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Hygge Design

27 October 2022

There is no set definition of the word Hygge, instead, it is a concept created by the Danes who use the word Hygge to represent cosiness and warmth. This concept quickly became one of the biggest interior design trends of the 21st century and can be seen in many designer products for your home.

The use of the word Hygge started in the 1800s meaning 'well-being' in Norwegian. This meaning has morphed and developed into what Hygge design means today which can be characterised by soft materials, simple design, and atmospheric calmness.

Many brands and designers have taken inspiration from the Hygge trend and its idea of creating cosy, calming spaces. Although originating from the Scandinavian region, Hygge can be seen in designs from Japan, Italy, and the UK. Designers such as Nendo have combined their Japanese and Scandinavian influences to create designs and finishes that embody Hygge, such as their NJP collection for Louis Poulsen which brings together the Japandi trend with Hygge influences.

Another brand adopting this Danish trend is Astep which was founded by the son of the famous Italian designer Gino Sarfatti. In particular, the Model 2065 pendant showcases soft diffused light along with the minimalist design, creating a calming and warming atmosphere. Hung low over a coffee table or dining space, the Model 2065 pendant transforms a space into a cosy Hygge-inspired environment.

This autumn and winter season, embrace Hygge in your home! Lighting and a good choice in material can quickly and easily transform a space, bringing light and warmth to the cold and dark winter months. The combination of natural materials and neutral colour palettes dominate Hygge-inspired products which makes it effortless to bring a cosy atmosphere into your home. One of the commonly used materials seen in Hygge-inspired designs is Linen as it provides a soft diffused light and adds texture to your home. Demonstrated in collections such as the Menu Hashira range, this method of diffusing light through fabric or polymer sums up the simplicity and effortlessness of Hygge in interior design.

Table, desk, and portable lamps are a great way to bring intimate soft lighting to spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and studies. By eliminating harsh bright light and instead using accent lighting that creates pockets of glowing warmth, you can effortlessly bring that Hygge mindset into your home.

By placing a glare-free diffused light source on your bedside table or coffee table you are softening the space and adding a restful atmosphere to the room. The New Works Tense portable table lamp does this beautifully as its light can not only be dimmed to the ideal lumen output, but the colour temperature of the light can also be adjusted. From 2700K to 3000K, the Tense portable lamp can bring a warming touch to your space with a simple press of the integrated dimmer. As the darker mornings and evenings roll in, the warming glow of accent lighting will relax your mind and soften the space around you.

Here at David Village Lighting we have a wide range of Hygge-inspired lighting solutions. From floor lamps that will soothe a space through natural tones and materials, to low hanging pendant lights that provide intimate lighting for those cosy evenings in. Get your home autumn and winter ready by embracing the Hygge concept and adding that warming cosy glow to your space.

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