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A Guide to: Living Room Lighting

2 February 2024

Your living room is the heart of your home, used by all family members, and it has to expertly adapt from day to night whilst remaining functional for numerous activities. There are various ways to illuminate your living room and countless options on the market, so where do you begin? At David Village Lighting we want to make your experience as easy and satisfying as possible, so we have curated an in-depth guide to coach you through the journey of lighting your living room in a way that speaks to your own needs and personal style.

&Tradition Formakami JH5 Pendant

The Importance of Living Room Lighting

One of the most important spaces in your home, the living room is at the centre, whether you’re entertaining, spending time with your family or simply just relaxing it is a well-utilised space and you deserve to have it lit exactly the way you need it.

Choosing the right living room lighting solutions helps you to create an environment you're excited to spend time in and brightens up your space. It is also commonly the first impression people get of your home and a place where you and your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to Choose the Right Living Room Lighting for You

Your living room lights should be completely personable to you, so there are some key things to keep in mind when you begin shopping. Firstly you should take into account the space, not only in terms of size (although this is still very important) but begin to picture where your lighting is needed most. Where are your outlets? Where can you install them to get the most out of the illumination? Are you able to hardwire or should you stick to cable and plug floor or table lamps? All of these questions will help you to form an initial idea of how your room should be adorned. Next, you should consider your desired atmosphere, do you want a more warm and cosy ambience? or a brighter functional environment? But don't feel like you must stick to one, you can easily layer different applications to alternate between varying ambiences.

Different Types of Living Room Lights

Various lighting solutions can be used to brighten up your living room and in turn, generate an inviting atmosphere for you and your family. Each lighting application depends on the size available in your space as well as your installation method. Some of these solutions are even renter-friendly!

Gubi Timberline Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to provide a large output of light whilst taking up little space. Whether you choose something more understated like the &Tradition Copenhagen SC14 , or a more dramatic centrepiece like the Flos Arco, a well-chosen floor lamp can easily transform a living room, adding both functionality and style.

Floor lamps are a highly beneficial option for living rooms, needing no installation thanks to a cable and plug, meaning they can be easily moved around the room to rearrange, redecorate or restyle. These lighting applications expertly create cosy corners for late nights in front of the television.

Northern Tradition Pendant

Pendant Lights

Pendants are one of our most popular lighting solutions and can easily adapt to living rooms. Varying styles can provide a more functional all-over illumination like the Foscarini Gregg or a more diffused ambient glow like the Muuto Strand provides - depending on your desired atmosphere. Normally placed centrally in the living room, they can be displayed individually or in clusters above a coffee table.

Pendant lights can also be installed at a lower level to create a focal point above side tables, or in darker corners of the room, whereas central installations are normally displayed at a higher height in order to allow for ease of movement around the room.

New Works Hashira Portable Lamp

Table Lamps & Portables

Plug-in and portable table lamps are highly versatile options for living rooms. They provide a perfect way to create cosy corners and relaxing areas in your environment. We offer table and portable lamps in a range of styles, whether you need something more contemporary like the Louis Poulsen Panthella 400 or a more neutral Scandinavian vibe that the Ferm Living Arum offers.

Commonly placed on the coffee table for cosy ambient lighting, these lamps can also be placed on shelves along the room, side tables, or cabinets to grant you functional accent lighting.

Our Living Room Lighting Collection:

Whether your living room consists of a classic style or a sleek contemporary format, we provide a scope of lighting solutions that can adapt beautifully and provide the perfect ambient atmosphere for relaxing and spending time with loved ones.

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