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Flos ft FormaFantasma

25 March 2022


Flos prides themselves on their 'flosophy', a list of core values that Flos keeps in mind when designing, creating, and producing every product. One of these core values is the following:

We align ourselves with the masters of design. From the legends to the new talents, we are proud to work with artists who are tuned into the cultural conversation, who look to better their work by making it as sustainable as it is beautiful, and who demand nothing less than excellence - from themselves and those around them. - Flos

The design duo FormaFantasma are the epitome of 'new talent' and use their designs to acknowledge cultural conversations within their work. They are known for their innovative designs and recognisable products as well as their interesting design process. When asked why they wanted to collaborate with Flos, FormaFantasma said 'Flos is the best company in lighting with an amazing historical catalogue and consistent outcome. Their way of working is a brilliant balance between freedom and rigour'.


This up-and-coming design duo is based in their studio in Amsterdam, a city they have chosen as they believe it is a city that leaves them 'free to think away from the noise of other design capitals'. Formed in 2009, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresinis, named their studio FormaFantasma due to its literary meaning of 'ghostly form'. The duo explains their choice of name by saying 'It’s a programmatic name. People often think it means ‘fantastic form’, but it actually has the opposite meaning: it means absent form'.

The collaboration between FormaFantasma and Flos was based on a joint philosophy that 'it’s impossible to design the future without looking at what happened before, it’s a knowledge one must have to design'. By appreciating the history of the lighting industry, both FormaFantasma and Flos can reinvent and reimagine lighting design as we know it.

This mentality towards design and lighting solutions has led to the creation of Flos and FormaFantasma's first design collaboration. The Wirering.

Flos Wirering LED Wall Light

The Wirering wall lamp was the beginning of Flos and FormaFantasma's design relationship. Its innovative use of integrated LED and the clever use of tension characterises the style and flare that FormaFantasma brings to their designs. Flos has described the Wirering as ' true to their approach to design, Wirering is a simple and pure light that is equal parts decorative light and architectural sculpture'. The Wirering is formed of a slender extruded aluminum circular frame housing an integrated LED light source. This design provides an indirect light that creates a soft and artistic atmosphere within a space.

The second element to this lighting fixture is the coloured rubber cable that not only supplies the power to the light but is also a feature of itself. By being fixed to the wall in two places, above and below the light source, FormaFantasma was able to create a form that makes the aluminum frame seem as if it is effortlessly attached to the wall. This illusion of light and form comes from FormaFantasma's use of experimentation within their design process, 'Experimentation is an integral part of our work- When we begin a project, we don’t necessarily have an idea of where we will end up'. This use of experimentation is also a part of Flos' 'Flosophy', as Flos believe that this method of design helps them discover 'some of the most influential and iconic elements of our work'.

Flos Wireline LED Suspension

This experimentation led to the design of the Wireline, FormaFantasma's design 'without form'. The raw elements of this suspension light are the only two elements that form the design. The bold rubber cable that elegantly swoops downwards connects to a long sophisticated LED glass light source.

This stand-alone piece is an innovative design that captures the passion and charisma that FormaFantasma brings to Flos products. Flos describes the Wireline as 'merging the worlds of industrial design and art installation through a juxtaposition of materials and shapes'. This design celebrates not only the beauty of the fundamentals but also the stunning nature of form. By not allowing form to rule their design processes, FormaFantasma has therefore allowed the design to create its own natural form.

This freedom of form represents the relationship Flos has with its designers. By providing designers with the freedom to create and inspire, Flos has enabled and supported designs such as the Wireline from simple drawings to the final product.

Flos for Planet ft FormaFantasma

Flos have been working towards a greener and more eco-friendly way of designing and producing their products. This has created 'Flos for Planet', a creative plan that places emphasis on sustainability within every aspect of Flos. This has meant that the designers who work with Flos also need to hold these same values. FormaFantasma has worked so closely with Flos due to their passion for the environment. They have explained this by saying:

No designer can ignore the current ecologic crisis, and no designer can avoid a reflection on this theme. Design can become one of the main assets in the fight against climate change, and we try to do this through our work as a studio and in our collaborations with companies. It’s important to bring this conversation and attitude within companies. - FormaFantasma

FormaFantasma are also excited to create new eco-logical design ideas and solutions alongside Flos. They believe that the lighting industry is the most innovative and vastly changing industry, progressing quickly towards new techniques and technologies. In the future, FormaFantasma are hoping to recycle and reuse electrical waste within their designs. 'We think this attitude of giving a second life to electronic waste can be applied to the industry, and it’s a process we hope to also work on with Flos one day'. It is exciting to see what Flos and FormaFantasma could do next to make the lighting design industry more sustainable for the future. Read more about Flos for Planet by clicking here.

Exciting things to come!


Both Flos and FormaFantasma respect and reflect on the past, whilst brightening the present and bringing brilliance to the future. The Wirering wall light and the Wireline suspension light are promising designs that spark interest in their future endeavors with Flos. Whilst their passion for the environment hints towards new techniques to make their processes more sustainable.

Here at David Village Lighting we cannot wait to see what Flos and FormaFantasma do next! Not only just for new and creative products but also to see how this collaboration progresses the world of designer lighting.

Discover more about Flos here!

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