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30 November 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting


Flos – New Smithfield LED

We are excited to announce the release of the new Flos Smithfield LED. The collection is now available with an integrated high efficiency LED light source.


Flos have taken great care to ensure that the Smithfield’s light and style attributes aren’t at all altered by the introduction of the latest technology.

The Flos Smithfield remains to have its smooth shape and diffused light. The collection is available in either a suspension or ceiling and in Gloss Black, White or Mud.

Click here to view the Smithfield LED!

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David Village Lighting

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New In – Vibia North

19 September 2016 Permalink


Vibia’s newest collection, North, is now available and we’ve added the popular design to our website!


   5600                                                       5630                                                   5670

The Vibia North Collection is designed by Arik Levy and is a family of floor, wall and ceiling lamps. The family is available in four tones of lacquered matt: White, Cream, Blue and Graphite and all feature an LED light source.

The North wall lamp is fixed by a base which is then separated from the light source to offer a wide lighting effect.

The North floor lamp is an elegant, adaptable design which makes it possible to direct light exactly where you want it. Several arms are positioned to protrude from the base providing different angles of light.

The North pendant lamps are composed of traditional shades suspended from a slim carbon fibre rod structure. Vibia offers six models of pendant lamps in different sizes making it suitable for residential spaces just as much as for public or commercial use.


To View the North designs we have on our website click here, or contact us for more information on the range!

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David Village Lighting

Tags: Carbon Fibre, Ceiling, Floor, Interior Design, LED, Lighting, Vibia, Vibia North, Wall

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Flos’s Most loved – The Glo-ball

7 September 2016 Permalink


The Flos Glo-ball collection was designed by Jasper Morrison in 1998, the simple concept behind the Glo-ball family is to obtain the maximum diffusion of light which is achieved by the use of hand-blown, etched white opaline glass.


The Lamp is formed from a globe which appears flattened and produces the radiant calm of a full moon. The Glo-Ball comes in a pendant and wall version as well as unstemmed and stemmed table and floor versions; when fitted with a halogen or compatible LED bulb they are dimmable.

The Glo Ball ceiling is attached via a large internal threaded ring so removing it for cleaning or to change the bulb is easy.

The design of the Glo-Balls means they always look beautiful when lit, providing a clean, soft white light. They look good either on their own or when clustered together.


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David Village Lighting

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14 June 2016 Permalink

Original BTC Logo


We are very pleased to announce that we are now official dealers of Original BTC Lighting. Established in 1990 by Peter Bowles, Original BTC began life as an Oxford based home lighting brand and has secured two further lighting brands; heritage marine lighting manufacturer, Davey Lighting and LED lighting manufacturer Beadlight. Original BTC offers a diverse and unique range of lighting designs drawing inspiration from Britain’s rich post industrialisation history as well as incorporating modern tastes and trends with our very latest innovative designs.

Original BTC Scene

Their lights are created by using the best quality raw materials to their upmost capability, paying great attention to the concept and form. From using centuries old techniques to the very latest technology, all lights are handmade and manufactured in the UK. The detailing of cotton braided cables, satin chromed bases & contrasting coloured shades make Original BTC, Davey Lighting and Beadlight’s products uniquely distinctive and popular in Europe and beyond.

Original BTC Hatton Pendent Original BTC London Table   Original BTC Chester Wall


(From Left to Right – Titian 5 PendentLondon Table and  Chester Wall)

Original BTC provides a wide range of choice within their collections offering designs in a range of light options and sizes. This makes the company ideal for both lighting projects and domestic interiors. We already have some of the most popular Collections by Original BTC available online and more ranges will be added soon. For any requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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David Village Lighting

Tags: Beadlight, Bone china, British Brand, Davey Lighting, LED, New Brand, Original BTC

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Luceplan Curl

9 March 2016 Permalink

Luceplan Curl

Introducing Luceplan Curl, the new table lamp created with functionality and fun in mind. Cutting edge LED technology gives this luminaire a unique usability. Its LED module can offer both warm and cool colour temperature, making the Curl perfect for a cosy atmosphere or bright enough for tasks. The inside of the curl is where all the customisation takes place. The lens where the light is emitted can be rotated to increase or decrease colour temperature, the metallic plate which lines the base acts as a touch dimmer by holding ones finger on it.

