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By Room: Hallway Inspiration

21 June 2022

The hallway or foyer can be one of the most overlooked areas of our homes, simply used to get from one room to another. However, we believe that the hallway is one of the most important places in the home as it acts as the pathway around the house. It is the place that welcomes us home after a long day or is our last glance back as we leave. Described as the 'brain of the house', our hallways shouldn't be neglected but instead be celebrated and given the same care and attention as the rest of the house does.

By bringing light to this forgotten space, you can bring it to life and take advantage of this newfound place in your home. Whether your hallway is cramped and narrow or it's a bright two-story airy space looking for a grand feature, we have everything you could possibly need to elevate this area of your home!

Small Entryways

Most modest homes have a small but useful area at the front door that is used for hanging up coats, lacing up boots, and as a place to put your keys. It is easy to overlook this area of the home as its sole purpose is to welcome you into the rest of the house or get you prepared to leave. By adding the perfect ambience or the ideal lighting solution, you can transform this area of your home from a rushed and stressful place into a tranquil space that prepares you for the day or calms you as you step in the door. However, it is important to keep in mind that a small entryway is...small. We have a wide array of styles, applications, and solutions for lighting a small hallway, all of which will allow this space to be as functional as possible without compromising style and ambience.

Muuto E27 Pendant

This minimalist pendant light by Muuto encompasses the style and function of Scandinavian design. The creator of the E27 pendant, Mattias Ståhlbom, describes the reasoning behind his design as 'I like uncomplicated ideas and I really appreciate accomplishing a lot with simple methods and materials. Obvious things that are so ordinary that they become extraordinary'. This is clear within the design and appearance of this stunningly simple pendant.

You might feel as though you should avoid pendant lights in small busy spaces, however, this unique design is highly space-saving and creates a 360 degree light output which is perfect for a small dingy space lacking in natural light. The 400cm long cable length also provides practicality and adaptability as you can hang, tie, loop, and hook the cable around items or fixtures to create a personal and functional lighting solution for your space. Available in a whole host of muted Scandinavian-inspired finishes, the E27 pendant can be a stunning feature as a single fitting or as a colourful cluster.

&Tradition Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp

With a small surface area and a bold pop of colour, the Flowerpot VP3 table lamp will bring light and style anywhere in your entryway. The iconic retro design was created by the famous Verner Panton, a Danish designer who was known for his experimentation and exuberant originality. This is clear within the Flowerpot collection which was created in the late 1960s when 'flower power' was in full flourish. Featuring two hemispheres that work together to conceal and reflect the light source, providing a warm, soft glow for the space, this indirect light is ideal for creating a calming atmosphere in the busiest place in your home.

Available in a wide range of fabulous retro 60s colours, the Flowerpot VP3 table lamp can be placed on a side table, shelf, or windowsill to bring a touch of vibrancy to your entryway. This design is also available in a smaller portable version that would be ideal for even tinier spaces that need cheering up with a vintage touch.

DCW éditions ORG W LED Wall Light

The DCW éditions ORG W wall light is an elegant wall light that had been inspired by shooting stars. Influenced by science fiction and astronomy, the designer Sebastian Summa was able to produce the ORG collection that features lengths of opal glass tubing and solid brass detailing. The bright diffused light created by the ORG LED wall light is ideal for those entryways that lack natural light. The 105cm or 150cm long opal light brings so much refreshing light into your space that it can brighten even the darkest of corridors.

Due to its slender design, this DCW wall light is space-saving and highly efficient, the ideal combination for a small entryway. Place this lamp vertically or horizontally on the wall to take advantage of the generous outpouring of light and style.

HAY Marselis LED Floor Lamp

This sleek and subtle floor lamp is perfectly suited to small areas that need efficient and directional lighting. The thin injection moulded polycarbonate opalescent lens that conceals a flat panel of light can rotate and direct the glare-free diffused light wherever it is needed. This makes the Marselis floor lamp by HAY ideal for an entryway as it provides purposeful lighting solutions for tying shoe laces, rummaging in bags, and doing those last-minute checks before leaving the house.

