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Flos: New Releases at Milan Design Week

26 April 2024

This year Flos returned to Palazzo Visconti at Milan Design Week, thirty-six years after their historic presentation that started the era of collaborations with international designers in 1988. Flos' exhibition was a great way for them to broadcast their new lighting creations as well as two other installations: the Golden Hour by Michael Anastassiades in the historic flagship store window, and Out of Office, an interactive experience at the Flos Professional Space.

Flos unveiled a range of lighting solutions set to be released this year that are already becoming a huge hit with their audience. Including evolutions of existing collections, special edition releases and brand new creations entirely. Today we explore all of these designs as well as the inspiration behind them and the impact they have on your environment.

IC 10 Anniversary_ph Daniel Riera (10).jpg

IC Collection 10-Year Anniversary

The IC collection remains one of Flos' bestsellers, ever since its release in 2014 and with the design celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year it is no surprise that the brand has decided to celebrate it in style - with a family extension and a special edition release! The new designs were presented at Milan Design Week 2024, and it is clear that they have focused on two elements: finish and size.

The new 10-Year Anniversary Editions are coated in 24K gold and signed by the designer, available as a T1 Low Table Lamp, F1 Floor Lamp and an S2 Suspension. Not only this but this special edition collection boasts three new models, a T3 Table Lamp, F3 Floor Lamp and S3 Suspension. This family extension was conceived to allow the application of IC in contract projects involving larger environments that required elegant and timeless lighting.

"Since its launch in 2014, the IC Collection was perceived as an archetype. A design that's hard to place in a specific time. A lamp that exists today but you know will be contemporary tomorrow and forever. This perception was key to its success which I believe owes a lot to the instant familiarity feeling that the collection exudes." - Michael Anastassiades

Bellhop Glass_©Mattia Parodi (4).jpg

Bellhop Glass Collection

An evolution of the classic Bellhop light, Flos have developed a new range of table and suspension lights utilising the iconic form but with new materials. The brand studied numerous materials before deciding upon an opaline triplex blown glass which keeps the light source at a distance from the internal surface of the diffuser, creating a warm and welcoming ambient illumination. A cone of light is emitted from the diffuser, generating an even glow that is emitted across the surrounding area.

Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Flos Bellhop Glass collection consists of a Table Lamp and a Pendant, both of which can be entirely disassembled in order to be recycled at the end of their life.

"With Bellhop Glass we created a double opening in the glass: in the upper part to accommodate the electrical components, and at the bottom. Here we created a hole, protected by an aluminium element, large enough to direct the light but without bringing the diffusion up to the eyes of those sitting at the table." - Edward Barber

SuperWire_@Robert Rieger (1).jpg


A new range of modular lamps designed by Formafantasma, the Flos Superwire is an essential design with a striking presence in any room which recalls the work of the great glass masters of the last century. Superwire combines timeless design with modern technology, made up of one or more hexagonal planes of glass that are connected by polished aluminium elements. These lighting solutions light up their entire surface thanks to flexible LED strips measuring up to one meter, emitting a warm and inviting illumination.

The Flos Superwire collection is available as a Table Lamp, Floor Lamp or Suspension, boasting contemporary elegance, perfect for sophisticated but composed environments.

"We liked the idea of an elegant design but we wanted to steer away from the idea of craftsmanship and get closer to an industrial aesthetic, albeit decorative. For this reason, we chose planar, industrial glass and a geometric look, with the mechanical constituent elements - base, top and screws - that remain visible. The latter also serves to facilitate disassembly and replacement of the light source when necessary" - Formafantasma

Workmates_© Lobke Leijsert (12).jpg


A new variation of workspace lighting solutions by Flos Architectural, the Workmates offers maximum performance with a sleek contemporary design. This range of modern lighting solutions features a suspension, ceiling, track and floor lamp - all of which are fitted with integrated LEDs and customised glare-free lenses.

The illumination from the Workmates lighting solutions is emitted both upwards and downwards, providing both direct task lighting and indirect ambient lighting - resulting in visual comfort and a more relaxing working environment. Workmates guarantees the best visual comfort available on the market, and each lamp is created from aluminium that is flattened and rounded at the edges.


EMI Collection

Combining modern technology and compact forms, the EMI collection by Flos was designed by Erwan Bouroullec. This range of lighting solutions originated from grouping three light modules inside linear and compact extrusions, with a triangular section joined at the top. Great efforts were made to reduce all surfaces and thicknesses to the minimum, throughout the whole collection.

The light source is reflected through the inside of the EMI structure, resulting in a warm ambient illumination, the resulting is a powerful but inviting glow that can be used in a variety of settings. The Flos EMI will be available in four versions; Pendant, Ceiling Light, Floor Lamp and Table Lamp.

"The EMI light is a new lighting expression that combines several invisible sources to create a paradoxical experience: light from shadow. We really like the intriguing contrast of the Emi light, which combines a deep, dark matte body that appears to be a void with powerful invisible sources that provide efficient and effective illumination to both the ceiling and the floor. EMI is a silhouette made of shadow that provides light" - Erwan Bouroullec

Our team at David Village Lighting are excited to celebrate the launch of all of these new products later in the year, keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for an official release date!

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