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Minimalism vs Maximalism

15 September 2023

Design trends tend to fluctuate throughout the years, many being discarded not too long after they have hit their peak, but there are two styles that remain at the forefront of the design world after decades - Minimalism and Maximalism. The two practices are polar opposites but appear to promote a similar premise, that every item that you own is, or should be, precious.

Many of us find ourselves subconsciously placing our preference into either the former or the latter, classing ourselves as either a minimalist or a maximalist. But what do these terms really mean? And how do they relate to lighting design?

We are here to talk you through the two opposing styles as well as how to initiate them in your own space.


Muuto Ambit Pendant

Minimalism emerged in the 1950s, thanks to the art world, specifically within conceptual art. The trend bled into the field of interior design and has since become a global phenomenon. In the world of design, minimalism is about keeping your space simple - removing any excess and only focusing on the items that provide a function and bring you joy. Understanding that every selection is made with function in mind, is the key to understanding minimalist design. A minimalist space often features an open plan space, lots of light and simple furnishings. Minimalism is a very popular theme throughout Scandinavian and Japanese design.

In terms of lighting, minimalism translates to neutral or monochrome colour schemes, clean lines, austere shapes and natural materials. Overall refined lighting solutions that take a 'no frills' approach.

ferm Living Hebe Medium Lamp

There are various misconceptions when it comes to minimalist design and lighting. For a start, minimalism isn't just plain white walls and a single piece of furniture; minimal doesn't have to mean bare, it just means essential. You can still allow your personality to shine through in a minimalistic space.

When it comes to lighting, minimalism does not mean your home has to be dark - it actually means the opposite. Minimalism is about finding the perfect balance between natural and artificial light.

We stock a variety of minimalistic lighting brands, but our most noted are Muuto, &tradition, ferm Living and Audo Copenhagen.

Minimalist Lighting Solutions

Browse our handpicked selection of minimalist light solutions, guaranteed to bring a sense of tranquillity to your environment!


Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp

Maximalism resembles the decorative styles of the 17th and 18th centuries, where societies portrayed their wealth and power through overconsumption. Similar to that of minimalism, the art of maximalism is about surrounding yourself with things you love, but in a much more excessive way. Maximalists truly lean into the term 'more is more'. Maximalists utilise bold colour palettes and patterns, as well as unique shapes and the layering of textures and materials. This trend is a beautiful way to broadcast your personality and breathe a more eccentric air into any room.

Although Maximalism may appear chaotic, it is actually just as curated and intentional as any other interior design, relying on knowledge to be able to expertly combine various prints and colours without crossing that line into garish decor.

Moooi Serpentine Pendant

In terms of lighting, Maximalism refers to bold statement pieces. More substantial lighting solutions are catching on as a trend, regardless of the size of your room, the lights are getting more elaborate. Multi-tier chandeliers and low-hanging pendants are popular choices for this style, as well as unique materials, and striking patterns and shapes.

One of the best things about maximalism is that it's less restrictive than other styles, and leaves a lot more room for playfulness, even if you still love your neutrals.

At David Village Lighting we stock multiple Maximalist brands, including Kartell, Moooi, Tom Dixon and Porta Romana.

Maximalist Lighting Solutions

Explore our curated list of some of our boldest and brightest lighting solutions, perfect for adding a maximalist touch to your space!

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