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Staff Picks: Aru's August Favourites

1 September 2023

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The team at David Village Lighting take a hands-on approach to their roles, so it is guaranteed that they fall in love with some of the designs we purvey.

We love to know our team's favourite pieces, so we decided to begin showcasing them! You get some new inspiration for your home and a personal recommendation from somebody in the industry - while we get to promote some of our most loved designs!

This month’s staff favourites are courtesy of our Operations Coordinator, Aru.


Marset Fragile Table Lamp

The Marset Fragile LED Table Lamp has only recently been added to the collection, but it's already a hit. The body is crafted entirely from blown glass and consists of bold geometric shapes, with an integrated LED that runs the full height of the lamp. Fragile emits ambient lighting that is distributed in all directions.

"A recent addition to Marset’s range, I think this lamp really embodies the fragility suggested by its name. The delicately placed transparent glass shapes, and the simple LED cylinder they surround, give the lamp an airy, weightless feel, whilst still looking impressive and providing a cosy, inviting light." - Aru
Cache floor+pendant black.jpg

Le Klint Cache Floor Lamp

The Le Klint Cache Floor Lamp boasts a simple form, with the historic Le Klint hand-pleated lampshade. The diffuser is neatly tucked away within the shade, whilst the sleek angled arm allows for a direct, diffused light - perfect for reading or relaxing. Cache achieves both a timeless and contemporary look, able to seamlessly adapt to a range of interior styles.

"I’m a big fan of the Caché collection, which brings a bit of modern and sleek flair to the time-honoured Le Klint pleats. The floor lamp stands out for me, with its angled head and diffused light lending it to use as a reading light. I think this lamp would pair nicely with the XL pendant if you wanted a cohesive look in your space." - Aru

Warm Nordic Milieu Mini Pendant

The Milieu is a classic design by Jo Hammerborg who took inspiration from his own love of flying and parachuting, the Milieu is made up of four hemispheres that create a concentric pattern and result in glare-free illumination. The Milieu Mini Pendant provides a calming downlight, perfect for above dining tables and kitchen counters.

"This pendant really sums up the adage that there is beauty in simplicity. The uncluttered, stacked hemispheres add a sense of lift to the design whilst also directing the light downwards, making it ideal for use over tables. I love the Clear White finish, but there are also black/white versions with brass detailing for that little bit of extra class." - Aru

DCW editions Yasuke Table Lamp

The Yasuke LED Table Lamp was designed by Studio BrichetZiegler and allows you to easily customise the output of light - both the brightness and the colour temperature. The table lamp is named after the first foreign-born samurai warrior, Yasuke, who arrived in Kyoto, Japan in 1579. The Yasuke Table Lamp portrays a journey of light and boasts a modern aesthetic.

"It’s no coincidence that this unique lamp is named after one of the more unique figures in history. I respect the bold design choices and its unusual, sculptural form. But the selling point for me has to be the ability to both dim and change the colour temperature, which allows you to really dial the lamp in to suit your needs." - Aru

Catellani & Smith Ettorino LED Table Lamp

The Catellani & Smith Ettorino Table Lamp is an easily adjustable task light; not only does the shade rotate 350 degrees around the stem, but the stem also rotates 350 degrees around the base. This vast amount of adjustability makes the Ettorino an exceptional desk lamp, perfect for any workspace.

"Catellani & Smith are usually known for their elegant and understated designs, but they also have an eye for the whimsical. The Ettorino is a great example of this, available in bright primary colours - but I really love the black finish. The sharp lines look especially stylish, and the contrast with the playful red character makes it a real statement piece that’s still functional." - Aru

We love Aru's August favourites, a collection of contemporary lighting solutions with minimalist structures and an artistic edge.

If you are currently on the lookout for some new lighting for your space, our team are always on hand to help you find the perfect solution. We can even offer our own personal recommendations; get in touch today.

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