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By Room: Garden Inspiration

26 April 2022

In recent years outdoor living has become more and more popular, with more of us spending time at home and making the most of the outdoor space we have, using our holiday funds to make our own private places in the sun. 2020 was definitely the year of the garden, however, 2022 is the year we celebrate our outdoor spaces and bring them back to life with creative lighting solutions and designer furniture.

If your outdoor space is a small balcony or a large patio, here at David Village Lighting we have an array of options for you to choose from. Take a stroll through the lights we have on offer and have a peek at our outdoor furniture, ideal for bringing your garden to life for spring and summer.

Outdoor Zones

A new trend in garden design and exterior settings is the use of functional spaces. By creating liveable outdoor zones for every occasion, you can take full advantage of the outdoor space that you have. Whether it be a small terrace or large lawn, using lighting and furniture can elevate any space into a useable and pleasant area of your home. In this blog, we have carefully selected some of our designer outdoor furniture and exterior lights that we believe will create calming, stunning, and functional zones in your garden.

The Relaxation Zone

As life becomes ever more stressful and demanding, spending quality time in the outdoors has never been more important. Take a moment to enjoy the peacefulness of nature or delve into a good book in a relaxing and calming zone in your garden. By choosing a quiet spot in a secluded corner or transforming a small balcony into a slice of tranquil paradise, it is astonishing what a comfy chair and ambient lighting can do. Ideal for both a sunny summer's day or a late-night retreat, this mindful zone can not only bring functionality to your outdoor space but also bring a stress-free moment to your day.

Take a look at our selection of furniture and lighting for this zone of relaxation...

Kartell Bubble Club Armchair

The Kartell Bubble Club Armchair

The Kartell Bubble Club Armchair was designed by French designer Philippe Starck who believes in the philosophy that designer products should be 'genuine products for as many people as possible'. This can be seen in the design of the Bubble Club collection that features an armchair, sofa, and side table, all formed using a rotational moulding technology that works with plastics.

This design is an essential silhouette that is inspired by the traditional 'grandma's sofa' that has been a long-standing and well-loved design that holds comforting memories. This armchair, aimed toward comfort and nostalgia, would be an ideal addition to create a relaxing zone in your outdoor space. Available in 6 colour finishes and with the ability to pair this chair with other items from the Bubble Club collection, this design could be the perfect cosy seat for your zone of relaxation.

Brokis Dome Nomad LED Portable Outdoor Lamp

The Brokis Dome Nomad LED Outdoor Portable Lamp

This luxurious portable lamp was designed by Chiaramonte Marin with the aim of replicating the iconic domes of Venice. The handblown glass shades are available in a variety of finishes and combinations that will create the perfect ambient glow for the calming corner of your garden. These stunning designer lights can be used as floor or table lamps and can be easily charged up and moved around your space to bring the perfect lighting solution everywhere you go.

Ideal for those smaller outdoor areas, such as terraces or balconies, the portability and simplicity of the Dome Nomad lamp make it adaptable for any space. With four size options, four finishes, and several different colours to choose from, this portable lamp gives you the freedom to create the most idyllic relaxation zone. Place this lamp next to you as you enjoy the peaceful evening air or put it on a side table to illuminate your space and bring an ambient glow to your surroundings.

Marset Soho 38 P LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Marset Soho 38 P LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

This iconic design by Marset brings their stunning attention to detail and beautiful lighting solutions to the outdoors. This LED floor lamp provides a soft glow of downward glare-free light to your most tranquil of garden areas. This floor lamp easily creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere with its ambient illumination and textured shade. The designer, Joan Gaspar, was inspired by traditional lights seen in markets, taverns, and cafes around the world, making the design of the Soho collection ideal for lighting those calming outdoor spaces and terraces.

Another great feature of this modern floor lamp is the Casamabi dimming system that it operates with. Simply sit back, relax and adjust the light intensity using your smart device. To easily create the perfect ambient atmosphere in your zone for relaxation.

The Dining Zone

Alfresco dining or the act of getting together outdoors for food and drink is a small pleasure that is reserved for those warm summer evenings or cool sunny mornings. Outdoor dining has become ever more popular as our indoor dining spaces have been overcome by the working from home lifestyle plenty of us have adopted. By bringing light to our alfresco dining spaces, we can enjoy the outdoor dining experience for longer. As summer is approaching and our balconies, terraces or lawns become more and more inviting in the evenings, this is the time to transform our dining spaces in preparation for friendly get-togethers and family gatherings.

Take a look through our picks of designer furniture and lighting for your dining zone...