The body of the Curl is formed of die cast aluminium and acts as a reflector, the angle of the beam is focused inward to create a directional light without glare.
The innovative design of the Luceplan Curl makes for a truly unique lighting feature, allowing the user to enjoy their interactive experience and its aesthetic qualities.  

Luceplan Curl Interior design

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David Village Lighting

Tags: decor, design, interior, LED, Lighting, Luceplan, technology

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New collections from Marset

18 March 2015 Permalink

The FollowMe Lamp:

Marset FollowMe lamp

The FollowMe lamp a new release as of last year and has proved to be extremely popular since! The lamp’s portability and whimsical design has attracted many people, its multifunctional uses have proved to be a strong attribute of the light. Many use this indoor and outdoor because of its durability, the FollowMe lamp is also completely wireless and rechargeable which makes it perfect to ‘follow’ you where ever you may need it. The FollowMe is rechargeable by USB for easy use, it was designed to replace candle light indoors, or outdoors to illuminate where wired lights cannot reach. The handle was made to stand out, the natural element of the oak wood stands out – tempting you to pick it up. FollowMe lamp is loved by many and we think you will too!

The Polo range:

Marset Polo spotlight range

The Polo collection consists of a new ceiling spotlight, table lamp, floor lamp and spotlight with clamp which allows it to be either wall or table suitable. This collection of lights are of a spotlight style, giving concentrated and focused light which is adjustable to where it is needed. They contain an LED light source which is not too bright, making this range appropriate for home and commercial uses. The Polo range is already proving to be a popular set of lighting features, see for your self how adaptable these lights are.

The Ginger range:

Marset Ginger range

The Ginger collection features a table lamp, floor lamp, 32 suspension light (small) and 42 suspension light (large).  The light weight disk is made up of layers of paper and wood pressurised to make this shade just 4 mm thick, painted white internally to reflect light and a wood finish on the outer. The collection comes in two shades of wood, Oak which is lighter in colour and Wenge which is a lot darker. This chic and minimal collection is sure to suite most interiors with its stylish and high quality aesthetic, with a user friendly design and effective functionality.

The Santorini Collection:

Marset Santorini range

The Santorini collection is designed specifically for outdoor use with an IP rating of 65, polycarbonate structure and glass diffuser makes this range weather proof. This collection comprises of a floor lamp, suspension light and wall light, available in three colours – mustard, white and grey. These lamps were inspired by the colourful lanterns used on fishing boats. They are adjustable to allow direct or reflective light to illuminate an outdoor space, an element of delicacy and fun especially with the suspension lights as they can be displayed as cluster or as a garland with the correct accessories.

The Hazy Day Suspensions:

Marset Hazy Day suspension lights

The Hazy Day suspension light comes in two sizes – 32 and 44, pertaining to the diameter of the glass shade which is the feature of this light. The lamp is formed from a blown glass globe which has a graduated pale colour of sand, this dissipates to transparent glass at the bottom where the bulb within is revealed slightly. The Hazy Day lamp creates a glow by sun light, when lit the pendant emits a warm diffused radiance which is almost dream like.

Tags: FollowMe, Ginger, Hazy Day, LED, Lighting, Marset, Polo, Santorini

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Artemide's new product: Sisifo

11 March 2015 Permalink

Artemide Sisifo table lamp LED

A truly unique new table light from Artemide, the Sisifo lamp consists of a floating illusion LED flat panel which is completely adjustable. The hybrid luminaire balances the need for illuminating a space and for focusing on tasks; this makes the light an ideal business/personal use lamp. With its freedom of movement, large base and LED panel it lends itself to large and small tables, the flat panel allows the lamp to fit in to smaller areas, the large base gives it stability to be moved freely.

