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Flos ft Michael Anastassiades

27 January 2023

At David Village Lighting, we love seeing new collaborations unfold every day; we believe it is a great way to vividly combine the classic and the new. For over 50 years now, Flos have been innovators in lighting design. Collaborating with new talent, commanding high technical status, and staying tuned into mass culture means that Flos have remained at the cutting edge. The company has worked with many of the world's best design gurus to produce classic and timeless designs as well as new and exciting products.

This is one of the many reasons why we enjoy working with Flos - they are keen to experiment with contemporary designs that impact the world of lighting, and they are always working alongside the world's most interesting designers to get the job done.

One such iconic collaboration in the world of lighting was Flos and Michael Anastassiades.

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Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades is a London-based designer who prides himself on the beauty of both industrial production and artisan techniques. The designs that Michael Anastassiades produces are described as 'poetic yet rigorous' in their interpretation of technology, materials, and functionality. This can be seen in the elegant, weightless, and popular designs Anastassiades produced for Flos. The Coordinates collection demonstrates the designer's passion for structural quality and poetic use of materials. However, this design also embodies the improvisation Michael Anastassiades uses in his work.

His design philosophy is to preserve the inherent qualities of the materials he uses. All of the products he designs come in natural finishes, exposed to the elements. He sees oxidation as a process that only adds to the object, making it more beautiful over time.

"We align ourselves with the masters of design. From the legends to the new talents, we are proud to work with artists who are tuned into the cultural conversation, who look to better their work by making it as sustainable as it is beautiful, and who demand nothing less than excellence - from themselves and those around them." - Flos


Flos X Michael Anastassiades

Anastassiades’ first collaboration with Flos was in 2013. The lights he has designed for the Italian company since then, including IC Lights, Copycat, Captain Flint, Arrangements and Coordinates, have won multiple industry awards, and have celebrated widespread success all over the world.

The collaborations between Flos and Michael Anastassiades were crafted to go far beyond simple aesthetics, challenging issues that we may face with our lighting, and connecting to their audience on a personal level. Anastassiades consistently looks for opportunities to collaborate with brands that will allow him to explore his own ideas.

“It’s a challenge to work on projects with such different scales,” he adds. “It’s not about the money, it’s about creating successful products, and working with big companies makes it possible to reach a different audience and a bigger scale, which is great.” - Michael Anastassiades

The IC Collection:

This collection is inspired by contact jugglers, who gracefully spin orbs on their bodies. The IC Lights explore balance with their spherical blown-glass diffusers which artfully sit 'balanced' on a metal rod frame.

Each light in the collection is available with either a chrome, matt black or brushed brass frame. The IC Lights are available in various floor, table, pendant, and wall/ceiling-mounted versions - resulting in a diverse collection, suitable for a variety of interior styles and needs.

The Coordinates Collection:

This collection consists of both horizontal and vertical aluminium rods, which are equipped with integrated LEDs and diffusers made of opal platinum silicone. Connected to each other, the result is a lattice-like design and a beautiful light emission. These lights are perfect for adding an architectural feel to your space. The anodized surface gives the Coordinates lights a luxurious and elegant look. The Coordinates S1 and C1 are composed of three light rods, while the coordinates S3 form a grid-like structure with a total of six rods.

Other Products:

The collaboration between the designer Michael Anastassiades and the Italian brand Flos is crowned by numerous successful projects. Their designs can be seen broadcast all over the world and are always bestsellers in our own showroom.

Flos is a bestseller at David Village Lighting and their collaborations with Michael Anastassiades always turn heads!

We cannot wait to see what they do together next! And how their collaborations continue to progress in the world of designer lighting. You can view our complete Flos range today.

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