The surface area of this functional minimalist floor lamp is a tiny Ø17.5cm and has a thin 126cm high stem which results in a space-saving simplistic design that can be placed anywhere light is needed. Available in a black and ash white finish, this monochrome lamp was designed by Studio Kaschkasch who says that 'versatility informs everything we do'. This makes the Marselis floor lamp the ideal lamp for this busy versatile space.

Two-Story Foyer

A grand entrance deserves a grand lighting fixture that not only illuminates this large space but also acts as an impressive first impression of your home. It is important to keep this space well-lit throughout to avoid this large room feeling cold and uninviting. Therefore placing a stunningly vibrant chandelier or oversized pendant in this space will not only be a talking point of the house but will also fill this space with a generous outpouring of light. By filling this grand foyer with light and beauty, it will not only impress guests but will also create a warming and welcoming atmosphere that greets you and others into your home. Take a look at some of our recommendations...

Flos Taraxacum 88 Pendant

This impressive globe of intricate light bulbs is the stunning Taraxacum 88 pendant designed by the iconic designer Achille Castiglioni. This classic design by Flos is not only a grand feature when switched off but when illuminated, this design truly comes to life! Each bulb lights up and becomes a glowing ball of shimmering glass and polished aluminium. The warm ambient light that this pendant emits creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere that brings together the grand nature of the design and the cosy feeling that filament bulbs create.

Place this pendant light above an entrance hall or a staircase as it provides a stunning point of view from all angles. This pendant is also available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific area and can also be placed in a cluster or cascade through a space.

NORR11 Frames Pendant Light

The Frames pendant was designed by Anna Ohmsen and Emma Bukhave Vidarsson with the aim of being both sustainable and forward-thinking. This design is made from gorgeous oak, joined together with 72 brass joints to create a rotating shade that can be adjusted by the user. Each frame can be manoeuvred and placed at any angle and is easily customised to suit your unique space.

Available in a natural, dark smoked, or light smoked oak finish that brings a soft warm touch to a space. If you are looking for a more rustic and homely feel, the Frames pendant by NORR11 would be ideal for you. Its long shade is an impressive feature that can encapsulate a room whilst also adding a natural and earthy effect. The Frames pendant brings a calming ambient light to this grand foyer area as its singular bulb provides a gentle light.

Bocci 76 Series Chandeliers

The Bocci 76 Series Chandelier is an exquisite example of skilled craftsmanship and the natural beauty of glass. These individual glass shades are created by mouth-blown glass being forced through a copper mesh and creating a detailed pattern within the shade. When illuminated from within, the glass comes to life and forms intricate patterns on the wall and ceiling.

Bocci is passionate about using light as a medium to illuminate the qualities and structure of high-quality craftsmanship and glasswork. With the 76 Series chandelier, in particular, it is clear to see how the master glassmakers have taken their time on each and every pendant. This cascading design can bring beauty and light from the top floor all the way to the ground floor where it provides a stunning view from beneath. This Bocci design by Omer Arbel would make an impressive and personalised statement in your home.

Moooi Gravity LED Chandelier

This highly contemporary chandelier by Moooi brings a modern and minimalist touch to a classic chandelier design. The creator, Paul Cocksedge, is a London-based designer whose designs are underpinned by his research into the limits of technology and materials. For the Gravity chandelier, Cocksedge worked with Moooi to use gravity as part of the design. By using these flexible cables and suspension wires, the chandelier's form and diameter are determined by gravity. Both Moooi and Cocksedge created this light to get the user involved in the creative process by allowing you to maneuver and adjust the suspension wires wherever you wish.

Available with five light sources or seven, the Gravity chandelier will suit multiple spaces of different sizes and heights. The minimalist black and white monochrome colour palette allow this design to suit and compliment any style or tone in your foyer. The dramatics of the Gravity will bring an eye-catching feature to your staircase, foyer, or entranceway.