Artemide sisifo table lamp

The LED source produces a warm white tone to create a soothing environment for relaxation or focused jobs. The Sisifo large diffuser eliminates any harsh shadows with its adjustable head and only throws out a soft, calming light which feels gentle in comparison to some LED lamps. Designed by Scott Wilson in 2012 and introduced at the Frankfurt light + Building show. Available online now.

Artemide Sisifo table lamp designs

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Tags: Artemide, contemporary, Design, Eco, Facebook, Instagram, LED, modern, Pinterest, Polyvore, Sisifo, Twitter

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Flos - A light 40 years in the making

5 March 2015 Permalink

A new addition to a line of designs which first originated in 1972, originally called the Parentesi lamp. This light was changed and developed throughout the decades resulting in the new – “OK” release, where so much has changed.

new Flos OK lamp


Flos Parentesi lamp design

The fundamental difference between the OK and Parentesi lamps is that technologies have changed and a traditional bulb is no longer needed to illuminate a space. The new OK model uses modern LEDs to light up the flat, adjustable face of the lamp. This is not only brighter but also more energy efficient, the design of the body also allows flexible positioning of the light source, with it’s pivoting head and adjustable length. Because the traditional bulb no longer has an effect on how a lamp is designed to look, the Parentesi lamp still continued to sell until 2012 as people were drawn to the beauty and timelessness of a bulb. Now technology has vastly advanced so designers can create near enough anything they like, as they know the light source can simply be adapted, or even a new one created all together for the sake of moving further.

Flos Parentesi original lamp

Konstantin Grcic the designer of the original Parentesi lamp thought of the new technologies advancing the lighting industry:“Designing a lamp is no longer limited to working around a given bulb. Today, it means designing the actual bulb or light source. This challenged me to think of Parentesi, a lamp that celebrated the traditional bulb in the most effective and beautiful way. Would it be possible to rethink the Parentesi lamp once more and pass the Manzù-Castiglioni torch on to the future?” 

Flos new ok lamps

This was the product of his musings on modern technology; the new lamp is now called OK and comes in white, black, chrome and yellow. Available now online.



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Additions to the Artemide range

20 February 2015 Permalink

As of this week we have expanded on our range of Artemide products, a diverse collection to suit residential and commercial spaces.  From pendants, to wall lights and table lights many of which are low energy LED, there is also a new outdoor range called TetragonoYou can view the new products via their families: Cariddi Fato Groupage Issey MiyakeLaguna Meteorite Nebula -  Null VectorObjective Sisifo Tetragono

Here are some examples of the new products added to these collections:

Artemide new products

(From left to right)

- Cariddi LED spotlightTalo Wall 90 LEDGroupage 20, 32, 45

- Issey Miyake Mogura MiniLaguna suspension - Meteorite 15 Table

Nebula wall - Null vector suspension Alfa, Beta Objective table

Sisifo Table - Tretragono floorFato wall/table 

Tags: Artemide, groupage, Issey Miyake, Laguna, LED, new, Null Vector, products, sisifo, talo

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Foscarini Caboche

19 February 2015 Permalink

Tags: Caboche, ceiling, crystal, Foscarini, LED, pendant

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New addition to the Aplomb range!

4 February 2015 Permalink

The ever increasing popularity of concrete lighting has seen Foscarini add to the range of Aplomb lamps. The suspension Aplomb has seen an incredible demand because of its iconic style.Now Foscarini has created a matching wall light which compliments the existing pendant very well, available in three colours: white, grey and brown. They are now also available in an LED light source.

Foscarini Aplomb wall lamps

The concrete shade moulds around the diffuser inside to create a single fitment, achieving a wider range of light being diffused upwards onto walls and ceiling above. This wide diffusion creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere as the indirect light illuminates the scene without dazzling those within the space. A smaller and more delicate light is also cast downwards creating a harmonious contrast between the two, having a sophisticated effect upon the room it is situated.

