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Best of the Year Awards from Interior Design Magazine

10 January 2023

It's that time of the year again: Interior Design Magazine have released the winners of the Best of the Year Awards and here at David Village Lighting we couldn't wait to take a look. With over 100 categories, celebrating both innovative products and awe-inspiring projects around the globe, the Best of the Year Awards are truly a collection of the brightest creatives.

So let's dive into some of the winners you will find on our website...

Vibia_Plusminus_Flowing Pendants_07.jpg

Vibia Plusminus

Category: Architectural Lighting

The Plusminus collection by Vibia was designed with functionality in mind. This ‘less is more’ design features a conductive textile ribbon that carries the electricity to the multiple luminaires that you can click and connect along with the ribbon.

The Vibia Plusminus is a single tool with unlimited potential for transforming our perception of a space. The design fits any space, from an intricate architectural space to a simple area of your home in need of a designer touch.

This sustainable collection by Vibia allows you to create or enhance a space using a completely unique configuration of ribbon along with various luminaire options. Pendants, chandeliers, track lighting or spots provide different levels of diffuse and focused illumination.


Louis Poulsen Moonsetter

Category: Floor Lamps

The Moonsetter is a sculptural floor lamp designed by Anne Boysen, an architect and designer. This can clearly be seen within the simple design, clean lines, and timeless feel of the Moonsetter LED floor lamp.

The design was described as 'based on basic geometric shapes with the circle, square and cylinder merged in a unique and artistic configuration'.

This sculpture takes centre stage in any room and almost acts as a piece of art as its central disc rotates 360 degrees to reveal its contrasting finishes on each side. The disc allows you to interact with the fixture and decide how the light should be reflected in the room, and how the room should be reflected in the mirror surface of the lamp.


Foscarini Tonda: Coming Soon!

Category: Pendant Fixture

Milan-based Ferruccio Laviani toys with the force of gravity in the Tonda pendant light by Foscarini. Evoking the radical design of the 1970s, the lamp suspends its spherical diffuser within a sinuous metal structure. The strong point of the lamp is the perpetual balance of the light blown glass diffuser embraced by the rigid metal.

While being inspired by the Seventies, the Tonda Lamp doesn’t lose its modern personality. The model plays with the concepts of balance and appears with a blown glass round lampshade whose charming hues go from opaline white to a transparent shaded colour.

A brand new release launching in March 2023, the Tonda is a striking feature and conversation piece for any environment.


Flos Almendra

Category: Chandelier

The Almendra is inspired by the almond tree, this pendant light resembles the branches, leaves and almonds, creating a natural aesthetic in any interior.

This nature-inspired design demonstrates the vision that Flos has for the future of lighting design. The Almendra is a unique and innovative light; its connection with nature is not strictly aesthetic based. On the contrary, it underlies a careful design aimed at minimising environmental impact.

These lampshades or "leaves" are also movable, creating a modular system that is unique to you. Each leaf can be turned around 60° so you can decide where you want to direct the light and you can create multiple lighting scenarios with just one pendant.

Some Honourable Interior Design Mentions...

Not only did a handful of our favourite lighting features of 2022 snag some impressive awards of their own this year, they also had a huge impact on the 2022 interior design awards too.

Let's take a look at some designer pieces that were used to optimise spaces and help both architects and interior designers take the top spot in the Best of the Year Awards.


Category: Residential Lobby & Amenity Space

Winner: Edmonds & Lee Architects for Miro

Lights Used: Secto Octo 4240 Pendant


Category: Large Apartment

Winner: Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos for ER Apartment

Lights Used: Moooi Prop Light Round Double LED Suspension


Category: Model Home

Winner: Hangzhou Jiading Interior Design for Ocean Chunqiuli

Lights Used: Bocci 28 Series Clusters


Category: Model Home

Winner: Hangzhou Jiading Interior Design for Ocean Chunqiuli

Lights Used: &Tradition Flowerpot Pendant


Category: Residential Transformation

Winner: Raul Sanchez Architects

Lights Used: Flos IC Ceiling/Wall Light

At David Village Lighting, we sell a wide range of designer lighting that harbours unique, innovative and eye catching designs. Our products include both classic and contemporary icons and we adore taking time to celebrate those who receive accolades in the industry.

Congratulations to all the winning designers as well as the talented honourees.

We cannot wait to see who takes the top spot in next years Best of the Year Awards from Interior Design Magazine!

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