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BROKISGLASS: eco-friendly lighting and furniture

9 May 2019

BROKISGLASS: eco-friendly lighting and furniture.

Based in the Czech Republic, Brokis are manufacturers of stunning glass lighting features to illuminate domestic and commercial spaces.
David Village Lighting has had the pleasure of retailing Brokis for a couple of years and it has fast become one of our favourite brands for their creative and unique designs.

Brokis GlassNew BROKISGLASS...

BROKISGLASS – New Dimensions in Glass

Something we admire about Brokis is how they prioritise maintaining a positive relationship with the environment, achieved by limiting the amount of waste they make during production and creating something new as a bi-product.

As Brokis primarily work with glass in all their products, a lot of material may not meet the high standards for a particular design. Finding a use for this leftover glass has been 8 years in the making, a labour of love through extensive research and experimentation. But now, all of this left over matter can now be recycled and reused for their new BROKISGLASS products.

Brokis Glass tablesBROKISGLASS used in table tops

The glass shards are crushed and reshaped through controlled thermal exposure and compacted into a flat panel format. This allows Brokis to create a variation of highly decorative lighting and furniture that is both durable and eye catching.

Brokis glass lightingNew lighting designs with BROKISGLASS elements

BROKISGLASS has been developed into 6 stunning colour ways. The nature of the manufacturing process of the glass means that each individual product is a one of a kind statement piece with its own unique pattern in the glass. Your BROKISGLASS product will be unique to you. But for us, the real allure to this collection is how ecologically friendly it is with the glass being made from 100% recycled products.

Brokis glass coloursSix colour ways of BROKISGLASS has been developed

The BROKISGLASS collection is bespoke and made to order, we look forward to hearing more about its development and availability! In the mean time, visit our website to view our range of beautiful Brokis lighting. We also have a range of Brokis lighting displayed in our Sheffield Lighting Showroom.

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