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Creating a Cosy Living Room Ambience

14 December 2018

David Village Lighting: Creating a cosy living room ambience.

Sit down and relax....
Creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your living room is a vitally important aspect to designing the perfect home decor. Getting the perfect balance will result in a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, while also aiding in maximum relaxation when putting your feet up. Using our years of expertise and knowledge, here at David Village Lighting, we have hand-picked a selection of elegant pieces to suit any modern living room interior. 

This Marset Dipping Table Lamp uses multiple colours to create a versatile mystical effect, making it ideal for those who want to create a highly unique ambience in their living room.

This exciting little Dipping Table Lamp from Marset is not just for your standard living room. Featuring multiple shades of coloured glass, this sphere table lamp creates an eye-catching, beautiful effect when turned off, and when turned on, the different shades shift the light, creating a magical, unique effect. Designed by Jordi Canudas, this elegant feature will transform any living room into a hot talking point. Available in a variety of colour, this table lamp can easily be integrated into any existing décor.

Muuto Cosy is excellent addition to any modern living space, full of character yet still minimalist, making it highly suited to match any décor or theme.

The jewel of your living room, this Cosy table lamp is a gorgeous addition to any home. Lovingly crafted by Harri Koskinen for Muuto, this light has personality and flare. With a dimmable feature, adjusting the room to fit any mood will never be a struggle again.

Due to its vibrant and unconventional design, this stunning little Blom Table Lamp might be small in statue but will certainly pack a punch, making it ideal for those who want something compact, yet distinctive.

These super fun Blom Table Lamps from Fontana Arte are the ideal addition to a living room with limited space. Small and portable, these cute little table lamps are suitable for any occasion and purpose. Inspired by the petal shapes of a flower, the Blom will brighten up any room due to it bright and bold colour options.


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