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Staff Picks: Shane's July Favourites

7 July 2023

Our Purchasing Officer, Shane

Working at David Village Lighting means you are almost guaranteed to fall in love with some of our brands' designs, and we love to know our team's favourite pieces. So we decided to begin showcasing them! You get some new inspiration from your home and a personalised recommendation, while we get to promote some of our most loved designs.

This month’s staff favourites are courtesy of our Purchasing Officer, Shane.

DCW editions NL12 LED Suspension

DCW editions NL12 LED Suspension

The NL12 Suspension by DCW editions offers a truly unique lighting solution, this contemporary linear suspension boasts integrated LEDs and hidden wires – ensuring a sleek and clean silhouette. Perfect for above your dining area or kitchen island in your home.

“I am a huge fan of all things industrial, raw, yet still well designed. I think this suspension embodies all those concepts perfectly wrapped into one. The diffused calming light, hidden wires, and ability to adjust the individual tubes make this a true favourite of mine.” - Shane

Muuto Piton LED Portable Lamp

Muuto Piton LED Portable Lamp

The Muuto Piton is a stripped-back portable lamp that can be easily manoeuvred between locations. This LED Portable Lamp offers you various display options, whether carried around, placed on a nearby shelf, or suspended above a workspace or social gathering.

“I have two favourite portables, but this is for sure my number one. I love the versatility of this lamp- it can go inside, outside, upside down, sideways, it can hang off things, and from personal experience, you can even wear it on your shoulder during a late summer evening. It is IP rated and has 3 dimming settings- what’s not to love.” - Shane

Flos Parantesi Suspension Light

Flos Parentesi Suspension Light

The Flos Parentesi Suspension was designed by Achille Castiglioni and is a stripped-back light that boasts a ceiling-to-floor suspension design, with a light source which moves vertically up and down the steel cable. Parentesi’s light can be fixed at any point and directed as required, making it the perfect task light.

“This light in my opinion is a master class in design and this is why it’s regarded as one of the ‘Classics’ in lighting. The sensibility of this simple design amazes me- the way you adjust the light, to the way it simply hovers above the ground is beautiful.” - Shane

DCW editions Biny LED Table Lamp

DCW editions Biny LED Table Lamp

The Biny Table Lamp by DCW editions is a classic design from 1958 that has been reimagined with modern technology. Biny is a very graphic lamp, with a slender structure and a perforated lampshade, the shutters on the head of the lamp create a soft but functional indirect illumination.

“This table lamp to me invokes something nostalgic, reminds me of my parent’s old alarm clock with the shutters. I like how this lamp is a statement piece without being too showy. It just seems like a natural choice this would be in my top 5. It’s absolutely lovely.” – Shane

&Tradition Flowerpot VP7 Pendant

&Tradition Flowerpot VP7 Pendant

The &Tradition Flowerpot VP7 Pendant was designed by Verner Panton, who frequently experimented with spheres in his work. The VP7 consists of two hemispheres, one exactly half the size of the other, which encapsulate the light source and cause the light to be diffused and reflected to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

“I must include the VP7, as you can see from my style so far, I tend to like black and before this would’ve chosen the matt black or matt light grey. However, this new patterned black-and-white version is just the right balance of everything for me. The iconic shape, perfectly diffused warm light, and now a sophisticated yet playful pattern in classic black and white.” - Shane

We are obsessed with Shane's picks this month, a beautiful mix of monochrome lighting solutions that make a statement!

If you are currently on the lookout for some new lighting for your space, our team are always on hand to help you find the perfect solution, we can even offer our personal recommendations; get in touch today.

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