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Design for the People: New to David Village Lighting

14 February 2023

Design For The People Glossy Table Lamp

We are very excited to introduce a new brand to the David Village Lighting collection! Design for the People create timeless lighting, based on Danish design. Their aim is to combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality with good design, quality light and materials to last a lifetime. They utilise high quality materials such as marble, opal glass and brass.

Established in 2015, Design for the People reflect fresh inspiration and innovation - injecting a contemporary burst into Danish design tradition. Their products are designed to not only look beautiful in our space, but also to improve our lives and the environment around us.

Design For The People Mademoiselles Table Lamp

Their products are the epitome of Danish design - simplicity, functionality, elegance and sustainability. DFTP lighting also boasts a neutral colour palette, which is common in both Danish and contemporary design, making it easy for these products to fit into almost any interior décor style, whilst still ensuring they are making a statement.

We are delighted to welcome them to the David Village Lighting website!

Award Winning Design

Design for the People strive to create beautiful, high-quality designs that they know their audience will love. In close collaboration with acclaimed Danish designers, their collections have grown considerably in recent years and their designs have become even more impressive. Over the years, this vision and all of the hard work has led to multiple prestigious design awards for their products and we are not surprised!

Some of Our Top Picks...

Design For The People Arcello Portable LED Lamp

Arcello Portable Table Lamp

This design by Bjørn + Balle boasts a distinct Scandinavian design, with a striking anodized surface and a soft glare free downlight. The Arcello LED Portable Table Lamp can be used either indoors or outdoors, thanks to the IP54 certification, making it a summer must have for colder evenings sitting around an outdoor fire, as the early nights draw in, or during summertime when the warm evenings lead late into the night. The battery is easily charged via a USB cable, included with the lamp, so no fixed power connection is needed for operation. With the integrated dimming function, the brightness of the light can be regulated in three stages: 100 Lumen, 200 Lumen, 300 Lumen.

Design For The People Align Table Lamp

Align Table Lamp

The Align Table Lamp was designed by Maria Bernsten with the aim to encourage interaction from its user. The inner metal shade is fixed whilst the outer shade works as a visor and can be manoeuvred to adjust the light diffusion and personalise your atmosphere. The use of metal materials results in the light source reflecting exclusively downwards and providing atmospheric lighting for your space.

When it comes to placement, the Align Table Lamp ticks almost all boxes, a great functional but atmospheric option for your workspace, living room, bedroom, or hallway. The matt surface comes in a range of muted colours with brushed brass details, guaranteed to be embraced in a wide range of décor styles.

Design For The People Stay LED Wall Light

Stay LED Wall Light

The Stay Wall Light is a perfect combination of beautiful and functional. This LED lamp, designed by Maria Bernsten is an incredible multi functional light source that is perfect for next to your bed or sofa. The lamp boasts a flexible shade, making it easy for you to direct the light in whichever direction is best suited for your environment. But the best part? the Stay Wall Light includes a practical storage shelf underneath the light source that can hold up to 500g, a perfect spot for you to rest your phone or your drink. This table also encompasses a USB port, making it possible to conveniently charge your phone, laptop or other appliance whilst utilising the light.

We already love these new products and we can't wait to see what you think. Design For The People create exciting new lighting solutions with modern functionality, there really is something for everyone - no matter what your style. Every year the Design for the People collection grows, offering centrepiece pendants and easy-to-place products, explore the entire range today. We hope they leave you as impressed as they left us.

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