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Outdoor Dining: Creating an Immersive Alfresco Experience

14 July 2023

Now that summer has arrived, it is finally the season for alfresco dining! Ambient lighting and cosy seating arrangements can help to transform your outdoor space into a magical haven, whether you're having a relaxing meal for two or hosting a large collection of family and friends for a summertime get-together.

At David Village Lighting we have a wide range of lighting and furniture that can elevate your outdoor dining experience. We're here to inform you of how to make the most of them and to help you choose the right product for you.

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

Mater Outdoor Furniture Collection


Outdoor furniture is available in a range of shapes and sizes, providing you with a multitude of options. The first thing to check is the size of your space and what you have room for, taking measurements will help you to narrow down your options, whilst also providing you with the comfort of knowing that your new furniture pieces will fit perfectly in your space. Next, consider the weight, do you want something more lightweight that can easily be manoeuvred or will your new furniture remain in place all year round? In this case, evaluate the maintenance required.

Kartell Hiray Collection


Style is a key factor when deciding on your new outdoor furniture. Whether you require a classic table and chair arrangement or a more relaxed dining setup with sofas and benches, the style of your furniture dictates the mood of your outdoor dining space. Another aspect to consider for your new outdoor furniture is the material, it can be tricky to know which is best for your needs, but each material has its pros and cons. If you are planning to have your furniture placed in an open space full time then you will require a more durable material; whereas if you have storage space or a large cover to keep your furniture protected from the elements then you could utilise upholstered furniture pieces.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Flos In Vitro Outdoor Pendant

IP Rating:

Outdoor lighting may appear overwhelming at first glance, so let us break it down for you. When choosing your outdoor lighting solution the first thing to check is the IP rating, the IP rating consists of two digits with the first referring to the protection from solids and the second from water. The higher the value, the higher the protection, an IP20 rating allows you to install the light in interior spaces only. Whereas, IP44 and above usually signify an outdoor light. It is vital to ensure the lighting you choose suits exterior conditions and that the IP rating reflects this.

Bover Tanit Portable Lamp


There is a wide range of lighting applications available online, from pendants and wall lights to floor lamps and portables. With each application comes a new way to display it, so it is important to decide which type of lighting solution fits your space best, as well as where you would exhibit it. Pendant lights create a beautiful overhead spotlight for dining tables, portable lamps are a charming centrepiece and floor lamps can be utilised to curate an intimate atmosphere for socialising or relaxing.

HAY Mousqueton Portable Lantern


When deciding upon a lighting solution for your outdoor dining area it is important to be aware of the type of environment you want to create. A common theme for outdoor dining is ambient lighting solutions, with a warm colour temperature and glare-free illumination. If this is the environment you wish to recreate then look for lamps with a lower colour temperature. This is measured using the Kelvin scale with the warmer colours being lower across the scale. Usually, LED lights vary between 2500K (warmest white) to 5000K (coolest white).

Our Collection

Discover our collection of furniture and lighting pieces to transform your garden into a calming oasis, allowing you to make the most of your meals outdoors.

As summer has arrived and our gardens, terraces or balconies become more and more inviting come nightfall, this is the time to transform your dining space for warmer evenings.

We have a large array of options to get you thinking about your next outdoor event! Explore the outdoor dining section of our website, or get in contact today for more information or a personalised quote.

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