Foscarini Aplomb wall close up

Tags: Aplomb, concrete, Foscarini, LED, pendant, wall

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New in From Flos

30 January 2015 Permalink

Soon to be added to our website, three new lines from Flos, unique design and gaining popularity. The Bell range, Kap Surface and additions to the soft architecture line: Soft Spun and Abajourd’Hui.

The Bell range of Suspension lights are made from Spun Aluminium, available in a range of patterns inside and out, including transparent Glass. The light is LED and highly efficient with low loss thermoplastic diffuser, with dimmable feature. The Bell shade comes in a variety of finishes, Anodised Black, Polished Aluminium, Glass, White and Dark Brown.

Flos glass, white bell light

The Soft Spun Lamps are a very unique fitting, with the lamp’s body half submerged into the wall, creating minimal visual impact within a space. The lamps are available in Fluorescent, Halogen and LED light sources, mounted onto a plasterboard wall to create an atmospheric glow. The lamps are available in small and large, to resemble a table lamp or floor lamp.

Soft Architecture additions:

flos soft spun

The second addition to this range is the Abajourd’Hui, similar to the Soft Spun lamps but with a more traditional styled carving to the shape of the light stem and a tapered effect to the lamp shade. They are also available in small and large, with LED lighting.

flos Abajourd'Hui lamps

The final lighting series coming soon is the Kap Surface range, available in wall, ceiling and suspension mounts. The body of the Kap’s tubular shape is made from extruded Aluminium and polycarbonate interior, available in anodised and painted finishes. All lights from the range come in either LED or Halogen lamps, exterior finishes are white, brushed aluminium, black and brown, interior finished include white, gold, blue and black.

flos kap surface lamps

Tags: 3D, Abajourd'Hui, Aluminium, Bell, Flos, Fluorescent, Glass, Halogen, Kap, LED, Modern, Soft Architecture, Soft Spun

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Foscarini Tuareg by Ferruccio Laviani

8 August 2014 Permalink

The Tuareg was designed for Foscarini by Ferruccio Laviani. Tuareg is composed of three dimensional aluminium tubes into which LED light sources have been incorporated. The LEDs can be switched on and off separately and adjusted 350 degrees in order to vary the light effect and the lamp's possible uses. Integrated touch switches and the system used to hide the power cables within tubular elements ensure that the design is as minimalistic as possible.The bold sculptural design of the Tuareg makes it an ideal centrepiece for both large commercial and domestic spaces. The structure is made of extruded aluminium coated with liquid paint and is available in a choice of two finishes. The bright orange finish is inspired by the bright colours of industrial anti-rust paints and the black chrome finish is intended to evoke the lustre of precious metals.

Tags: Ferruccio Laviani, Foscarini, LED, Tuareg

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RHS Tatton Park 2014 - One Week To Go!

15 July 2014 Permalink

Just over a week to go until RHS Tatton Park 2014! The energy efficient LED lighting that we have supplied has been delivered and the garden is looking great! We can’t wait to see it finished. Ian Price and his team at Ian Price landscape and garden design have drawn inspiration from the symbols for the Greek elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The shapes of these symbols have been abstracted to form the outline of the spaces. Each element is represented directly or symbolised within the space.Fire is represented through the flame textured granite of the patio and the charred timber wall around the back of the garden. Earth is represented by eco friendly compost which absorbs CO2. The triangular pool in the centre of the garden represents the element of Water, whilst a triangular sail shade represents Air. The plants themselves will consist mainly of grasses and light foliage which reflect the colour theme of the elemental symbols.Energy efficient LED lighting has been used throughout the garden. Each of the sculptural elements is lit by a coloured LED light which corresponds to the colour of the elemental symbol.

Tags: Ian Price, LED, RHS Tatton Park

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26 June 2014 Permalink

Tom Dixon have just launched several exciting new collections! They’ve redesigned some of their most popular lights creating a new gold version the Mirror Ball, and introducing table and floor versions of their iconic Beat light range. On top of all this they have created wide range of innovative new products including the Plane, Flood, and Bell pendants.