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Santa & Cole are Spanish lighting manufacturers, based in Barcelona. The company was founded in 1985 by Nina Maso, Javier Nieto Santa and Gabriel Ordeig Cole, and they began by creating lighting for famous Barcelona bars, this led to commissions to light the homes of regular patrons of some of those venues. The company’s main focus was industrial design, an art consisting of focusing on everyday objects to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture. At the time of Santa & Cole's creation halogen lamps offered cool lighting with a blue tint, Santa & Cole introduced natural materials and a warmer illumination. They shifted the mood from technical to human. In the 1990s, in the joyful aftermath of the Barcelona Olympics, some of the larger modular lamps, were born, such as the Estadio, responding to the need to illuminate public places.

The warm light of the Santa & Cole lamps represented the opposite of what was in fashion at the time. Their lights are simple yet beautifully designed and give an inviting and emotional light. Santa & Cole’s contemporary collection proposes lamps whose arc of light is functionally good, from the gentle half-light to the vigour of full intensity. The brand has collaborated with over 80 creatives, working with renowned designers such as Antoni Arola, Miguel Milá and André Ricard.

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