Long and Narrow Hallways

Long and narrow hallways are some of the most neglected areas of our homes as they provide no functionality other than providing a pathway through the house. However, these spaces are one of the most overlooked and overused as they essentially allow the house to flow and connect with ease. By neglecting these spaces you can create unwelcoming and intimidating corridor space with no character or style. Adding a simple lighting fixture to your long hallway can make this impersonal interior a warming space that is more inviting. However, these lighting fixtures have to be space-saving and efficient so that they do not make the hallway more narrow and can also brighten every corner with ease. Here are some of our suggestions...

Bover Helios LED Wall Light

The Helios wall light by Bover is an ingenious new design from the brand that uses a metal front to conceal the light source and cotton thread down the edges that diffuse the LED light into the space. This Japanese-inspired design takes the theory of Wabi-Sabi, an ancient Japanese idea that values knowing how to find beauty in the imperfections of objects or materials. This is clear within the design of the Helios as light diffuses through the raw cotton shade and highlights its imperfections and natural aesthetic.

This wall light by Bover would be ideal for a narrow long hallway as it is flush to the wall and takes up as little space as possible. The Helios is also dimmable which allows you to make sure the light output is perfect for the time of day and makes sure this area of your home is always welcoming. This neutral and natural-looking wall lamp is also available in two sizes, a small and a large, giving you the freedom to play around with compositions or choose the perfect size for your space.

Verpan VP Globe Brass Pendant

The Verpan VP Globe Brass pendant is a shimmeringly luxurious design that features a transparent acrylic top and bottom shell that encompasses the brass plated aluminium reflectors that not only conceal the light source but also reflect the light outwards. This design by Verner Panton is iconic in the world of designer lighting as it hasn't changed since its creation in 1969.

The transparent acrylic shell allows for as much natural light to pass through the pendant as possible which lets light flow easily through the space without obstruction. The interesting and well-loved design of the VP Globe pendant will also bring a high-quality designer touch to your hallway as well as a gentle dimmable light.

Place the Verpan VP Globe Brass pendant on its own as an individual feature, or create a composition that leads you down the hallway of our house.

Lodes Nautilus Mini LED Wall Light

This modern and functional wall light by Lodes uses its ingenious convex lens to project a soft beam of LED light either up or down the wall. Ideal for a contemporary interior, the Lodes Nautilus Mini wall light brings both style and practicality into one product. Available in either black or white, this monochrome fixture can easily brighten up every corner of your long and narrow hallway.

The spherical globe of light can be rotated and tilted to angle the light to the perfect direction and area. For example, the Nautilus Mini can create a simple upplight to illuminate the ceiling and wall, or this wall light can provide a gentle downlight that brightens your path. If you cannot decide which direction you prefer, the Lodes Nautilus Mini can also do both at once!

If you're looking for a functional and modern lighting solution for your hallway that can provide the perfect light for your space then the Nautilus Mini would be ideal.

Marset Scotch Club Wall Light

The Scotch wall light by Marset will add a touch of glamour to your hallway. These wall lights are formed by an extensive process that involves the shade being kiln-fired four times to create the unique enamel effect. The inside of the wall lights are either coated in a white enamel finish or a luxurious 24k liquid gold that brings the Scotch wall lights to life.

This golden interior acts as a reflective surface that emits a warming glow of light that enriches even the darkest of hallways. The light source is hidden behind a gold-plated disc that echoes the shimmering around it and brings elegance to your entryway or corridor. Available in an array of colour finishes, such as a bold terracotta or a minimalist all-white finish, the Scotch wall light by Marset is a simple way to bring luxury to a space that is usually overlooked.

Bring your hallway to life with David Village Lighting!

By bringing light to your hallway, entranceway, or grand foyer you can make your home more inviting and welcoming. The importance of the perfect lighting solution is common in every room of the house, however, for the small spaces in our home that we might take for granted it is even more important. By bringing light to a forgotten or neglected area of your home such as the hallway, you could discover a new favourite place to enjoy!

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