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Staff Picks: Ander's October Favourites

27 October 2023

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We are thoroughly enthralled in the world of designer lighting at David Village Lighting, so of course we all have our favourites! From wall lights and pendants to floor lamps and even portables - we can't help but fall in love with the designs we sell.

So why not take the time to share them with you? You are gifted some new inspiration and personalised recommendations, and we are able to highlight some magnificent designs that are adored by our team members.

This month's top picks are courtesy of Ander Saguar, part of our Trade Sales team.

Muuto Strand Closed Pendant

Muuto Strand Closed Pendant

Designed by Benjamin Hubert, the Muuto Strand Closed Pendant features a semi-translucent shade that provides soft diffused light. The Strand shades are crafted from a steel frame which is covered with a polymer cocoon resin outer layer. Strand pendants gain their name from the fine strands visible within a cocoon-like coating.

"This minimalist design enhances versatility, designed by Benjamin Hubert these fittings create an impressive impact in a room. To add to the Strand’s versatility, the effect of several clustered pendants in varying sizes increases the texture profile and beauty in any room." - Ander

Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp

Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp

The Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp is crafted using Kartell’s signature injection-moulding technology, creating a unique woven structure which projects beautiful playful patterns of light. Taking its name from a classical Japanese theatre tradition, the curved, ethereal shape of this lamp is appropriately dramatic, drawing attention from up close and afar, even during the day.

"The Kabuki Floor Lamp by Kartell is, in my opinion, a visual masterpiece. It is an elegant compliment to any minimalistic living room, evoking a Mediterranean tranquil style." - Ander

Flos Guns Table Lamp

Flos Guns Table Lamp

Phillippe Starck makes a statement with the Flos Gun Table Lamp, highlighting the fragility of life, with the contrast between the gold-plated body of the lamp and the black shade, which is said to symbolise the link between money and death. On top of being a beautifully opulent designed product, 20% of sales from the Gun range are donated to anti-poverty charity Frères Des Hommes.

"I quite enjoy the political irony behind the 22K gold finish on the aggressive sculpture of an AK-47, it demonstrates the duality of war and money, and the role that business interests play in modern warfare. I believe it is a thought-provoking and clever representation of this." - Ander

Brokis Capsula LED Pendant

Brokis Capsula Pendant

The Capsula Pendant by Brokis is a unique design, bearing a resemblance to a plant cell or seed. Brokis Capsula is a sophisticated design, which features a glass diffuser and dual suspension straps, which conceal the power cable and allow for variation in the final positioning of the light. The combination of a clear glass structure and an internal capsule of coloured glass gives an exciting 3D optical effect.

"The technical mastery that the mouth-blown glass of the Brokis Capsula has, along with the vibrant colour contrasts that this fitting can include, creates a breathtaking effect on the beholder of this pendant." - Ander
Flos Arco Floor Lamp

Flos Arco Floor Lamp

The Flos Arco Floor Lamp is a classic design, created in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni and his brother, Pier Giacomo. Arco features a white-marble base and a stainless steel telescopic arm, producing an eye-catching aesthetic. The Flos Arco shade is made from pressed and polished aluminium with a swivelling, adjustable reflector which means you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

"Crafted by Flos, this iconic floor lamp from the 60’s carries a distinctive look, that can fit in a minimalist environment as a centrepiece fitting or in a maximalist environment as the perfect compliment." - Ander

Working so closely with our designers and brands, it can be impossible for us to not swoon over our favourite styles or the latest releases, and we know there is nothing like a personal recommendation to help you in your lighting buying process.

Our team are always on hand to help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space, we can even even offer our personal recommendations; get in touch today.

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