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A Guide to: Kitchen Lighting

18 August 2023

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, whether you're cooking, relaxing or socialising. A multi-purpose room requires multi-purpose lighting, from bright task lights over counter-tops, to larger low-hanging ambient lighting for kitchen islands or dining areas; your kitchen caters to a wide variety of your needs and so should your lighting.

The mission of illuminating your kitchen can seem daunting upon first inspection, but at David Village Lighting we want the process to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for you; this is why we have put together an informative guide on how to light up your kitchen space depending on your personal needs, as well as some technical breakdowns and lighting inspiration.

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The Importance of Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can be easily overlooked when designing a room; people often focus all of their attention on other aspects of their new kitchen and don't understand the importance of lighting. Not only does the lighting you choose provide functionality, it also provides a welcoming ambience in the space - a perfect way to help you to enjoy the experience of cooking and hosting for your closest friends and family.

The correct lighting can also help you to highlight key features around the room, especially when accent lighting is utilised. Overall, it is a great way to pull the whole room together and showcase the time and money you have put into the design of your kitchen.

How to Choose Kitchen Lighting

The Different Types

Different areas in your kitchen are used for different tasks and subsequently will require different lighting applications. The key lighting areas to pay attention to in your kitchen are:

  • countertops
  • kitchen island
  • dining space

By utilising lighting solutions that provide the correct atmosphere for the space, you will optimise your entire kitchen. We're here to talk you through different types of kitchen lighting and spaces they can be operated in.

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Task lighting can be crucial for your kitchen, providing you with a functional illumination that allows you to complete obligations such as cooking and cleaning with ease.

Task lighting comes in many forms but in kitchens, it is most popular in the form of spotlights, recessed lamps, track lighting or wall lights that provide a direct projection. These applications can be placed across the ceiling for an even emission of light or across walls and to illuminate your counter-tops.

Large pendant lights above kitchen islands can also be utilised as task lighting, depending upon the size, colour temperature and the type of shade; shades that direct light downwards are ideal for creating task lighting above a kitchen island or work surface.

When sourcing lighting for tasks, be sure to check that the light output of your chosen light is bright enough.

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Ambient lighting is a beautiful addition to kitchen spaces and a great way to break up the cold tones of task lighting. These lights add warmth to your kitchen, crafting a more intimate environment that you'll look forward to sharing with friends and loved ones.

Ambient lights can be used above kitchen islands (if you don't require task lighting there) and more often than not in the form of pendants or smaller chandeliers that provide a diffused glow. But you are not limited to these options. Another great way to add ambience to your kitchen is via indirect lighting placed above kitchen cupboards. This lighting solution projects the illumination up towards the ceiling, which bounces back into the space and provides a filtered glow.

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Accent lighting is the final touch when it comes to lighting design; if used correctly it is a perfect way to accentuate some of the key features of your space and make the room come alive. It not only creates a calming atmosphere thanks to the multiple layers of lighting, but allows the lighting solutions to become decorative objects in the room.

This type of lighting often comes in the form of wall lights, and unique designs that make a statement, and consist of an indirect light source that is projected away from the center of the room. It is also recommended to use a lighting solution with a low Lumen output to avoid a harsh glare.

Technical Aspects of Kitchen Lighting:

Another key thing to remember when deciding upon your new kitchen lighting is the technical aspects. Kitchens are considered more specialised spaces to illuminate due to the inclusion of wet areas as well as appliances.

IP Rating

Similar to bathroom lighting, when choosing your new light you should look out for the IP rating. This is the protection level of a light fixture from dust and water. The IP rating consists of two digits with the first referring to the protection from solids and the second from water. The higher the value, the higher the protection. The lower the number the further away it should be kept from water sources or damp environments, in this case, within 60 cm of your kitchen sink.

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of a lamp refers to how warm/cool the emission of light is, calculated by number and measured in Kelvins. Usually, LED lamps vary from 2500K (warmest white) up to 5000K (coolest white). The ambience of a room is directly impacted by the colour temperature of your lamp and is therefore an important factor to consider when purchasing a new light. When it comes to kitchens, especially with task lighting, it is often favoured to stick to a cooler colour temperature - providing you with functional illumination. The ideal temperature is 3000K - 4000k. Anything below 3000K will cast a yellowish-orange hue, which makes it hard to concentrate. The ideal colour temperature for ambient lighting is 2700K.

Our Kitchen Lighting Collection:

Whether your kitchen boasts a classic style or a sleek modern design, we have a range of lighting solutions that will adapt beautifully to any space and provide the perfect atmosphere for one of the most used rooms in your home.

Kitchen lighting is all about functionality, making sure your space is well-lit and practical. However, here at David Village Lighting, we like to value style and design just as much as functionality. You do not have to sacrifice style and design for functionality, nor will you have to sacrifice functionality in your space just for a beautiful design - with us, you can have both!

For more information or for a personalised quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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