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New brand - Petite Friture

19 June 2018


David Village Lighting introduces

Petite Friture

At David Village Lighting we are committed to providing the latest trends for our customers and offering a wide range of designer lighting.

We chose Petite Friture for its range in style and our love for the Vertigo pendant.

Petite Friture

Founded in 2009 by creative director Amélie du Passage, the brand collaborates with young talents and artists who each in their own way are visionary.

The result is elegant and accessible objects, lighting and small furniture pieces which are simple yet understand the needs in our daily life.

Petite Friture

All of Petite Friture products share a common approach; to be beautiful, charming and profound made with an unfaltering sense of quality.

“At  PETITE  FRITURE,  we  have  a  taste  for  fresh,  bold  creation that  isn’t  bound  by  limitations  and  arouses  emotion.  We believe  that  creation  has  no  worth  unless  it  is  shared.”

Petite Friture

Click here to explore the Petite Friture range!

David Village Lighting

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