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Sustainable Designer Lighting

13 December 2021

As we enter 2022, sustainability has never been more important. In the world of designer lighting, there has been a recent shift towards prioritising sustainability and discovering new eco-friendly solutions. Brands such as Louis Poulsen, Muuto, and Flos have all aimed to make their manufacturing and design processes more eco-friendly and future-proof.

The idea of future-proofing means that the focus of design has been placed on how to make a product as long-lasting a possible. This is a common trend in Scandinavian design as this style is famous for using high-quality natural materials that priorities longevity as well as aesthetics. There has also been a shift towards creating products with easily fixed or replaced parts. This produces less waste meaning that the customer no longer has to purchase a whole new product and can instead just replace one part of it.

Here at David Village Lighting, we are excited about learning more about new and innovative sustainable solutions in the world of designer lights. As the trend of eco-friendly design influences more brands and designers, we are also ready to embrace new sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Products Available at David Village Lighting

Flos Oplight LED Wall Light

The Flos Oplight LED Wall Light

This sustainable piece of design is fully recyclable, from the use of material to the packaging it is in. The Oplight design proves that technologically advanced products can be made with respect for the environment.

The lack of glue in the construction of this sustainable wall light allows you to take apart, replace or recycle the Oplight with ease. Every last detail of this light is made as environmentally friendly as possible, from the easy to recycle die-cast aluminium to the solvent free paint and even the production methods are considered in the overall environmental impact.

Kartell A.I. Chair
The Kartell A.I. Chair

This Kartell Chair has been created using Artificial Intelligence and is the first chair to use this kind of technology in its manufacturing process. The designer, Philipe Stark, has chosen to use Artificial Intelligence to manufacture this chair as it allows for the use of the material Riciclato.

The material is made from 100% recycled plastic which has been remoulded to create a comfortable design. Kartell describes this material as 'Riciclato a 100% recycled thermoplastic technopolymer obtained from pure waste material that has been set aside and is not contaminated by other materials'.

Louis Poulsen OE Quasi Pendant
The Louis Poulsen OE Quasi Pendant

This large elegant pendant light was designed by Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson who has always kept sustainability at the forefront of his work. This is clear in the design of the OE Quasi LED pendant light.

The pendant lamp is formed of an aluminium frame and a white polycarbonate reflector in the geometry of a dodecahedron with integrated LED lights. The aluminium used is 90% recycled and the rest of the light uses 100% recycled material. The OE Quasi is also highly future-proof in its design as each and every piece of the design can be replaced individually. This therefore means that the whole light is rooted in longevity and sustainable values.

The Muuto Under The Bell Pendant

The Muuto Under The Bell Pendant

The Under The Bell collection by Muuto was designed by Iskos-Berlin, a design duo from Copenhagen who are passionate about Scandinavian design and sustainable solutions. This can be seen in the design and manufacturing of the Under The Bell collection of large pendant lights.

The main feature of this sustainable design is the material used. The shade is made from material that uses 60% recycled plastic bottles. Not only does this design tackle a major issue in the world of plastic pollution, it also uses this material in a unique way that effects the acoustics of a room and creates a stunningly simple feature. This material is also used in the design of the Muuto Restore Baskets.

Secto LED Pendant Light

The Secto LED Pendant

The whole Secto range is carefully crafted by hand out of Birchwood grown locally in Finland. The natural material that is used to create these elegant lights is sustainably sourced in Finland, which is the most forested country in Europe with almost 80% of its land covered in forest.

The Secto pendant material is sourced from PEFC certified commercial forests that guarantee ecologically and socially sustainable forestry. This 'sustainable forestry' is described by Secto as 'aspects like biodiversity, forest health, the wellbeing of the workers and the cultural value of the forests are taken into account'. Therefore, these Secto lights have as little ecological impact as possible and, in fact, help improve the environment and culture of Finland.

Sustainable Brands That We Work With

We work closely with brands from all over the world everyday to bring you the widest range of designer lights to choose from. All of these brands are working harder to make the lighting industry more sustainable and future-proof. It is great to see that some of your and our favourite brands are prioritising sustainability in their manufacturing processes. Here are just a few that are bringing eco-friendly values to the forefront of what they do.


In the HAY Sustainability Report of 2020 they decided that they were going to focus on three areas of sustainable thinking, these were:

- Sustainable Design

- Durable Products

- Local Production

They have stated that they wish to have 'positive environmental impact' and take responsibility for a 'greener future'. Not only do they want to impact the environment positively, but also the social community within the brand and in the local surroundings. They have said they focus on 'a healthy working environment' for their staff which is considered a serious sustainable factor that needs to be prioritised.

HAY are serious about reducing CO2 emissions by developing local production houses in every continent around the world. This reduces the CO2 produced by the transportation of goods as they aim to produce two-thirds of their products in the regions where they are sold.


Flos have started a sustainability campaign that they have named 'Flos for Planet' which aims to combat the environmental impacts of manufacturing, transportation and packaging in the lighting industry.

One of their strategies is to make their packaging entirely sustainable and recyclable and overall reduce the amount of packaging used. This will reduce waste and also reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the environment.

Another strategy is that Flos aim to make their products more durable and easy to disassemble and replace. This will result in less product waste and increase the overall longevity of the products which benefits the environment and you as the customer.

Flos also believe that having a holistic human-centred approach and valuing wellbeing will contribute to a more sustainable and future-proof philosophy. They wish to enhance people’s well-being with a positive working environment and social economy.


Muuto, as a brand, wish to 'take responsibility for our operations and reflect on the choices we make and how our priorities affect the wellbeing of people and the environment'. They aim to do this bylistening, learning, and improving. Muuto have set themselves six priorities to make their manufacturing and processes more sustainable, these are:

- Long-lasting products

- Conscious design

- Healthier indoor climates

- Eco-labels

- Lower carbon emissions

- Shared responsibility with suppliers

Louis Poulsen

At Louis Poulsen they are aiming to help people achieve a better quality of life by offering long-lasting products designed to shape light. They are focusing on improving three areas of their manufacturing process:

- Closing the loop

This involves cutting down waste from 1.75kg per product to 1kg per product by 2023.

- Zero emissions

The brand aims to reduce their carbon emissions drastically by 2023 by reducing transportation of goods and using climate friendly manufacturing techniques.

- Reasonable employer

Louis Poulsen have introduced a diversity policy and has deployed a systematic risk assessment to protect its staff. In 2023, the brand is aiming to establish employee education programs to aid staff to understand and enjoy the industry they are in.

Sustainability at David Village Lighting

dvl-shopfront ngndg.jpg

Here at David Village Lighting we value sustainability and we work hard to make our processes as eco-friendly as possible. From supporting sustainable products and brands in our showroom, to recycling and creating a healthy working environment in our office.

Overall, we believe that the movement towards sustainability within the designer lighting industry is gaining momentum. By supporting these values at David Village Lighting we are supporting the movement and are excited to see how the world of designer lighting can become more future-proof.

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