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Silver Accents: A New Trend

10 May 2024

&Tradition VP9 Portable Lamp

A rising trend in 2024 is a keen interest in adding hints of chrome to interiors, it has quickly overtaken brass as a preferred metal finish - with cooler tones stealing the spotlight. Adding a luxurious touch to your space, silver accents provide a sense of modern sophistication, even though they have often been overlooked in recent years.

Although brass can still be found in many spaces, silver metals have begun to frequent the design world again, especially in lighting. Lighting is a simple way to to introduce chrome decor into your home, particularly in a kitchen or dining room, utilising smaller applications such as table lamps or portable lamps to envision the space in cooler tones.

Louis Poulsen VL 56 Pendant

Silver-finished lighting is incredibly versatile and can fit into both classic and contemporary spaces. Not only does it add an elegant touch to any room but it can also enhance the light quality - with the illumination reflecting off the mirrored finish, not only supplying a high output of light but also often producing interesting shadow effects.

This trend has ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years and now presents almost a nostalgic and slightly retro presence. The key to mastering the silver trend is balance. Too much silver can create a cold and sterile atmosphere, whilst too little can end up rather underwhelming.

We are here to help you discover how to utilise shades of silver in your lighting applications as well as how to pair them to curate your dream ambience.

How do I Style Silver Lighting?

Introducing silver accents into your decor can seem overwhelming, especially if you have been prone to using brass previously, but don't shy away from experimenting with the metallic finish. You can utilise varying shades of silver, from bright, reflective silver to muted, brushed nickel tones, there’s a spectrum to explore. Mixing various silver shades adds a visual interest to your decor.

You also shouldn't be put off by the concept of combining different metals, many designers actually believe that too much matching can lead to a bland tired look, but combining metals of varying warmth can add depth to your interior.

Because of silver's cooler tones, it can easily pair with a range of colours, experts state that utilising silver accents with warm interiors leads to a cohesive and inviting space, such as with woods and natural materials or deep colours. Blue is an excellent pairing for silver accents - try utilising blue paint, wallpaper or furniture.

Our Top Picks:

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Adding pops of silver into your environment can be a fun experience, allowing you to rejuvenate your space with smaller touches and experiment with a new colour. We stock a wide range of silver-finished lighting solutions, including pendants, floor lamps, table lamps or portable lamps.

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