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Lighting Inspired by Nature

29 September 2022

Through recent times we are learning to appreciate and cherish nature and the joy it can bring to our everyday lives. Its immense beauty has brought fresh new ideas to the world of designer lighting. Not only do these nature inspired designs showcase the elegance of the environment around us, they also honour the ever-changing and vulnerable world we need to protect.

Here at David Village Lighting we offer a wide array of nature inspired lighting solutions ideal for bringing a natural touch to your home or commercial space. From the impressive suspension lights that would create a sense of impact in your dining room or hallway, to delicate table lamps that are a simple way of referencing nature within your home. Here are just a few of our favourite products that bring together nature and contemporary design.

The Moooi Heracleum Collection - 'Bloom frozen in time'

Moooi Heracleum III LED Suspension

This contemporary design was created by the legendary mind of Bertjan Pot who describes this collection of suspension lamps as 'nature meets technology'. Inspired by the Heracleum plant, Pot aimed to recreate the delicate and elegant nature of the plant when in bloom. However, this proved challenging as his LED lights were too large to replicate the leaf-like blossom of the Heracleum. This led him to work alongside Moooi's founder and creative director, Marcel Wanders, to create the Electrosandwich® technique. This brand new technology allowed Pot to produce thinner, more delicate-looking leaf-like LED lights that beautifully reflected the elegance of nature.

Through the designer's respect and adoration for nature within his design, Pot not only created a stunning collection of contemporary lighting but also pushed the boundaries of technology. This design has demonstrated the simple beauty of nature and how its formations can be recreated through technology.

The Chlorophilia LED Suspension Light - 'Natural shape recalls natural elements'

Artemide Chlorophilia 2 LED App compatible

This highly modern yet stunning suspension light was designed by Ross Lovegrove, a Welsh designer who is 'inspired by the logic and beauty of nature'. The Chlorophilia LED suspension light embraces both new technology and the formations found in nature. This specific design not only emulates the falling of leaves but also plays with light and shadow to project imagery onto the ceiling. When switched on, the LED leaf-shaped lights create an autumnal art on the walls surrounding the light.

The designer Ross Lovegrove successfully uses material science to replicate and elevate an organic form. Available with one layer of LED leaves or two layers, this suspension lamp is the perfect lamp for adding a calming and atmospheric light to your space. Whether turned on or off, the Chlorophilia LED suspension is a stunning nature-inspired design with a technological influence.

The Foscarini Gregg Collection - 'Reflects the shape of a pebble smoothed by water'

Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp

The Foscarini Gregg collection is an iconic design by the artistic duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba based in their studio in Milan. The inspiration is minimalist but demonstrates the skill and beauty of blown glass. The design aims to replicate the smooth and simple appearance of a pebble that is shaped by the flow of water over time.

This inspiration from the world around them has led to the Gregg collection exploring the 'unprecedented expressive possibilities for blown glass'. By using the simplest item around you, such as a smoothed pebble, designers are able to investigate and learn more about how we can use glass blowing to recreate the effortless beauty of nature.

Fontana Arte Blom Table Lamp - 'contraction of the word blomst, which in Norwegian means flower'

Fontana Arte Blom Table Lamp

This modern and quirky table lamp is available in a wide array of bright and bold finishes that will add a pop of colour and natural glow to your space. The Fontana Arte Blom table lamp's name refers to the Norwegian word for flower, hinting at the inspiration behind the design of delicate and enveloping petals. The tulip-like petals encompass the glowing orb that diffuses a gentle glare-free light at the centre of the flower-like design.

The petals can be rotated around the light source to direct the light perfectly for your space. This nature-inspired design is a simple way to add a touch of nature to your home, study, bedside table, or shelf.

Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke - '72 precisely positioned leaves'

Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Pendant

The Artichoke light was originally designed in 1958 by Poul Henningsen for the Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen where it still hangs today. The inspiration comes from the namesake vegetable, the artichoke and provides the vision behind this classic Scandinavian design. The individual pieces that altogether make up the elaborate shade are referred to by the designers as the lamp's 'leaves'. Available in a variety of materials and colours, the Artichoke pendant light delicately illuminates and reflects lights off the leaves and into the space. Perfectly designed around the formation of an artichoke, this pendant provides a glare-free light ideal for dining rooms and hallways where an atmosphere is needed. This design uses nature to make a grand statement and has remained an icon to this day.

Flos Almendra Collection - 'branch of light'

Flos Almendra Organic LED Pendant

This modern and contemporary collection was designed by Patricia Urquiola who was inspired by the branches of the almond tree. She has used her lighting and design expertise to recreate a modern interpretation of an almond branch with its leaves, curves, and of course the seeds. The almond seeds are represented by the light sources that include integrated LED modules which beautifully lighten up the surroundings.

Available in a variety of coloured finishes, the Almendra is also available in an array of arrangements. All of which were inspired by the versatile and durable nature of the almond tree. Urquiola described the Almendra as 'The Almond (almendra in Spanish) is like a seed, an oval container that opens up to let the fruit out. For Flos, I thought of a suspension module inspired by this small shell when it’s open. Something natural but at the same time mechanical, simple, and poetic'.

Brokis Ivy Collection - 'inspired by nature and its life-giving beauty'

Brokis Ivy Battery Table Lamp

The Brokis Ivy collection was designed by Lucie Koldova an acclaimed Czech and international product and furniture designer who uses her love of nature in her work. This can be seen in the design of the Ivy collection that features a pendant and battery powered table lamp. The collection embodies a modern take on the constantly growing climbing plant that is also the namesake: Ivy.

The design uses the irregularity and unpredictable nature of this stunningly simple plant to create a statement piece for your home or commercial space. The hand blown glass is attached to a metal frame that emulates the structures found in ivy as it grows. Koldova has effortlessly translated the beauty of nature through her design of this collection.

Bring a touch of nature into your home

The products above are just an example of how the nature around us can inspire some of the most iconic and beautiful designs. From the simplest item, such as a pebble or the petals of a flower, comes some of the most extraordinary lighting solutions. Mother nature has been described as the world's best artist and this is proved by the beauty of the designs it inspires. These products are both timeless and modern as they take their cues from the world around them.

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