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3 reasons why we love the Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp

12 February 2019

3 reasons David Village Lighting love the Foscarini Twiggy floor lamp

1.    Foscarini Twiggy: a cleverly designed modern classic

Designed in 2006 by Marc Sadler, the Twiggy floor lamp became an instant classic. The inspiration for this iconic design? The flexibility of a fishing rod - evident in the slender yet sturdy stem of the Twiggy which allows for its impressive reach, created using cleverly concealed counterweights. The flexible stem sits on a slim flat base which makes it easy to slide under a sofa or table if required.

Foscarini Twiggy White

Perfect for both home and office, Twiggy adds both flair and functionality, providing direct overhead lighting without glare as its lamps are hidden behind a diffuser. Not just a downlight, a soft reflective glow is also emitted through the transparency of the upper disc.

Foscarini Twiggy in Red


2. Foscarini Twiggy’s adjustable height and reach

Twiggy’s height can be adjusted to three different levels by using the two counterweights which are disguised from view in the shade. Additional stem sets further extend its height and increase its reach from 170 – 200cm. Adjustable height and reach gives Twiggy versatility making it an ideal floor light in many different spaces: over a desk, dining table, bed, sofa or armchair.

Twiggy Floor Lamp with additional stem sets

“Create and define a personal space, a welcoming area, where you can relax and feel at home even if you are far away.” Carlo Urbinati, President of Foscarini.

Foscarini Twiggy

Foscarini Twiggy lounge area

The Twiggy floor lamp is available to view in our brand new showroom: David Village Lighting, The Old Cinema, 5-13 Ashgate Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 3BZ.


3.  Twice as Twiggy

In the world of the Twiggy, bigger is always better! In 2015, the thin, flexible feature of the original Twiggy became “oversized” in Twice as Twiggy, a floor lamp designed for large spaces, without foregoing lightness. Twice as Twiggy is a perfect addition, as a statement piece, in a large commercial space or design studio.

Foscarini Twice as Twiggy vs original Twiggy floor lamp“Twice as Twiggy is a colossal version of the floor lamp Twiggy, designed by Marc Sadler: an iconic piece and a space-defining lighting object,”  Carlo Urbinati, President of Foscarini.


As part of New York City’s Design Week, Foscarini used their Twice as Twiggy floor lamp in their aptly named photography project: ‘Twice Light’. The project, captured by photographer Gianluca Vassallo, invited New Yorkers, two strangers, to meet together on the street under a Foscarini Twice as Twiggy.

Foscarini 'Twice Light' photography project

“Under the overarching presence and warm glow of Twice as Twiggy, people were enveloped within its magical cone of light and, like thrown in a new dimension, they had the possibility to create an intimate and private zone even in a public and hectic space as the City of New York” Carlo Urbinati, President of Foscarini.


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