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By Room: Home Office Inspiration

20 September 2022

As work environments modernise to suit 21st century living, creating a light and bright productive working environment at home has never been more important. Through recent times we have had to transform dining tables into meeting rooms, spare rooms into office space and even bring our laptops and notes into our gardens to get work done. This modern way of life therefore needs modern light solutions that will adapt from homely warming lighting to purposeful task lighting.

Here at David Village Lighting we have a wide range of pendants, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps that would transform your everyday home into a high functioning work environment. As well as providing the perfect light for working, our lights also bring a designer touch to your home and allow this space to not only be functional but also calming and tranquil.

Take a look at the many different ways you can use light to transform your home...

Flexible Work Space

With busy working lives comes busy working spaces and homes. Being able to move and adapt to work in any area of your home gives you the freedom to create the perfect environment wherever you are. From coffee table to dining table, outdoors and in, by using portable lighting solutions it has never been easier to work from home and away.

Here are some of our top picks for your flexible work space...

Astep Nox LED Portable Table Lamp

The Astep Nox portable table lamp is a playful design that provides a soft calming 360 degree light. The opal glass lampshade diffuses the light to create a diffused indirect lighting solution for your work space. This not only adds a soft light ideal for reading and task work, but due to the opal glass shade, the Nox portable table lamp is completely glare free.

At the very essence of this lamp is its ability to be picked up and taken to wherever it is needed. The wireless induction charging system allows this highly versatile lamp to be easily placed down to charge and picked up to use anywhere in your home or outdoors.

This small but powerful portable lamp can bring the perfect working environment anywhere you go. With 15 hours of light in one charge, it can last you a whole working day and more! The Nox can be beautifully dimmed and brightened so you can work late into the night with ease.

Vibia Mayfair Mini LED Portable Table Lamp

The classic Vibia Mayfair collection was inspired by the ornate Bouillotte lamp used to perfectly illuminate card tables in France. This, therefore, makes the design ideal for lightening up your workspace. The latest addition to the Mayfair range is the Mayfair Mini LED Portable table lamp that allows you to take the perfect lighting solution anywhere you need it.

The charge can last up to 24 hours, giving you plenty of light for multiple work days in your home. The Mayfair Mini can be dimmed and brightened as you please with the sleek 3-step touch dimmer integrated into the lamp. This simplistic design will fit beautifully on a desk, dining table or coffee table as it brings warmth and light to your work day.

Available in many colours, the Mayfair Mini LED Portable is a modern classic that can be picked up and placed wherever light and atmosphere is needed.

Verpan Pantop LED Portable Table Lamp

The Pantop Portable was derived from the original Pantop designed in the 1980s by legendary designer Verner Panton. Just as our working lives have evolved to suit modern living, so has the Pantop! This new portable version now allows you to charge the lamp up and have beautiful glare-free light for hours on end. With its wireless nature comes the freedom that it gives you. Place this lamp at your desk, dining table, countertop, or even in your outdoor space to create the perfect working environment wherever you are.

With its original and iconic bell-shaped shade, the Pantop makes a statement switched on as well as switched off. This retro design produces an idyllic downward light perfect for taking notes and reading. The Pantop Portable LED table lamp is also available in a wide range of colours, from minimalist greys and whites to bold 80s colours that create a statement.

Lighting solutions for a work-life balance

Bringing work home can quickly make your tranquil space a stressful place that doesn't allow you to switch off and relax. However, through adaptable lighting solutions, you can now transform your space quickly from a productive workspace in the day and then back to the cosy relaxing living space in the evening. Most of us are working at our dining tables, kitchen islands, living rooms, and spare rooms. This makes it difficult to create a clear separation between work and home. Through adaptable lighting you can create this separation and keep your home a home.

Here are some of our suggestions for adaptable lighting solutions for working at home...

Flos 265 Chromatica Wall Light

The 265 wall light was designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973 with the aim of 'decentralising' a room and creating a wall light both beautiful and functional. More recently Flos launched the 265 Chromatica Wall Light that brings bold colour to this classic design. The retro style wall light can be easily moved and adjusted with the simple push of a finger. This makes it ideal for adding a task light to an area of your house that is usually dimly lit or doesn't have the perfect lighting for work. By adding the 265 Chromatic wall light to a dining space or coffee table you are adding a vibrant touch to your space.

The functionality of this lamp means you can direct and focus the beam of light wherever it is needed. The wide range of movement allows this light to move with you around the space and transform a room from an atmospheric backlit living space to a more focused working environment.

Astep VV Cinquanta Suspension

Designed by Vittoriano Viganó in 1951, the VV Cinquanta suspension is a lasting example of the art deco era. This innovative design allows you to bring direct and indirect light to anywhere in your space. This suspension light features a double-stemmed structure that has full mobility. Two lampshades, that can also be adjusted individually, are placed on the ends of two metal rods that are designed to give the suspension light a full range of motion.

Place this lamp in your living space to not only create a beautifully backlit atmosphere but also add the perfect functional lighting solution for your work. As you transition from using your space to relax at home to working from home, this lamp will transition and morph to suit your lighting needs. Wherever you work and however you work, the Astep VV Cinquanta Suspension can adapt with you from work to home.

Anglepoise Type 80 W2 Wall Lamp

For the smaller and more intimate spaces the Anglepoise Type 80 W2 wall lamp could be the perfect addition next to your kitchen counter, coffee table or dining space. This wall light is a space saving option that can allow you to create an indirect calming atmosphere as well as a direct and productive work space. With the Type 80 W2 long adjustable arm, this lamp can be moved and redirected with ease. With its beauty and finesse, this modern wall light is also highly functional and can transform a simple living space into a task driven working environment in seconds.

