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Summer Portable Lighting

7 June 2024

At David Village Lighting we have noticed a rise in portable lighting popularity over the past few years. Portable lamps are designed to be carried freely around your space and even out and about when you're on the go. They provide you with lighting when and where you need it, and with so many options available you don't need to settle for less.

We are here to talk you through all of the benefits and important things you need to know about portable lamps before making a purchase, as well as a collection of our bestsellers and some staff favourites!

Audo Copenhagen Ray Portable Lamp

Portable Lamps are incredibly versatile, offering a variation of sizes, shapes, colours and illumination power. Due to the huge increase in popularity over the past five years, the options on the market are more inclusive than ever. No matter what your style the market's vast array of portable options are sure to fulfil your needs. Portables allow you to manoeuvre the illumination from room to room and some even have the capabilities to be used outside - making them a perfect summer companion. The battery-powered LED is the driving force behind these lights, offering an energy-efficient way to cast light upon your room, with a reliable and lengthy run time after a full charge. With many offering a built-in dimmer, these lighting solutions often allow you to personalise the ambience of your space further and allow the lamps to be transferred from functional daylighting to more cosy and warm evening illumination.

&Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Portable Lamp

How to Use Your Portable

When choosing your portable light, if you've decided to use it outdoors, the first thing to check is the IP rating. It is vital to ensure the lighting you choose suits exterior conditions and that the IP rating reflects this. Each of our lights boasts an IP rating, a number that determines how protected it is against the elements. The first refers to the protection from solids and the second from water. The higher the value, the higher the protection. For exterior portable lighting, you will require a lighting solution with a rating of IP44 or above.

IP20 - indoor light

IP40 - can be used outside but not left out or in areas with bad weather

IP54 and above - can be used and left outside.

Santa & Cole Cestita Alubat Portable Lamp

Charging Your Portable

Your new portable lamp will include a USB charging cable, but often not a plug - making your portable lamp more environmentally friendly, enabling you to utilise an existing plug or USB socket. The charging time and the battery life of each portable lamp will differ between brands, but all provide you with a lengthy ambient glow for your summer evenings.

To maintain the battery life of your portable, we recommend you do not use the lamps whilst charging and to not leave the lamp on charge for prolonged periods of time - please consult the brand's specifications for exact charge times and battery life.

How to Style Portable Lamps

The luxury of portable lighting solutions is that there aren't many places you cannot display them. But we have found there are some locations that we have noticed are favourites with our customers:

  • Garden - portables are a great way to illuminate your garden, whether you're spending a warm evening having a long overdue catch-up with friends, hosting a cosy barbeque or even just cosying up with a good book on your patio, exterior lighting can be crucial and portables take all of the stress out of the process.
  • Bookshelf - due to their size and lack of wires portables are a great addition to bookcases or shelves in your home. They can illuminate those smaller details without making the area appear cluttered or busy.
  • Dining table - portable table lamps are often used in dining settings, even outdoors, to set the mood during a meal. The convenience of being able to place these lamps wherever needed means they are often used not only to illuminate but also as a decorational piece on a dining table.

Our Top Summer Portables

At David Village Lighting we can supply a wide range of rechargable portable lighting solutions, made to carry around from setting to setting. Any portable lamp with a rating of IP44 or above can be utilised in outdoor settings - but may not be able to be left outside, please check technical details.

Browse our contemporary and modern portable lighting options to find the perfect look and size for your space.

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