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Staff Picks: Laura's May Lighting Favourites

10 May 2023

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We are completely immersed in the world of designer lighting at David Village Lighting, so of course we all have our favourites! From wall lights to pendants, we can't help but fall in love with the designs we have the honour of selling. So why not take the time to share them with you? Our audience gets some new inspiration, and we get to shine a light on some magnificent designs that deserve some extra love.

This month’s staff favourites are courtesy of our Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Laura.

Petiite Friture Large Vertigo Pendant

Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant

Designed by Constance Guisset, the Vertigo Pendant is made from ribbon, making it a lightweight and delicate lighting solution; It reflects the light in bands of shadows across your room, creating a beautiful lighting display. This luminaire adds a real softness to a range of interiors and is a real eye catcher as a floating presence in your interior.

"I love how dramatic the Vertigo Pendant is due to the design being oversized. Yet it still remains elegant and even a little understated due to the fact that you are able to see through the shade." – Laura

Pablo Bola Lantern Portable Lamp

Pablo Bola Lantern Portable Lamp

The Bola Lantern, designed by Pablo Pardo, is a portable lamp with a structure that is guaranteed to make a statement. The leather strap makes it possible to easily manoeuvre this lamp around your space and looks especially beautiful in garden settings. The base boasts an integrated dimmer and the battery life ranges from 10-400 hours depending on the light intensity.

"I think the Bola Lantern is a charming and playful lamp; the sphere seems almost precariously balanced on the base which you can tell was very cleverly designed by Pablo Pardo. The glow from the orb is also very enticing." – Laura

Marset Dipping Light Table Lamp

Marset Dipping Light Table Lamp

The Marset Dipping Light was designed to excite audiences, even when turned off, the sphere diffuser is an eye-catching design piece. The designer, Jordi Canudas, aims to capture the essence of light. The dipping light was created due to an experiment Canudas carried out where he dipped a lit bulb into paint several times.

"The Dipping light is a favourite of mine because it's such an eye catching, statement piece! The gradient of colour is beautiful and always looks perfect in a space with a matching colour scheme. This table lamp really is unique." - Laura

Gubi Gravity XL Floor Lamp

Gubi Gravity XL Floor Lamp

The combination of a heavy, solid marble base with a lightweight shade, makes the Gubi XL Floor Lamp a real showstopper. This lamp is a perfect mixture of elegance and function, resulting in a truly unique aesthetic. The stripped back design means the Gubi XL Floor Lamp can fit in perfectly to almost any interior, no matter what your style.

"Marble is very on trend right now, but also a timeless material. The Gravity lamp is a perfect balance between bold and elegant, with a statement chunky base and oversized canvas shade." – Laura

&Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Portable Lamp

&Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Portable Lamp

Another great portable lighting option is the &Tradition Flowerpot VP9, designed by Verner Panton. Available in a range of vibrant colours, this lamp is made from two hemispheres which work together to reflect the light source, providing a warm glow for your space. This lamp can be used to add a burst of colour to both indoor and outdoor environments.

"A classic design turned model with its new portability! I love the curved form and duo shades of the Flowerpot, creating glare-free lighting wherever you need it. The choice of colours is also wonderful and varied, sure to please a wide range of tastes." – Laura

Working so closely with our brands, it's impossible for us to not collect a list of our favourite designs - and we are aware there is nothing like a personal recommendation to help you in your lighting buying process.

Our team are always on hand to help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space, we can even even offer our personal recommendations; get in touch today.

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