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Flos 2097: A Classic Design

30 June 2023

Flos is well known for collaborating with some of the world's top designers, producing classic and timeless designs that we are proud to stock here at David Village Lighting. Flos experiment with contemporary arrangements that impact the lighting world; they are always working alongside top talent to get the job done - and 2097 is no exception.

The Flos 2097 is a timeless chandelier with an industrial edge. It is the result of a successful collaboration between Flos and Gino Sarfatti, and is available in a range of variations, offering multiple sizes and finishes - it is one of Flos' most versatile lighting solutions.

Flos 2097/18 in Living Room


The History

Originally conceived in 1958 and introduced in the 1960s, Gino Sarfatti’s 2097 is a masterpiece that redefines the traditional chandelier. This historic chandelier remains a charming and versatile lighting option that is loved by many.

Sarfatti created the 2097 initial concept at Arteluce, the company he founded in 1939, and originally designed the light with 18, 30 and 50 bulbs - each being held by an individual arm. The Flos 2097 Chandelier has since expanded exponentially. In the latest release, the chandelier is defined by a composition of 75 bulbs, offering more light and becoming an extravagant presence in your room. The Flos 2097/75 celebrates the ingenious design and makes a statement.

Flos 2097/18 in Dining Room


The Design

The Flos 2097 Chandelier can be categorised as a contemporary lighting solution mixed with industrial components. No matter where you decide to display it this chandelier is guaranteed to catch the eye immediately. Thanks to the multiple size options, the Flos 2097 can decorate both small and large interiors, the 18 and 30 are ideal for your home, whereas the 50 and 75 are beautiful additions to spaces in the hospitality sector or larger interiors in search of a stunning focal point.

Every 2097 variation boasts the ability to adapt to a range of interiors and can suit almost any personal taste. You can also choose between clear or frosted lamps in order to personalise your atmosphere. Use in many settings to create a luxurious and contemporary look that will provide a focal point in your room.

Gino Sarfatti

Meet the Designer

Gino Sarfatti

Born in 1912, Gino Sarfatti was a prolific Italian industrial designer, creating lighting products since the age of 23. Originally born in Venice, Sarfatti pursued studies in Aeronautical Engineering before moving to Milan and giving up on his studying. He first started his work in glass manufacturing but shortly after found his calling in lighting design.

By 1936 Sarfatti had started his first lighting company called Lumen before leaving it behind to found the iconic brand Arteluce. With this brand, Sarfatti had many decades of success and in 1973, at the top of its game, he sold it to Flos to retire quietly and peacefully to Lake Como.

Throughout his outstanding career, Gino Sarfatti created over 700 lighting designs including the various wall lights, table lamps, pendants and chandeliers we have to offer. One of his most famous works was the Flos 2097 chandelier which provides a unique and innovative version of a traditional chandelier.

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Now Also Available in White:

A new addition in 2023, the Flos 2097 is now available in an all-white finish, providing a sleek and clean aesthetic. This new variation still makes a statement while presenting a modern minimalistic appeal, and delivering a calming comfort in its subtle details.

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