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A Guide to: Bedside Lighting

15 March 2024

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The Importance of Bedside Lighting

Your bedroom is your safe haven from the outside world, a place for you to relax and unwind after a long day. This means the room needs an ambience that matches its use and there is no better way to create a calming ambience than through your lighting. By choosing the correct lighting solution for your bedside you can not only create a peaceful environment, but there are many other benefits. Accent lighting on your bedside can also be utilised as task lighting for reading before you go to sleep, the proper lighting can prevent eye strain and enhance your overall relaxation experience!

Selecting the best way to illuminate your bedroom can seem daunting, there are many applications to choose from that come in various shapes, sizes and styles - as well as installation methods. We have created a complete guide to illuminating your bedside, talking you through each step of the way to make the process as straightforward as possible for you!

How to Choose the Right Bedside Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom comes down to only a few basic principles:

Does it create your desired atmosphere?

Bedroom lighting is often soft, diffused and warm. It casts an ambient glow across the space that avoids glare and helps to ease you into a state of relaxation. For this effect your ideal lighting solution will harbour an adequate diffuser, a less direct emission of light and an illumination with a lower Lumen output. It can also help to look for lighting solutions that provide the ability to dim the lamp, meaning you can easily personalise the ambience.

Does it provide you with the correct ease of use?

The lighting application that you wish to install in your bedroom will determine how you can control it. Table lamps often feature an on/off switch or dimmer on the cable, portable lamps often boast a touch dimmer on the product, and pendants and hardwired wall lights will be controlled via a mains switch or dimmer. This all depends on what works for you, many customers like to be able to control the illumination from the comfort of their bed, if so then table lamps, portable lamps and cable and plug wall lights are the top solutions. Similarly, app-compatible lighting solutions are becoming more popular every year.

Does it align with your interior style?

The easiest part of deciding on your new bedside lighting solution is to pick your desired style, we offer a wide range of lights whether your room offers a more neutral and stripped-back design or a bolder more colourful interior. Spend some time browsing and find some applications that offer a colour palette and materials that best reflect you and your home.

Different Types of Bedside Lighting

Audo Copenhagen Cast Sconce Wall Light

Wall Lights

Wall lights are an effective way to save space on your bedside table and surrounding area. They often feature a slightly more directed illumination and many boast an adjustable shade, making them perfect for late-night reading. Not only are there numerous functional benefits, but they also have their style advantages. Wall Lights can be placed either above your headboard or above your bedside table, the ideal height for them to be installed is 5ft above floor level, resulting in a cohesive aesthetic that can actually make the room look larger. If you are searching for a lighting solution that requires less installation, why not try a cable and plug wall light? It requires no hardwiring and also gives you easy access to the on/off switch/dimmer for ease of use.

Due to the increased popularity of wall lights for bedside illumination thanks to Scandinavian style, there are numerous options available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, gifting you plenty of options - you're almost spoilt for choice!

&Tradition Flowerpot VP10 Pendant

Pendant Lights

Utilising pendant lights as a bedside alternative has become an incredibly popular design choice over the past year. Many brands are launching smaller versions of their classic pendants for use over your bedside tables. Bedside pendants allow you to save precious tabletop space on your table whilst also granting you an intimate ambient glow that instantly creates a peaceful environment.

The suggested height to suspend your bedside pendant lamps is around 66-81cm above the top of the bedside table, this allows the pendant to be low enough to create an inviting ambience whilst still allowing enough space for any decor or additional things you need within reach. Although this lighting application requires more installation than table lamps or cable and plug wall lights, the result is a sleek environment that looks well put together. Utilising a pendant on either side of your headboard creates a symmetrical design that ensures your bedroom feels like a calming oasis.

Louis Poulsen PH 2/1 Portable Lamp

Table Lamps & Portables

Table lamps and portable lighting solutions are still a classic option for bedside lighting. Although they require space to live on your bedside table and take up more room than some of the other applications mentioned, they require no installation. Just simply plug in (or charge) these lamps and they are ready to go! A traditional design choice for a bedroom, table lamps come in an array of styles and materials, they are not only functional but decorative too, seen as a finishing touch to your home like a piece of jewellery, the right table lamp in your bedroom will complement the look of your interior.

Portable lamps provide even less installation and are becoming more popular for bedside tables due to their lack of wires. Portables are a great solution if you are lacking outlets or the location of your outlets doesn't align with your bed's location. Many also feature a touch dimmer, heightening the ease of use!

Our Bedside Lighting Collection:

No matter what your style, we have a range of bedside lighting solutions that will adapt beautifully to your space and provide a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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