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Flos ft Almendra Pendant Light

28 July 2022

Flos has created a prestigious reputation for its collaborations with designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Gino Sarfatti, and the ever more popular Patricia Urquiola. The collaborations between Flos and these iconic designers of the past and present have produced classic and timeless designs as well as new and exciting products. The most recent product to be added to the collection is the Almendra Pendant light by Patricia Urquiola.

Launched in 2022, the Almendra Pendant light is described by Flos as a 'synthesis of poetry and sustainability achieved with the help of sublime design and cutting-edge technology'. This new and innovative design has sparked interest in the world of designer lighting, as it not only provides a high-quality lighting solution but also demonstrates an original and adjustable design. Here at David Village Lighting, we are excited to work alongside Flos to find out more about this ingenious pendant light.

About the Almendra Design

Inspired by the natural formation and beauty of an almond tree, the Almendra represents the branches and almonds on the tree that have opened to reveal the seed within. This nature-inspired design demonstrates the vision that Flos has for the future of lighting design. An evolution from the Serena Table lamp, also designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Almendra takes this iconic leaf-shaped design and transforms it into a suspended module. The influence of the almond tree is also seen in the colour finishes that Patricia Urquiola chose for her Almendra design. The designer told Flos about her inspiration behind the colour palette:

"The colours come from nature. I looked at almond trees in Ibiza. Starting from green, we chose the colours of an almendro, from the whites of its flowers to the ochre of branches and shells. And the nude, colours that refer to a branch" - Patricia Urquiola

The Almendra was created with adaptability and adjustability in mind as the shades can be maneuvered with ease in steps of 60 degrees. Not only does this allow you to create a unique structure that provides the ideal lighting solution for your space, but it also allows you to choose between direct and indirect light to create the perfect atmosphere for your interior.

Another way that the Flos Almendra pendant provides the best atmosphere for your space is the dimmable nature of the integrated LED light sources within the shades. These cleverly diffused, glare-free LED lights within the leaf-inspired shades can easily be dimmed to the perfect lumen output for your space. As the day progresses, from bright airy mornings to dimly lit dusk evenings, the Almendra can move and morph to your changing atmosphere.

The Almendra gives you an abundance of choice when selecting which arrangement will compliment your interior the best. This design comes in three differing configurations, the Arc, the Organic and the Linear, all of which are available in different sizes, colours, and number of shades. The designer of the Almendra, Patricia Urquiola describes the variety of compositions as:

"The module can be composed in various ways, sometimes it connects like the almonds attached to the branch, or it can compose various elements, vertical or horizontal. Another possibility is that it divides into two or three other branches, creating a very light composition within the space." - Patricia Urquiola

As well as Almendra's stunning innovative design and clear minimalist beauty, this design is also highly sustainable. Whilst being inspired by nature, this design by Flos also keeps the environment at the forefront of the manufacturing process. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Almendra demonstrates how Flos prioritises the importance of sustainability within the design and materiality of its products. This contemporary pendant light is also constructed without the use of glue, this allows the product to be assembled and disassembled with ease. Due to this feature in the design, the Almendra places importance on longevity and timelessness.

Flos ft Almendra

The design of the Almendra by Patricia Urquiola showcases the innovation and creativity that Flos uses when creating new and exciting products. From the variety of colours and compositions, to the modern and ingenious technology used. Flos is known for their contemporary and almost futuristic designs that impact the world of lighting design. The Almendra has lived up to Flos' reputation and embodies the brand values.

With Flos' new 'Flos For Planet' campaign, the Almendra has kept sustainability at the core of its design. This is a trend seen within new products being released by Flos, such as the Mayday Outdoor Lamp and the Oplight LED Wall Light. Flos have described their approach to sustainability by saying:

"In Flos we are conscious that sustainability is not ‘a’ key point, but ‘the’ key point for getting through present and future times. It is the generating source of a new mindfulness era and the pivotal topic of Flos’ acting as a responsible manufacturing company." - Flos

The Almendra has a timeless design that will bring style and light wherever it is placed. The adaptability of this design makes it easy to place anywhere within a home or commercial space. For example, the Linear design would be ideal for above a countertop or along a hallway, whereas the Arc pendant is a perfect addition to a bedside or cosy reading nook with its both direct and indirect light. Explore the Almendra collection and read more about Flos here.

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