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Portable Lighting: Everything You Need to Know

15 May 2023

The most versatile lighting option available at David Village Lighting, portable lamps are designed to be carried freely around your space and even out and about when you're on the go. They provide you with lighting when and where you need it, and with so many options available you don't need to settle for less. Whether you are on the search for a lighting solution for an upcoming party, an important dinner or just to softly illuminate a darker corner of your room - portable lights now come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles.

Today we are going to talk you through all of the important things you need to know about portable lamps, as well as a collection of our bestsellers and even some exciting new releases for 2023!

Pholc Romb Portable Lamp

Benefits of Portable Lighting

Portable lighting is a highly beneficial solution for illuminating your home or commercial space. One of the main reasons it is so popular is due to its convenience and flexibility, allowing you to transport additional lighting to any environment easily. Portable lamps also make an ideal lighting solution for smaller spaces or nooks on shelving units, thanks to the lack of wires you don't have to worry about any cables causing an eye sore.

Due to an increase in popularity, portable lights are now available in various styles, meaning we can provide you with a lamp that adapts to your interior and personal décor style. The battery-powered LED is the driving force behind these lights, offering an energy-efficient way to cast light upon your room, with a reliable and lengthy run time after a full charge.

Menu Ray Portable LED Lamp

Where to Place Portable Lights

Portable lighting solutions can be placed all around your home, even in your exterior areas if the IP rating allows.

But some of the most popular areas they are used are:

  • Garden
  • Coffee table
  • Bookshelf
  • Dining table
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Bedside table
  • Desk

Astro Kuro Outdoor LED Lantern

Purchase Considerations

As you look for the ideal portable lighting options for your needs, there are several things you’ll need to consider.

What is the purpose of the light? If you are searching for a lamp to generate a warm ambience, a table lamp will work great. Need to do some work at your desk? A high-lumen output desk lamp will be ideal. Are you looking for a touch more light in your lounge? A floor lamp is a great idea.

Where will your lamp be placed? It is essential to consider size, you don't want your light to be too big for the area that needs brightening, but you also don't want it to be so small that the lighting output is insufficient.

Vibia Mayfair Mini Portable

How do you want your lamp to function? Is dimming a necessity? What type of dimmer/switch do you require and where on the fixture would be best for you?

Finally, what style represents you and your home best? Contemporary, modern, industrial, Scandinavian? There are a wide range of options available on our website.

All of these questions are important to take into account when browsing for a portable lighting solution. There are several different kinds of portable lighting available, so it is easy to get overwhelmed, but that is why we are here to help!

New Tom Dixon Portables:

An exciting new range is coming to the David Village Lighting website this year! Tom Dixon has unveiled their new collection of portable lamps, perfect for a wide range of rooms around your home. These lights have evolved from some of their bestselling collections; Melt, Stone and Bell.

Although these exciting new lights do not launch until July 2023 we are now accepting pre-orders!

Tom Dixon Melt LED Portable Lamp

Part of the Melt’s attractiveness is the contrast between when it is illuminated and when it is turned off; when turned on, the Tom Dixon Melt Portable is evocative of molten glass, the interior of a melting glacier or images of deep space. But when turned off, it becomes a reflected mirror-like surface. As well as a gorgeous effect produced on the diffuser, Tom Dixon Melt LED Portable emits a warm and ambient glow across whichever surface you display it on. Thanks to the integrated dimmer on the base, you can easily personalise the lighting output and generate the ambience you prefer with a simple touch.

Tom Dixon Stone LED Portable Lamp

Stone is distinguished by its luxurious material and unique composition; it boasts a solid outer marble ring that appears to be floating around the light source, emitting a soft halo effect. The marble is cut as thin as possible to create a semi-translucent effect, emphasising the patterned surface and casting a high-quality illumination across the room. The circular brass fixture also assists in diffusing the LED light source and is also an integrated dimmer, in order to offer you full personalisation of the ambience in your room. The brass fixture can be tapped to adjust the light intensity to your desired setting.

Tom Dixon Bell LED Portable Lamp

The new Tom Dixon Bell Portable Lamp is the epitome of reductionism, a beautiful and minimalistic lighting solution. The inspiration came from vintage cars, clearly represented in the curved shade of the Bell Portable LED Lamp, which encloses a frosted diffuser. The result is a soft light emission, directed downwards to illuminate your surface below. Thanks to the integrated dimmer, which is located on the base of the lamp, you can easily personalise the light output to suit your environment and generate the perfect ambience for your needs.

Our Most Popular Portable Lights:

In the past few years, portable lighting has become increasingly popular with our customers; as soon as the summer comes back around everybody is on the hunt for the perfect lamp for their outdoor space. So here is a collection of some of our customers (and team members) favourite portable lights, including a range of styles and functions!

Portable lamps are a great addition to a range of environments and can be a simple solution for a lack of light, without the use of cables or hardwiring. Hopefully, now you are a lot more familiar with this specific type of lighting and are ready to incorporate it into your home.

So which portable lamp is ideal for you? Take a look at some of our suggestions above; you will be spoilt for choice!

Our collection of portable lamps brings you lighting solutions without limits for any territory. For more information or for a personalised quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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