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Colours of Spring

18 March 2022

Whether you look to trends for inspiration or to see what is new and exciting in the world of lighting design, this spring selection is sure to pique your curiosity! A well-placed pop of colour or change in hue can transform your space, a simple addition from a touch of blue or a warm-toned brown is all it takes. Colour has a profound effect on our mood and how we feel within a space, so choosing the right colours will not only look good but will make you feel good in your day to day life. Get inspired at our colour-themed inspiration boards for our top colourful picks!

Bold Blues & Greens:

Saturated hues of green and blue can add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness in an otherwise muted space. Known for its tranquil and relaxing connotations, blue shades can create a relaxing environment and promote a serene atmosphere and clear mind.

Hues of green can bring a refreshing feel to any space, pale tones can be calming whereas more vivid shades are invigorating! Green is also known to reduce anxiety and be more restful on the eyes. By bringing a touch of green into your home, you can easily create a peaceful and calming space that will reduce the stresses of the everyday. These trending bold tones have been seen in textiles, paint and accessories this year, sometimes rather adventurous or a little more subtle.

A statement colour on smaller pieces such as table lamps is a simple but effective way of adding interest without the risk! Iconic designs such as Louis Poulsen PH5 or Flos Snoopy have expanded into bolder colour options rather than staying monochrome, these design brands have seen the need for richer hues to add a chic touch to their classic designs.

Featured products from left to right : Flos Snoopy table lamp - Flos Smithfield pendant - &Tradition Flowerpot VP1 pendant - HAY Turn On portable lamp - Zero Curve table/floor lamp

Calming Neutrals

The serene tones of beige, sand, earth and terracotta are back on-trend and here to stay! This versatile colour palette can be warm or cool-toned to suit your interiors and create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Neutral colour schemes have been seen in interior decor items along with natural materials, giving an earthy and wholesome quality to all kinds of interiors.

A definite pro to choosing neutral colours in your home is the ease of matching different features to one another. Adding warm tones of brown into your neutral colour scheme can bring depth without the contrast of colours being too stark, it will make the space cosier and enticing. By using natural materials such as wood or rattan, this will add a refreshing texture while in keeping with the earthy colour pallet. The neutrals colour pallet works well when similar in shade as they work to complement each other and the surroundings, as seen below with the Luceplan Zile table lamp and the Gubi Grashoppa floor lamp.

Featured products from left to right: Luceplan Zile table lamp - Gubi Grashoppa floor lamp - Muuto Grain pendant - Anglepoise Type 90 mini mini table lamp - Foscarini Aplomb pendant.

Uplifting Pastels

One of the most popular and reoccurring trends for the spring season is pastel colours. With varying levels of saturation, pale hues of yellow to the dusty and muted shades of rose, there is a wide choice of colourful lighting to suit you. Pastels are perfect for adding just a subtle touch of colour without the fear of clashing, the subdued tones of pink, yellow, blue and green will uplift and cheer your home with ease.

Light shades of yellow are perfect to uplift your mood and energy level, especially on a sunny day, the cheerful colour will no doubt leave you feeling positive. Pastel blue and green bring a natural feel to your interiors, reminiscent of water and plant life these shades can be calming, inspiring and refreshing.

Whether you choose a small piece like the Marset Bicoca or a larger feature light like the Louis Poulsen PH5, these considered designs will elevate your day to day life.

Featured products from left to right: Anglepoise Type 80 table lamp - Northern Dokka pendant - &Tradition Flowerpot VP9 portable lamp - Louis Poulsen AJ table lamp - Louis Poulsen PH5 & PH5 mini pendants - Marset Bicoca portable lamp.

With the turning of seasons approaching, now is the perfect time to brighten your spaces with a pop of colour! By adding a stylish touch to your space, you can easily keep up with the trends and the changing of the seasons. A simple table lamp or stunning pendant light not only adds a colourful flare but also functionality to your space. Browse our wide selection of lighting designs for further inspiration.

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