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Design Trends: Adaptable Living Spaces

19 July 2022

Design Trends: Adaptable Living Spaces

The need for multi-purpose rooms has risen in the last few years as we all have spent more time in and around the home, using our space for every aspect of our lives. With us having to use rooms for several purposes, lighting is the best way to create a cohesive and functional space so you can get the best out of your interior.

Here we present to you our top lighting design suggestions that can transform your interior into an adaptable living space….

Versatile Wall Lights

Anglepoise Type 80 W3 Wall Light

Adjustable wall lights are a perfect way to change a space as you can tuck it in to the wall when not needed and then bring it out for whatever task you are doing. Perfectly placed movable wall lights work particularly well in kitchens and dining rooms as they are spaces where you can eat, work and socialise. A wall light such as the Anglepoise Type 80 W3 can be used in your kitchen to create a great task light so you can work effectively during the day at your kitchen bar/worktop and then use it to focus on your food prep in the evening.

Flos 265 Wall Light

A bigger wall light such as the classic Flos 265 can also be used in lounges and dining rooms to transform your space from a social setting to a work setting as the light can be directed where needed. The large scale of the wall lamp also creates a new sense of space as it is brought away from the wall, changing the dynamic of your interior. It can then return to the wall, tucked away to make space for a more open room where you can relax and wind down.

Other wall lamps available on our site that have a distinct movable feature to create versatility in your space include the playful Foscarini Filo, the customisable Secto Varsi and the Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell 6718.

Adjustable Floor Lamps

Muuto Post Floor Lamp

Floor lights are a wonderful way of creating pockets of light in a room and for providing ambient light in an interior. Adjustable floor lamps are fantastic for creating a calm atmosphere or for giving needed illumination whilst reading or working in your favourite chair. A floor lamp such as the Muuto Post floor light is perfect for adapting your living space between work and relaxation as it features movable lampshades and has dimming capabilities to change the light intensity.

Flos Parentesi Suspension Light

Another special type of floor lamp is the Flos Parentesi which is a ceiling-to-floor light that features a thin cable and a movable spotlight. The lampshade can be moved up and down and angled where you need, whether you want a higher overall illumination or a more concentrated lower light next to a side table. This type of light is wonderful for lounges and bedrooms, being a unique lighting solution that can aid in creating multi-purpose spaces.

Other adjustable floor lamps from our wide range such as the Panzeri Tubino, Flos OK and the Marset Funiculi are brilliant choices for creating an adaptable space.

Rise and Fall Pendants

Bert Frank Revolve Rise & Fall Pendant Light

A brilliant way of adapting your room is through a cleverly placed and movable pendant light. Rise and fall pendants and pendant lights with easily adjustable cables can make a real difference in your living space. If placed in the middle of a lounge as a main light you can have it hanging high for a useful overall illumination and then bring it down over a coffee table to create more intimate lighting for socialising or a fun board game night. You can also use adjustable pendant lamps instead of floor lamps to save space by hanging next to sofas and chairs; lower the pendant for a more direct light for reading and raise the pendant for comforting accent lighting. The possibilities are endless! Pendants such as the Bert Frank Revolve Rise and Fall pendant are perfect for these needs as the lampshade can be easily lowered and raised using the beautiful brass counterweight. Use alone for smaller areas and next to chairs or use in multiple for main lighting in bigger lounges.

Other movable pendants include the elegant Fritz Hansen Clam with an adjustable shade, the Le Klint Pliverre which has an adjustable cable and the Gubi Tynell A1965 rise and fall.

Office Space Table Lamps

Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini LED Table Lamp

With working from home becoming more and more the norm, bedrooms and guest bedrooms have needed to transform into study and office spaces. A great way of dedicating space is using a cosy corner to put a desk in so that at the end of the day you can tuck your chair in and change your space once more to wind down and relax. The best way to light this area is by using a small, movable desk lamp so that little space is taken up and you can create an area that is easy to concentrate in. A table lamp such as the Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini is a wonderful choice as it easily adjusts and takes up little space on any surface.

Our other top suggestions from our table lamp collection include the HAY Marselis, Louis Poulsen AJ Mini, Marset Scantling and the Muuto Tip.

Multi-Purpose Lights

Artemide nh 1217 Table Lamp

Multi-purpose lights are the ultimate adaptable lighting solution as they can be used for many different functions. They are movable lights that can change the landscape of an interior depending on the application you choose to use them for. A light such as the Artemide nh 1217 has an elegant, small and functional design as the brass handle can be used to create a table lamp, a pendant light or a wall light. It also comes with a cable and plug so you can easily move and create different lighting atmospheres depending on if you are working, making food, watching TV or reading a book. This sort of light is also perfect for people who live in smaller places that don’t have many room as they can easily create different zones for different purposes using a light with many functions.

Other multi-functional lights available on our site include the Nordlux Kettle To Go, the Axolight Float and the New Works Sphere Adventure, which can all also be used outdoors and indoors.

Our selections are just a few of our wonderful products available on our website. Browse our wide range of designer lighting to find your perfect pick for modern adaptive living!

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