Muuto Linear Steel Table

The Muuto Linear Steel Table

The Linear Steel Table by Muuto is formed of beautifully powder-coated steel that is available in a range of Scandinavian-inspired colours. This hardy table is made to be outdoors with its UV and weather-resistant coating and cleverly designed drainage, this is your all-year-round dining table for all occasions.

The designer of this stunning and simple Scandinavian table is Thomas Bentzen who said 'I like to create objects that are functional and simple, while satisfying a human need when in use and creating joy when idle'. This can be seen in the design of the Muuto Linear Steel Table which not only creates joy but is also long-lasting and highly functional. Gather the family around this modern example of Scandinavian design and enjoy your outdoor space with the reassurance that this exquisite piece of furniture is high quality and highly aesthetic.

Bover Garota S/01 LED Outdoor Pendant

The Bover Garota S/01 LED Outdoor Pendant Light

For the more intimate smaller outdoor areas such as a terrace, balcony, or patio, floor space is hard to come by, which is why a hanging pendant light would light the space beautifully without using up any precious space. The stunning downlight that is created by the Garota shade is light and bright and showcases the beauty of the woven textured lampshade. The size of this pendant light does not overpower a space and with its wooden appearance, the Garota is highly suited for the outdoor environment.

Ideal for above a coffee table or an outdoor breakfast nook, the Bover pendant light illuminates these spaces with ease. However, when installed in a linear fashion or as a cluster, the Garota pendant can beautifully light a larger dining table. By creating a well-lit space for eating and drinking, it can urge you to use those corners of your outdoor space, however small or large. You can also take a look at the Bover Garota Hang LED Exterior Pendant light that does not require a fixed ceiling cup but instead can be hung up and plugged in, making this space-saving downlight even easier!

Gubi Obello LED Portable Table Lamp

The Gubi Obello LED Portable Table Lamp

The Obello portable lamp was designed by Bill Curry, an American designer who was inspired by the 70s and the iconic mushroom clouds that populated the media. This inspiration led him to the design of the Obello which was released in 2022 by Gubi and was updated with modern technology such as LED light sources, a rechargeable battery, and a dimmer switch. Along with these features, the Obello has an IP rating of 44 and can therefore be used outside and displayed beautifully on an alfresco dining table.

The highly skilled craftsmanship used to produce this iconic product means that the 100% glass body and shade emits a pure ambient light that would perfectly light a busy dining table or a smaller coffee table. Use the integrated dimmer to adjust the lumen output as the sun goes down so that the dining and drinking can go on late into the night.

The Social Zone

Our outdoor spaces have been the place we can gather with others and enjoy socialising in our outdoor spaces. By bringing the perfect lighting to an area of your garden, you can entice and welcome others to gather and enjoy the outdoors. The perfect designer furniture and lighting will enhance your space and bring light and warmth even on the darkest of evenings all year round. In social zones, it is important to think about the functionality of light and make sure to keep it stylish yet practical.

Explore our selection of outdoor social lighting and furniture so that you can create your own social gathering this summer...

Kartell Generic C Chair

The Kartell Generic C Chair

These lightweight plastic chairs by Kartell are cleverly designed to be picked up, moved around, and stacked, allowing you to move and manipulate your social zone as you please. Designed by Philippe Starck for the brand Kartell, he aimed to strip the chair back to its more basic essentials, achieving this with the Generic C Chair, showing how there is beauty in simplicity.

Available in a selection of six matt colour finishes, from a black to an off-white and a sage, there is a wide variety of colours to choose from to make your social area stand out. Enjoy the summer sun with your friends and family on these stylish and practical Kartell chairs.

Estiluz Bols LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Estiluz Bols LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Bols LED outdoor lamp is an adaptable and stunning floor lamp that provides a gentle and bright atmospheric light ideal for brightening up a deck or patio space. The adaptability of this floor lamp comes from the option to give it a second function of being a side table. With the table kit accessory, you can make the Estiluz Bols floor lamp the main feature of your social space. Gather around this glowing ball of light and rest your drink on the stylish tabletop accessory. This stunning and simple design of this floor lamp is made of sturdy metal that has been double powder coated to avoid corrosion and be less susceptible to weather damage, so you can enjoy the Bols LED floor lamp all year round and not have to worry about its looks fading.

A great multipurpose light, the Bols collection also features a taller 94.5cm high version that lends itself beautifully to socialising outdoors with friends. With the warm glow underneath paired with the elevated tabletop, this taller version could be placed around a patio to provide light and a place to gather.

Pablo UMA Mini LED Portable Table Lamp

The Pablo UMA Mini LED Portable Table Lamp

The UMA Mini portable table lamp is the perfect party partner! Not only does this table lamp allow you to charge it up and take it wherever an ambient light is needed, it also features a Bluetooth speaker. Connect your smart device to the UMA Mini and take the party atmosphere wherever you go. The premium leather strap attached to the top of the lamp encourages you to bring the perfect lighting solution with you. Pablo describes the UMA Mini as 'all about connecting spaces with light and music', the perfect table lamp for a social outdoor area.

