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Our Top Outdoor Lighting & Furniture Picks

19 August 2020

As the year is moving swiftly along, we are looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the coming months with our families and friends. With many wonderful pieces of outdoor lighting and furniture available on our website, we have put together some of our top picks so you can spruce up your outdoor space!

Kartell Masters Chair

The Masters chair was designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell and is a modern classic, an iconic chair that is a bestseller of the brand. The chair is constructed for maximum comfort, using a curvaceous shape and quality material to provide a stable and versatile chair. The back is made from combining 3 chair shapes, being a hybrid of the best in design and function. The material makes this chair suitable for outdoor use, adding a pop of colour and elegance to the space. Kartell Masters is comforting, stunning and stackable chair to suit all your needs, whether you want to sunbathe or sit down for an evening meal al fresco.

Marset Santorini Collection

The Marset Santorini collection is a playful range of lights that can be used in many functions for your outdoor area. The design is inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, having a unique and striking aesthetic that will stand out and add whimsy to your exterior. The collection includes a floor lamp, fixed wall light, ceiling light and a pendant light, so you can choose the right light for your setting. The Santorini pendant is our particular favourite as you can hang it up in many ways: string up multiple pendants into clusters or as a beautiful overhead garland to create a spectacular atmosphere.

Foscarini Solar Light

The Foscarini Solar light is a contemporary and innovative light that is the perfect solution for your exterior. We love this product as it doubles up as both a table and a light! It is made from a polyethelene white base which diffuses the light source and creates a warm and effective light perfect for when the evening draws in. The base is covered with a gorgeous brown stoneware shelf so you can rest things on top. The light can also tilt 15°, being a completely versatile lighting and furniture piece that can be used for many functions.

Original BTC Box Wall Light

The Box wall light is a gorgeous piece that is handmade by the highly skilled workforce at Original BTC’s Birmingham metal works. We love this light as it uses techniques that are centuries-old, preserving a historic aesthetic. This wall light is useful in smaller spaces as a singular light or in bigger spaces when lined in multiples on the wall: the perfect way to create a traditional or authentic atmosphere in your garden, patio or yard.

Kartell Bubble Club Furniture

Another bestselling range from Kartell in our portfolio, the Bubble Club collection is made up of an armchair, sofa and a coffee table. The furniture is made from polyethylene, making it suitable for outdoor use and very comfortable for the user. Each product has a range of fun colours and each design harks back to retro furniture that one typically sees in their grandparent’s house. We like the vibrant and reliable nature of the Bubble Club products, being an interesting way of recreating a lounge area in your exterior.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Outdoor Giant Floor Lamp

This lamp is a huge favourite, being a whimsical and fun piece that will appeal to the young at heart. The oversized design of the traditional Anglepoise table lamp was created for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, being inspired by the fantastical worlds that the author created. This floor lamp will surely make a statement in any outdoor space and comes in a variety of vibrant colours on our website or in custom finishes on request. Striking, playful and out of this world!

Bover Amphora Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is for a much more subtle approach to outdoor lighting, made from a beautiful woven structure with an inner diffuser that creates a warm, soft glow. The diffuser sits in the bottom, evoking images of the natural world as it lights up the space in a pleasant and inviting way. The Amphora floor light can be used both indoors and outdoors and will create a wonderful ambience with an aesthetic that will remind you of sitting on your favourite beach on holiday. Perfect for many spaces thanks to 4 different sizes and 2 colour options.

Vibia Meridiano

The Vibia Meridiano floor light is another one of our multi-purpose lamps that can also be used as a table or a seat. The light is made from a wired structure that creates interesting and eye-catching patterns on the ground. The floor lamp is available in 2 shapes and 3 colours so you can mix and match to create a wonderful feature in your exterior. There is also a wall light available from the Meridiano collection which will cast lovely shadows and an effective glow on the wall, resembling the sun, being a masterpiece in the space.

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