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3 Days of Design: Our Highlights

13 June 2023

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3 Days of Design is the annual Denmark-based design festival, housing almost 300 brands and providing them with a space to showcase their work. The event takes place in Copenhagen's showrooms, shops, streets, and workshops, this year running from June 7th - 9th.

Our team fly out to experience the festival every year and it’s the highlight of our summer calendar; this year marks the 10th anniversary of 3 Days of Design which made the trip even more exciting.

Here are some of our highlights from 3 Days of Design 2023!

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen unveiled the brand-new finishes of the iconic AJ collection (available September 2023). These lamps are based on watercolour paintings by Arne Jacobsen himself. When Jacobsen was young, he wanted to become an artist, and throughout his life, he painted detailed watercolours of his garden and landscapes during his travels in France and Italy. The new finishes add a personal touch to the design and a burst of colour to the range. Louis Poulsen also unveiled the Limited Edition PH 2/2 Luna Table Lamp, shaped like a moon and based on the iconic three-shade system, the System PH. Luna is available from October 2023.


Visiting Mater is always an informative experience, particularly being able to see the waste materials used for their lighting and furniture up close. Thank you to Lee for running a meeting for our team where he taught us everything there was to know about Mater's sustainability and production processes. We were informed of how Mater separates waste materials to create a high-quality patented compound that is used to craft their products, as well as being able to try out all of the furniture collections, manufactured from these materials, for ourselves.


&Tradition broadcasted a beautiful display, utilising Scandinavian design, and some of the brand's best-selling lighting solutions - we quickly felt right at home. 3 Days of Design was some of our team's first time experiencing the latest Flowerpot finishes up close, and they did not disappoint. The cluster of patterned black and white pendants made a gorgeous centrepiece in one of the display rooms, while the bursts of the VP9's bright colour were dotted around the building to add a touch of vibrancy.

The Formakami JH5 Pendant was also a centrepiece at their showroom and they even introduced a limited edition Formakami shade that incorporates both colour and abstract patterns into the design.


Muuto HQ feels like an oasis tucked away in the centre of Copenhagen, with beautiful room setups that make you feel at home. The brand's way of styling their furniture and lighting is impeccable and highlights how beautiful their products look in everyday homes.

The team got to spend time with some of their favourite designs and an exclusive first look at Muuto's latest prototype: Calm. Calm is a circular wall light that emits a relaxing pink and orange glow - perfect for constructing a peaceful ambience in living rooms and bedrooms.

Thank you again to all of the brands who accommodated us during 3 Days of Design and took the time to share their knowledge about products, materials and manufacturing processes. This trip was an invaluable experience that allows us to keep up to date on all the new designs and ideas that are being produced by some of the top brands worldwide.

It was great to be able to experience some of our bestsellers in person - and we are already counting down the days until 3DD 2024!

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