The UMA Mini portable also features a 'party mode' that allows you to pair up to 24 UMA Minis from one single device. By creating a surround sound effect, the UMA Mini portable lamps can turn any outdoor space into the perfect social environment. Charge the UMA up, and have 15 hours of uninterrupted light and music all night long!

The Multipurpose zone

For the smaller outdoor spaces such as a balcony, terrace, or small back garden having a light that can fulfil multiple needs and functions will not only save space but also be a more efficient lighting solution. By making the most of these smaller spaces we can bring them to life and create a homely, useable, and beautiful garden area. This more intimate outdoor space needs to morph and change as its function shifts from dining to relaxing or socialising. This means that the lighting must do the same!

Have a look through our selection of multipurpose outdoor lights ideal for those smaller outdoor spaces...

Axolight Float LED Multi-functional Lamp

The Axolight Float LED Multi-functional Lamp

The Float LED Lamp can be used in multiple settings and for multiple uses. From pendant to wall light, from table lamp to floor lamp, this Axolight multi-functional lamp has endless possibilities for lighting your outdoor space. The simplicity of the design gives the Float a complex array of options and once charged up, the Float offers 9 hours of uninterrupted light that will brighten up every corner of your garden or balcony.

Available in a range of earthy colours, the Float can add a touch of colour to your garden and entice others to spend time in your outdoor area. With an integrated hook on the back of the shade, this lamp can be attached to a branch, bush or even just a screw in a wall. The freedom the Float lamp allows you to have is endless! You can also purchase the table or floor lamp accessories that transform the Float easily into multiple applications or you can just enjoy the Float placed on top of a bottle of wine!

&Tradition Lucca SC51 LED Portable Lamp

The &Tradition Lucca SC51 LED Portable Lamp

The Lucca portable lamp is a Scandinavian design inspired by the Mediterranean. They aimed to recreate the golden glowing towns that scattered the Mediterranean coastline and the satinized opal glass shade does just this. The glow it creates is warming and welcoming, perfect for a cosy outdoor space.

The main feature of this portable lamp is the stylish oversized hook on the top of the shade, allowing you to hang up the Lucca wherever you wish to bring light to those darker corners of your garden. The &Tradition Lucca also brings a glow to a table setting or even just placed on the ground. Once fully charged, the Lucca can emit 12 hours of uninterrupted light and with an IP rating of 44, this portable lamp is completely at home outdoors and will be a soothing garden companion.

The Marset Santorini Outdoor Pendant Light

The Marset Santorini Outdoor Pendant Light

The Santorini pendant light was inspired by the lights on fishing boats on the coast of Santorini. These pendant lights are designed to be hung and placed wherever you wish. The long cord with a plug at the end allows you to string the light up as a pendant, floor lamp, wall light or even a garland. This makes the function of the pendant highly adaptable and suitable for a multipurpose and fluctuating environment, such as a small outdoor space. Not only can you customise the application of this pendant light, but you can also customise its appearance. By sliding off the shades, you are able to place them on in any composition that you prefer. You can choose how many shades you have on the diffuser, along with their order, position, and direction. If your outdoor space requires a brighter more direct light or a diffused glare-free light, this design allows you to have both.

Karman Abachina LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Karman Abachina LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Abachina is a modern exterior lighting solution that features a sturdy yet delicate-looking metal frame that houses hand-blown glass sphere shades. This stylish and unique floor lamp was designed by Edmondo Testaguzza who designed the Abachina with the aim of 'achieving forms and shapes that should belong to a high aesthetic and suggest value'. Available in a selection of monochrome finishes, this floor lamp's elegant form will not overpower a space but instead frame the backdrop and become a part of the environment.

A multipurpose feature of the Abachina floor lamp is its ability to be transformed into a table by adding the tabletop accessory. The small surface area and bright nature of this lamp make it useful for those smaller outdoor areas in which space is precious. The tabletop element also makes sure to utilise as much surface area as possible and create a fun place to put your drinks or even a plant.

Preparing for Summer!

Whether you have space for a gathering or only just enough space for one, making your outdoor areas look well-loved and inviting is as easy as bringing in a touch of designer flare. This small selection of outdoor lighting and furniture is just a sample of all the stunning and practical exterior products that we stock. From brands such as Kartell, Muuto and Marset, we have a huge array of options to get you thinking about your next outdoor event! As summer approaches and those warmer days loom ahead, this is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for the sun. Browse our website for the perfect outdoor addition to your home.

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