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New AJ Limited Edition Colours and Products by Louis Poulsen: A Celebration of the SAS Hotel

10 March 2020

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, now known as the Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen. The architectural accomplishment was designed top to bottom by the iconic Arne Jacobsen, an architect who had a long standing collaboration with Louis Poulsen.

To celebrate the anniversary, Louis Poulsen have released new Limited Edition colours and products for the AJ collection, a range which features light fixtures made for the SAS Hotel that are now available on the David Village Lighting website.

Limited Edition Colours

Louis Poulsen have released three limited edition colours for the AJ Floor Lamp, the AJ Table Lamp and the AJ Wall Lamp. Available only in 2020, the colours Original Grey, Pale Rose and Ultra Blue are stand-out hues that will make an impact in your space.

The Original Grey colour is particularly special, as it was a colour conceived and used for the lights in the SAS Hotel upon the opening in 1960. As these colours are only available in 2020, they will soon become a treasured piece of design, becoming collector’s items in the near future. So make sure to get your Limited Edition AJ Lamp at David Village Lighting while you can!

Stainless Steel Edition

Another original colour finish from the SAS Hotel, the Stainless Steel version of the AJ Floor Lamp, AJ Wall Lamp and the AJ Table Lamp is now available to pre-order from us for May 2020.

The steel colour was used throughout the hotel, with the Stainless Steel AJ wall lamp lining the lobby, and is a chic and stylish choice for the modern home. A true essence of Arne Jacobsen, his vintage style is brought to the present, proving that Jacobsen’s designs are universally timeless.

New and updated products

Alongside the 2020 Limited Edition colours and the Stainless Steel Range, Louis Poulsen have also released the new AJ Mini Table Lamp.

The lamp is a smaller size of the AJ Table Lamp, and is an original feature of the hotel, being used in the bedrooms. We love the AJ Mini as it is perfect for smaller spaces, shelves and window sills and will bring all the impact of Jacobsen’s light designs on a small scale. The AJ Mini Table Lamp is available in the normal AJ range of colours, and in the Limited Edition colours and Stainless Steel finish.

Louis Poulsen have also updated the AJ Royal Pendant Light, releasing a new colour and size. It also now has an integrated LED light source with a diffuser, making it energy-saving and glare-free, combining an old design with contemporary ideals.

The name behind the products….

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen quickly rose up as a prominent architect in the 1920s and 30s, being a driving force in Danish Modern design—a movement characterised by a minimalist and functional design style, that put proportion and attention to materials at the forefront of production. After a design lull due to WWII, Jacobsen quickly got back to what he did best and by the late 1950s, large commissions were coming his way.

sas hotel2.png

SAS Hotel

Jacobsen started work on the SAS Hotel in 1956, working for 4 years to design and build a hotel inside and out. Fascinated by the German concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, which translates as “total work of art,” Jacobsen wanted to design every last detail of the hotel, from the building itself to the cutlery used in the restaurant. Taking complete control, Jacobsen developed a series of lights to be used throughout the hotel which we know now as the Louis Poulsen AJ Collection.

Buy or pre-order the new AJ collection releases now from David Village Lighting to get your hands on lights that are pure design perfection and celebrate the life and work of Arne Jacobsen in the 60th year of the SAS Hotel!

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