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Celebrate Tom Dixon this Christmas at David Village Lighting

19 November 2018

Celebrate Tom Dixon this Christmas at David Village Lighting

With the Christmas season fast approaching, here at David Village Lighting, we have collated some of Tom Dixon’s hottest collections that will transform your home during this winter season.

The Copper pendant shade is an iconic interior design favourite, perfect for a wide variety of modern spaces. 

Looking like they have fallen straight off a Christmas tree, these elegant Copper pendant lights will brighten up the long nights with their warm metallic glow. Perfect for a traditionalist, these instantly recognisable iconic pieces by Tom Dixon, will leave any scrooge in high spirits.

Luxury metallic Melt pendant, a traditional design but with a contemporary twist.


Featuring luxurious metallic shades (bang on trend this winter season), these reflective Melt pendant lights mimic the shape of a traditional bauble, but with a modern, stylish twist. Add a festive kick with traditional copper red and gold shades, these highly unique jolly lights will spice up any room ready for December. These pendant lights are truly eye catching when hanging in clusters, allowing you to create your very own unique Christmas tree design.

The Void pendant light is an ideal metallic feature light for any season, bringing style and sophistication to any room. 

For those who want to keep on the trends but who doesn’t want their rooms to be turned into a grotto, these Void pendant lights are a staple this season. Adding only a nod to the festive season, these highly transferrable pendant lights will take any room from season-to-season.

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