Available in a selection of lighter and darker colours, this Anglepoise classic will fit nicely into any aesthetic. The Type 80 design includes a sleek shade with clean lines and a cut-out section that allows a glimmer of light to flood outwards and warm its surrounds.

Dedicated Work Spaces

This new way of working has meant that some of us have created dedicated work spaces in our homes. By transforming the spare room or bringing a desk into your room, a dedicated space for work is now a common addition to any new home. With a purposeful work environment comes the addition of purposeful and beautiful lighting. These lighting solutions can create a productive atmosphere to aid concentration and focus.

Here at David Village Lighting we have a wide range of pendant lights and desk lamps that can bring the perfect light to your home office.

HAY Factor Linear LED Suspension

The HAY Factor Linear suspension light is a simple yet complex design that allows you to direct the light to create the ideal work space for you. Available in a black and aluminium finish, the Factor Linear can be purchased with either a direct or diffused light within the metal tubular design. This allows you to choose the type of light you prefer in your home office. The diffused light will create a more glare-free calming atmosphere that will light the room without brightness of direct light. However, the direct version of this light will provide bright and productive task lighting that will create a well-lit work space.

Both versions of the Factor Linear features a rotatable inner core that the user can turn 360 degrees to direct the light and gives infinite movement of the beam. Designed by Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler, the Factor Linear suspension enables the user to personalise the lighting in their space. Place this suspension light above a desk or work space for the ideal overhead light for your home office.

Muuto Ambit Pendant Light

The Muuto Ambit pendant is a classic in minimalist Scandinavian design. With its clean finish and sleek lines, the Ambit pendant can bring a simple designer touch to your dedicated work space. The clear downward light that comes from the bottom of the magnificent shade is light and bright and is the perfect addition above a table or desk.

Available in a selection of muted tones and monochrome finishes, the Ambit pendant by Muuto adds a warmth with its soft sleek lines and dimmable light. This dimmable feature allows you to create a productive atmosphere from early morning to late at night. Available in a variety of sizes, you can choose the Ambit pendant that suits your home office the most. Arrange your pendant directly above your desk or create a cluster of different sized pendants to brighten up your office and add a design feature to your home.

Astep Model 537 Table Lamp

This elegant table lamp is a grand statement for your home office with its large decadent shade and marble base. Designed by legendary designer Gino Sarfatti, the Astep Model 537 table lamp embodies Italian style and design expertise.

Available in a variety of monochrome finishes, this statement table lamp will beautifully bring Italian design to your office space. The aluminium shade is supported by a brass stem that creates a unique silhouette. This vintage looking quality table lamp will sit perfectly on your desk and add the ideal downward light for working. The alluring curved shade creates pockets of glowing light that provides a productive atmosphere in your dedicated work space.

Task Lighting

A common lighting solution for offices is task lighting. This form of lighting is highly functional and provides a direct focused light that is ideal for reading and task based work. Known for their functionality, task lighting can also be a beautiful addition to your home. The retro and mechanical background that task lighting comes from has created some of the most iconic lamps such as the Anglepoise 1227 desk lamp range and the Artemide Tizio collection. This means that you can have a work based task light that also adds a designer touch to your space.

Here are some of our favourite task lights for you to choose from...

Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini LED Table Lamp

Launched in 2018, the Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini LED desk lamp is described as 'the work from home workhorse you can't afford to be without'. This highly versatile simple desk lamp is a home office essential and is completely dedicated to helping you complete tasks. The compact structure allows for directional light to focus in on your work. In fact, this whole lamp is able to swivel 360 degrees from the base making it the ideal task light.

Another feature of this task lamp is its portability, with an included USB cable, it can be plugged into a portable battery pack, the wall, or even your laptop. This task lamp that can be moved around and used wherever it is needed. The Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini table lamp also features a dimmable integrated LED, meaning you can use this handy task lamp from dawn to dusk anywhere in your home. Available in a whole host of muted tones, monochrome colours, and shimmering metallic finishes, the Anglepoise Type 90 Mini Mini is not only functional but also a stunning addition to your home.

Normann Copenhagen Flow LED Table Lamp

The Normann Copenhagen Flow LED table lamp was inspired by the branches of a tree. This modular LED table lamp has a simple and flowing design that allows for ultimate movement and adjustability. The designer says 'I wanted to create a lamp whose minimal and slender shape expresses the intrinsic quality of being an easy to use lighting object for your desk'. This makes the Flow LED table lamp an ideal task lamp for your home office space.

Using the small handle located under the integrated LED light source, you can easily discover the agile nature of the Flow table lamp. With optimum flexibility, this minimalist table lamp is perfect for lighting larger desks and focusing bright, direct light onto your work.

Available in two monochrome finishes, this task lamp will add a simple yet functional touch to your office space.

Lodes Cima Suspension and Floor Lamp

This unique design by Marco Dessí is the ultimate task light for a busy working space. The design itself is simple, however, the outcome is a highly functional suspended lighting system that can create a personalised lighting solution for your office. A cable is attached to the ceiling using a simple eyelet and is anchored to the floor using a weighted base. Along this cable you can place as many Cima Spotlights as you wish, adjusting them to focus and direct the perfect task light.

Place one spotlight on the rope cable to light your whole desk or place a few to brighten specific corners of your work space. This highly functional and customisable suspension light will bring an industrial aesthetic to your office. The high level of adjustability and personalisation of the Lodes Cima Suspension and Floor lamp symbolises the new modern era of task lights.

Making your lighting work for you

Here at David Village Lighting we believe that as our lifestyles change and evolve, our lighting solutions have to move with us. This is why we are always excited to see brand new modern designs that have found an innovative way to brighten up our homes and commercial spaces. From desk lamps that can plug into your laptop, to pendant lights that can be adjusted with a simple push of a finger, these new designs help us adapt and flourish in our ever changing world.

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