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Mater: New Sustainable Designer Brand

12 August 2022

One of the newest brands to be added to our collection at David Village Lighting is Mater, a Copenhagen based designer lighting company that values the beauty of design and the importance of sustainability. This forward thinking brand brings together the simplicity of Scandinavian design whilst showcasing the natural elegance of materiality. This can be seen in all their collections, from table lamps to pendants, each and every product is high quality and would be a stunning addition to any home.

Mater, meaning 'mother' in Latin, was chosen as the name of the brand by the founder Henrik Marstrand:

"The name is the daily reminder of our small contribution to preventing the challenges ‘mother earth’ faces."

This puts the environment at the heart of everything Mater do. From the choice of material to the supply chain they work with, here at David Village Lighting we are excited to get to know this new eco-friendly designer brand!

Mater's Approach to Sustainability

Mater has been 'circular since 2006' when it launched. This modern idea that materials can be reused up to five times to create brand new products such as tables, chairs, and lighting is part of their mission to become 100% circular through their innovative Mater Circular Material and creative sustainable solutions.

Another solution used by Mater to create the most eco-friendly designer lighting company is the use of unconventional materials; from compressed discarded coffee bean shells, to old abandoned fishing nets, and even the spent grain waste from beer production! Mater prides itself on creating brand new and ingenious materials that are produced, not only with the environment in mind, but also beauty and functionality in mind.

Many of Mater's lighting products use natural materials such as wood and metals that create simple yet effective designs. For example, the Liuku pendant light and the Ray collection both use FSC-certified wood which supports fair wages and fair trading. The wood used is not only sustainable but is also high quality and adds a softening touch to any interior.

The Creative Designers Behind Mater

As well as prioritising sustainable values and environmentally friendly solutions, Mater also takes a lot of time and consideration about which designers they choose to work with. For example, Maija Puoskari, the designer behind the Terho collection and Liuku collection, was first a florist and draws upon her knowledge of nature and the beauty of the Finnish ecosystem within her designs.

Mater Designers

Another designer that Mater chose to work alongside was Todd Bracher who designed the Dome table lamp. Bracher describes his experience working with Mater as:

"Working with Mater is a chance for a designer to connect with local artisans to exchange ideas. With globalisation the world is losing indigenous crafts which is why an awareness of preserving such crafts is increasingly important. They're not only expressions of our cultural diversity; they also represent a wealth of experiences and know-how that are essential resources in developing novel concepts and designs."

One of Mater's most popular designs is the Shade pendant by Space Copenhagen, a design duo that describe their approach to design as 'poetic modernism'. The duo place importance on quality and longevity, creating timeless pieces that not only suit modern interiors but also modern thinking.

Why we are excited about working with Mater!


As one of our new brands to be added, Mater brings with it new technologies and new ideas to the designer lighting industry. Working with brand new materials and techniques invites a creative space for sustainable lighting to flourish! Here at David Village Lighting we understand the importance of making the design industry more eco-friendly.

From the type of material used, to the methods of manufacturing and all the way to the packaging used, we are excited to work alongside such a forward thinking modern brand that continues to produce stunning designs for homes and commercial spaces.

Read more about Mater here and discover their wide range of high quality sustainable products.

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