Audo Copenhagen is shaped by human needs, with their work aiming to solve everyday issues for its users whilst remaining aesthetically appropriate. Their work can be discovered all over the world, their creative spirit resulting in fascinating and beautiful designs from asymmetrical candle holders to eye-catching chandeliers.

Audo Copenhagen - The Audo

Audo House

Audo House is a unique concept in Copenhagen that opened in 2019, based in the heart of the city it is home to various co-working spots, event spaces, a restaurant, a cafe and even a shop. It is a perfect example of a collaborative environment that Audo Copenhagen aim to achieve.

Moving forward, The Audo will be rebranded as Audo House and serve as Audo Copenhagen's central hub. Audo House redefines how we use space, whilst showcasing some of the most beautiful creations by Audo Copenhagen themselves. Audo House also inhabits the Audo Residence, a calming oasis that offers a home away from home. With a range of different rooms available, you can unwind while experiencing some of the Audo Copenhagen creations up close and personal.

Audo Copenhagen Ray Portable Lamp

Audo's Approach

Audo Copenhagen understand that nothing is more important than human connection, and their approach to design mirrors this. Every design crafted by Audo Copenhagen is built to serve a purpose, the brand has its audience at the heart of everything they create - from initial design throughout the manufacturing process. Their designs go hand-in-hand with their pursuit to create strong, long-lasting connections and partnerships. Community is a strong company value for Audo, they believe a sense of community empowers their team to create better designs.

Audo Copenhagen’s aesthetic approach has been coined soft minimalism, distinguished by clean lines and earth tones.

All of us at David Village Lighting are incredibly excited to see all of the future works created by Audo Copenhagen. They are sure to leave their mark on the design world and continue the legacy of Menu, By Lassen and The Audo combined.

Intrigued to see what Audo Copenhagen have already created?

Check out their brand page and explore some of their delicate designs. Including the new Klampenborg Table Lamp

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