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Louis Poulsen Spring Summer New Products 2022

1 February 2022

From the 1st of February, Louis Poulsen are releasing new products and colour finishes that are both steeped in history and are modern creations. This demonstrates how the brand celebrates lighting history whilst also innovating and pushing the envelope on traditional constructions. Check out these upcoming products below and see what exciting things we have in store at DVL…..

LP Grand 320

The LP Grand 320 comes from the mind of Christian Flindt, who has created many products for Louis Poulsen. Always innovating classic forms, the LP Grand 320 design utilises reflectors, upper rings and a diffuser to provide direct and indirect lighting that is all encompassing. With a simple circular silhouette, the light is available in a pendant and wall/ceiling application that can be used throughout homes, offices, projects and hospitality venues.

Available in a matt black, matt champagne or glossy white colour finish from the 1st of February.

PH 3/3 and PH 5/5 Pendant Lights

The PH 3/3 and PH 5/5 pendant lamps are the latest addition to the extensive Louis Poulsen PH collection which was developed by the iconic Poul Henningsen. The designer first created the classic pendants in 1926 as he wanted to produce a light that provided a glare-free glow. The answer was a three-shade system, with each shade being in proportion with a 3:2:1 ratio. Louis Poulsen now celebrate this original ratio by releasing the "pure" models PH 3/3 and PH 5/5 which have a top shade of 30cm and 50cm respectively. These "pure" models are perfect for general lighting, being best used hung high in a room compared to the “hybrid” models such as the PH 3/2 and the PH 2/1 which can be used over tables and hung low. Celebrate and enjoy a classic design in your interior with these gorgeous pendant lights.

The PH3/3 and PH5/5 pendants are available in an all-black metal finish and a white opal glass with a black metal top shade. The PH3/3 is also available in a stunning and simplistic all white opal glass finish that provides a unique, glare-free and delicate light. Both pendant lights in their sleek monochrome finishes are available to purchase from March 1st.

VL Studio Lights

The VL Studio lights were designed in the 1940s by Vilhelm Lauritzen for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation headquarters, Radiohuset, located in Copenhagen. Creating a whole light collection alongside Louis Poulsen, Lauritzen designed every last detail of the Radiohuset, from the building to the finishes inside. Now enjoying modern success, Louis Poulsen are re-releasing the VL Studio wall light which is updated with either a vintage polished brass finish or a more modern matt black finish paired with an opal glass diffuser. The brand have also taken this design and applied it to a table/floor version, available in three sizes that can be transferred from floor to table depending on your needs!

Available to purchase from the 1st of March.

PH 80 Floor Lamp - Black and White Finishes

The PH 80 floor lamp is another stunning light based on the three-shade system developed by Poul Henningsen. Designed in 1974 after Henningsen’s death to mark his 80th birthday, the floor light features an opal acrylic shade with a red top to produce a glare-free and comfortable illumination. New for 2022 and available from March 1st, Louis Poulsen are introducing two new finishes, with a black or white colour available. The black version features a black top and base paired with a white opal shade and the white version is completely white for a monochromatic look. Perfect for contemporary and traditional interiors.

Panthella - Opal Grey Finish

An ever-popular product from Louis Poulsen, the Panthella collection was first designed in 1971 by Verner Panton and is characterised by a playful and organic style, embodying the time in which it was created. Louis Poulsen now honour its creation by releasing an original finish from 1971 which features a grey opal acrylic shade and a chrome base. Available for the Panthella 320 and Panthella Mini versions from March 1st, this new colour will add a vintage yet still contemporary touch to any interior and will ensure a soft glow.

Here at David Village Lighting we love to honour the iconic classics that have a timeless appeal and a long-lasting quality. It is clear within these new and exciting products that Louis Poulsen also hold the same values. By bringing traditional designs back into 21st century style with new modern finishes, we can enjoy Louis Poulsen's iconic designs all over again!

Make sure to check out our site from the 1st of February to buy these glorious new products.

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