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Designer Spotlight: Joan Gaspar

28 July 2023

Collaborations are crucial in the design world, allowing brands and designers to combine ideas and expertly integrate the classic and the contemporary. Marset are renowned for the work they do with designers across the globe, so it is no surprise that they partnered up with iconic Industrial Designer Joan Gaspar.

The collections Joan Gaspar and Marset have crafted together are bestsellers at David Village Lighting, including the Ginger collection, so we decided it was time to introduce you to the man behind the designs.


Joan Gaspar

Barcelona, 1966

Joan Gaspar is a Spanish designer, who studied Industrial Design at the School of Artes y Oficios in Barcelona. Gaspar began manufacturing lamps in 1988 when he started working for VAPOR. The designer's ability to find inspiration from his surroundings makes his designs relatable and familiar but also demonstrates how Joan Gaspar can find beauty in everyday objects.

It is no wonder that, after less than ten years, Gasper began his venture with one of the leading designer lighting manufacturers - Marset. This collaboration between Gaspar and Marset resulted in highly successful designs such as the Ginger collection that pays tribute to the drums of a 1960s rock band, or the Zenc pendant that was inspired by the water tanks that populate the high-rise roofs of New York City.

Joan Gaspar's collaborations led to him founding his own Barcelona-based studio, where he works with various companies on new product concepts.


Began working at VAPOR



Was awarded first prize in the Furniture Competition of the Comunidad Castilla la Mancha



Started his collaboration with Marset



Began teaching Industrial Design at the Elisava School of Design



Won the Delta de Plata for the Atlas collection



Opened his design studio, based in Barcelona



Won the Delta de Plata for Neon de Luz

“I have a special predilection for simple, or rather simple-looking, products. I like unobtrusive and timeless designs. I always look for simplicity and artfulness/ingenuity, two of the features I appreciate most about a design or a product. I am extremely aware of the resources behind the appearance of simplicity. Simplifying is always a complicated task that takes us away from our comfort zone. In fact, it is a challenge that I always prioritize in any project.”

- Joan Gaspar

Marset Logo.jpg

About Marset

Marset was founded in 1942 in the city of Barcelona. In 1965 the family-run company decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to manufacturing lighting products, and since then they have established themselves as one of the most well-known brands in the field.

Marset have always pushed boundaries in their work and are influenced by contemporary design; the brand has collaborated with designers from all over the globe, including Chile, Germany, Finland and Spain. The variety of backgrounds is reflected in the eclecticism of their catalogue. Every one of their products are unquestionably unique; from the subtle to the bold. Each design succeeds in adding a burst of personality to whatever room it is placed in.

The Ginger Collection

The Ginger collection was inspired by the drums of Ginger Baker of Cream, the 1960s rock band. Each light features an extraordinarily lightweight disk that is created from layers of wood and paper, shaped under high pressure and resulting in a shade thickness of just 4mm. Wood is notoriously difficult to mould and form thin delicate shades with, however, Gaspar was able to use it in a beautiful way whilst resolving any issues that arose.

The Ginger, featuring its elegantly thin shade, is used in multiple applications. From table to wall light, suspension to floor lamp, the Ginger's adaptable design has morphed into a variety of iconic products. Most recently, Marset has even added a portable table lamp to the Ginger collection.

The Plaff On! Collection

Named after the Spanish word for "ceiling", the Marset Plaff-On! collection is the definition of simplicity. Each light in the Plaff On! collection consists of a central light source which is diffused through an opal glass shade and surrounded by an aluminium ring. The structure is set slightly apart from the blown glass diffuser, giving the impression of the light source floating. The inside of the aluminium ring boasts a white finish, reflecting the light source and heightening the luminosity.

Gaspar's Plaff-On! provides both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, with each light boasting an IP rating of either 54 or 65 making them ideal for any environment - even bathrooms. These lights create multiple lighting effects, and the collection features ceiling lights, wall lights and pendants.

The Soho Collection

The Marset Soho collection was designed in 2010 by Joan Gaspar and is a bestseller for the brand. Gaspar took inspiration from traditional lamps often seen at markets, taverns and cafeterias, replicating the broad, cylindric shade and rough structured surface. His approach resulted in a modern industrial design which produces evenly distributed illumination and is composed of rotation-moulded polyethene. Soho makes a clear statement, transforming an archetypal shape into a modern one.

Soho is available in a range of sizes and includes pendants, wall lights and a floor lamp. The collection has now also evolved into an outdoor range, ideal for illuminating exterior facades, patio areas and outdoor social spaces.

"The designer cannot be alien to technique and its principles and laws or to industrial processes, he needs to control them in order to preserve, improve and enhance his idea; in other words, technique is for design, what words and their use are for writers: through technique, one manages to communicate and excite, to become a relevant or, on the contrary, an insignificant design."

- Joan Gaspar

Designed by Joan Gaspar:

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