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20 April 2017 Permalink


 Anthony Dickens – New designer for Santa & Cole 

Santa and Cole Anthony Dickens

At Euroluce 2017 we had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Dickens (on right), Santa & Cole’s newest collaborative designer and creator of Tekio. Tekio is a Japanese word meaning adaptation – the term completely encapsulates Dickens unique design which can assume a number of forms.

Santa and Cole Anthony Dickens

Dickens has created a lighting system formed of flexible paper structures, these modules are held together with magnets for complete adjustability.
The paper used in this design has been folded to create a strong and malleable material to work with, as well as produce a soft delicate light.

Santa and Cole Anthony Dickens Tekio

Tekio was inspired by the designer’s trip to Asia back in 2010, seeing the traditional paper lanterns known Chochin as used in everyday life. These Japanese lanterns encapsulate their local cultural heritage and set of skills that have been passed down through generations. 
Dickens set out to redesign the Asian lanterns with a contemporary edge and modern LED technology but still paying homage to the radiant glow of the traditional design.

Anthony Dickens is a successful designer which has worked with a number of British brands we are very familiar with:

Innermost Origami

Origami for Innermost. A collection of angular shaped tables inspired by an oriental design for contemporary living.

Decode Halcyon

Halcyon for Decode London. Statement contemporary lighting designed for functionality and style.

Anglepoise Fifty

‘Fifty’ for Anglepoise. A homage to the original design in 1932, fixed at 50° this design pays tribute to the friendly and iconic style.

We cannot wait to see more from Anthony Dickens and the response to his new collaboration with Santa & Cole…

Santa and Cole Anthony Dickens Euroluce

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David Village Lighting

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20 March 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting


Featured – Marset Discoco

The Marset Discoco is a beautiful design when either on or off. Its complex simplicity provides direct downwards illumination and creates soft shadows which exude from all around the shade.

Both attractive and decorative, the Discoco has been one of Marset’s most popular designs since its release in 2009 with it incorporating a Scandinavian design with a Mediterranean style.


The Marset Discoco collection includes a wall, ceiling and suspension version. Each version is made from a collection of polycarbonate discs in white, black and gold, matt grey or matt beige. The suspension has five sizes with the largest having a 132cm diameter, and the smallest being 35cm in diameter, perfect for over a dinning table or in a living area.


All of the beautiful collection is available on our website, click here to view!

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David Village Lighting

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Bover at Euroluce Milan 2015!

23 April 2015 Permalink

Bover pendants new euroluce 2015

Bover copper pendants euroluce 2015

Bover Euroluce 2015 pendants

Bover Euroluce milan wall light

Euroluce Milan 2015 saw home to Brilliant designer brand Bover, exhibiting their very interesting new collections. Bover's designs have unique forms and with a range of materials to create some truely lovely lighting pieces. 

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Bover Lampara XVIII

24 April 2014 Permalink

Bover manufactures exclusively in Barcelona. Their aim is to define a commercial line that balances quality and form and results in a timeless style. The Lampara XVIII is a large suspension light which is perfect for commercial environments such as hotels and restaurants. Our own lighting design team have featured the Bover Lampara XVIII on one of our most recent lighting design schemes for the Manor House hotel. The Lampara’s large size and simple classic design made it ideal for use as the centrepiece of the hotel’s reception area.

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Marset Scotch Club Collection

28 January 2014 Permalink

Marset’s eye-catching new Scotch Club collection has internal faces which reflect light in all directions. There is a striking contrast between the reflective internal surface and the warm of the ceramic exterior. The Scotch Club is made using a traditional design process, where each light is fired four times. The range includes a pendant, wall, and ceiling version and is available with a black, white, blue, or terracotta ceramic exterior.Scotch Club is the product of a collaboration between Mashallah Design, and ceramicist Xavier Mañosa.

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